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2003 Baker to 'Vegas Race (B2V-2003)

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B2V-2003_tn010.jpg (4387 bytes)

Here is the main antenna (144 and 440 MHz...strapped to the patio cover) used by the Pahrump communications center.  APRS, 144 MHz FM and 440 MHz were used to cover all.of the course except Las Vegas (which is hidden by a mountain pass).


Photo by Tom WA6PFA

B2V-2003_tn022.jpg (23435 bytes)

The secret to set up any emergency comm center is having the correct coax connector adapter.  This is the "box of tricks" that Tom WA6PFA uses to solve problems with coax  connectors.


Photo by Ken W6HHC

B2V-2003_tn011.jpg (4598 bytes)

Ken - W6HHC tries a few radio checks on Saturday morning before the race from the communications center in Pahrump.  The computer tracks the OPD and GGPD runners and competitors via APRS


Photo by Tom WA6PFA

B2V-2003_tn012.jpg (24242 bytes)

These COAR posters identified the Orange PD (& GGPD) Communications Center in Pahrump.


Photo by Ken W6HHC

B2V-2003_tn014.jpg (21148 bytes)

A busy communications center in Pahrump prepares for the runners. (L-R) John Sneed -KF6QEO of Cypress RACES, Tom-WA6PFA, Debbie Klein of OPD, Marty Martinez of Orange PD Volunteers,  Lowell-KQ6JD, and  Bill Maxey-WB6KTV of Cypress RACES.

Photo by Ken W6HHC

B2V-2003_tn015.jpg (25265 bytes)

One of the nearby communications centers in Pahrump was for the Corona PD team. Setting up the antenna for the Corona PD communications center are (L-R) Officer Jerry Burgess - KE6YUO (of OPD, but lives in Corona and is providing assistance as a Corona CSV (Communucations Specialist Volunteer)),  June Engel - KF6BMP of Corona CSV, and Ken - W6HHC of OCARC.


Photo by Debbie Klein of COAR

B2V-2003_tn016.jpg (16604 bytes)

A Pahrump view of (L-R) 144/400 MHz comm antenna, 144 MHz APRS antenna, and OCARC President Lowell-KQ6JD, one of the "shuttle" communicators.


Photo by Debbie Klein of COAR

B2V-2003_tn017.jpg (20998 bytes)

"Shuttle cars" run fresh runners out to their starting points.  (L-R) are the OPD Volunteer driver Marty Martinez, Cindy- KC6OPI (who had just finished duty in a "follow vehicle") and two of the runners for the OPD: Officer Ross Garrett and Officer Chris Romitti.


Photo by Ken W6HHC

B2V-2003_tn018.jpg (14725 bytes)

Providing "shuttle" communications for a fresh OPD runner at one of the starting spots near the Sandy Valley communications center is Bruce - KC6DLA (left).


Photo by Mike Friese - KF6WRM of COAR

B2V-2003_tn023.jpg (25320 bytes)

Sunrise signals the end of the long cold night for the runners. This shot was taken by the radio operator from the "follow vehicle", through the grillwork, and captures the OPD runner out in front.


Photo by Bruce - KC6DLA

B2V-2003_tn024.jpg (19646 bytes)

The crew begins to set-up the antennas for the Las Vegas communications center at the Silverton Hotel. In the center is Robbie - KB6CJZ of COAR.


Photo by Lois - W6MRS of COAR

B2V-2003_tn025.jpg (17233 bytes)

The fifth communications center was located in the Silverton Casio, the finish line for the race. (L-R) Rick - KE6WWK and Mike - KF6WRM, both of COAR.


Photo by Lois - W6MRS of COAR

B2V-2003_tn020.jpg (23484 bytes)

Each runner is cheered on by the crowd at finish line in Las Vegas.


Photo by Bruce - KC6DLA

B2V-2003_tn021.jpg (19276 bytes)

On the long drive back home from Pahrump, you can get a sense of the openness of the desert as the road seems to stretch on forever.


Photo by W6HHC

WA6PFA-Certificate b2v-tn.jpg (20160 bytes)

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to each radio operator, who helped with Baker-to-Vegas race, by Chief Andy Romero of the Orange Police Department


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