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2007 Baker to 'Vegas Race (B2V-2007)

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B2V2007-13-tn.jpg (24203 bytes)

Here is a terrific view of the open desert with the OPD runner (Team #45) leading what seems to be an endless line of runners and support vehicles from the competing teams.


Photo by Mike - KF6WRM

B2V2007-14-tn.jpg (22252 bytes)

The Orange PD runner on the left is handing off the "baton" to the next runner during the race.


Photo by Mike - KF6WRM

B2V2007_016-tn.jpg (24660 bytes)

Radio operators from the OCARC and Cypress  manned the third communications center in Pahrump. 144 MHz simplex was used as the primary channel for "back bone" communications. A cross-band repeater with 440 MHz that was located in Sandy Valley linked the "back bone" to Las Vegas.


Photo by Bob - AF6C

B2V2007-15-tn.jpg (24921 bytes)

The reserved room at Pahrump got given away Friday...so we had to set up a temporary antenna for Friday voice Radio checks and Saturday morning radio checks. Mike-KF6QFY inspects the temporary APRS 2M vertical that was set-up on a railing just before we move the antenna to the permanent location for the race.


Photo by Bob - AF6C

B2V2007-18-tn.jpg (31717 bytes)

After we moved to the permanent location for the Pahrump communications center, Bob-AF6C makes final adjustments to the set-up. There were two Kenwood G707 dual-band rigs used for voice communications on 144 and 440 MHz.


Photo by Ken - W6HHC

B2V2007-19-tn.jpg (24968 bytes)

Bob-AF6C (L) and Nicholas-AF6CF (R) check out the runners on the APRS tracking computer in Pahrump.


Photo by Ken - W6HHC

B2V2007-20-tn.jpg (27841 bytes)

By late night at the Pahrump comm center, drivers and runners and "catchers" were constatntly dropping by to check on status. Debbie Klein, OPD coordinator for COAR and volunteers, (center)  at the Orange PD chats with Bob-AF6C on sending a message, as a driver stands by.


Photo by Ken - W6HHC

B2V2007-21-tn.jpg (31722 bytes)

OPD Team #45 runner, Officer Hank Echandi, is running through Pahrump near midnight


Photo by Marty Erdkamp

B2V2007-22-tn.jpg (28847 bytes)

The Sandy Valley Road location is in the middle of "no where". However, "Sandy Valley" is the perfect location for the fourth communications center used by COAR for the OPD. The trailer of George-KK6KN provided a wind-free location for operating and cooking. A cross-band repeater is set-up for the use of COAR at this location. The station uses a 440 beam antenna for communications on the East side of the mountain into Las Vegas and 2M high gain vertical antenna for communications on the West side of the mountain as far as the town of Shoshone.


Photo by Rich - KE6WWK

B2V2007-23-tn.jpg (29838 bytes)

Early Friday morning before the race, a work crew arrived to set-up the antenna system at Sandy Valley Road before the winds came up too strong. Left-Right are Rich-KE6WWK, Les-KM6SQ, Steve-KI6DDE, and George-KK6KN


Photo by Beverly - KI6APH

B2V2007-24-tn.jpg (27672 bytes)

(L-R) Bruce-KC6DLA, ????, George-KK6KN, and    Les-KM6SQ have the mast vertical...and are about to extend the antennas to full hight.


Photo by Beverly - KI6APH

B2V2007-25-tn.jpg (32117 bytes)

With George-KK6KN on the ladder, the antenna masts go higher and higher.  Seems like the wind is already very brisk from the shape of the flag.


Photo by Beverly - KI6APH

B2V2007-26-tn.jpg (26900 bytes)

After all the antenna set-up effort was completed, George-KK6KN treated all the workers to a "country breakfast".  L-R are Dieter-N6ZKD, Bruce-KC6DLA, and Bruce's wife, Ann.


Photo by Jay - KK6OZ

B2V2007-27-tn.jpg (22343 bytes)

The fifth OPD communications center was located in the Emerald Suits, near the finish line for the race.  Here two of the five ops, Dieter-N6ZKD and Jay - KK6OZ, are completing the set-up at the Las Vegas communications center.


Photo by Jay - KK6OZ

B2V2007-29-tn.jpg (32105 bytes)

At the Las Vegas communications center, all the antennas are aimed at the top of the mountain pass. The OPD Las Vegas team made use of a cross-band repeater located at Sandy Valley Road comm. center. They would hear all the backbone 144 MHz messages on the other side of the mountains being rebroadcast on 446 MHz (and vice versa).


Photo by Dieter-N6ZKD

B2V2007-28-tn.jpg (27325 bytes)

Here is a clear view of the Las Vegas comm center, with Jay - KK6OZ in charge...and the wall lined with a map and photos of all the OPD runners.


Photo by Dieter-N6ZKD

B2V-Cert_2007_KE6WWK-tn.jpg (46606 bytes)

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to each radio operator who helped the OPD running team with the Baker-to-Vegas race, by Chief Bob Gustafson of the Orange Police Department


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