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2008 Baker to 'Vegas Race (B2V-2008)

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B2V-2006_013tn.jpg (35644 bytes)

This photo taken in 2006 provides a great "feel" and terrific view of the open desert with the OPD runner (then Team #57) leading what seems to be an endless line of runners and support vehicles from the competing teams. Click on the thumbnail to see the detail in the high-res JPEG.


Photo by Byron KC6YNG

B2V2008-14tn.jpg (34437 bytes)

Radio operators from the OCARC and Cypress  manned the third communications center that was located in Pahrump. Pahrump is located about half-way between the comm center at Shoshone and the next comm center at Sandy Valley Road. 144 MHz simplex was used as the primary channel for "back bone" communications. A cross-band repeater with 440 MHz that was located in Sandy Valley linked the "back bone" to Las Vegas.


Photo by Bob - AF6C

B2V2008-15tn.jpg (46625 bytes)

The Communications Center located in Pahrump (Nev) was supported by these four hams: (L-R) Nicholas-AF6CF, Bob-AF6C, Mike-KF6QFY, and Ken-W6HHC.


Photo by Ken - W6HHC

B2V2008-16tn.jpg (38872 bytes)

This is the main high gain 144 / 440 MHz vertical antenna for voice communcations in Pahrump. The coax leads to the window of the COAR communications center.


Photo by Ken - W6HHC

B2V2008-17tn.jpg (68619 bytes)

This is the installation of the 2M APRS vetical antenna at the Pahrump comm center.


Photo by Bob - AF6C

B2V2008-18tn.jpg (44718 bytes)

As travelers finished dropping off communicators and then dropped in for a rest, the Pahrump communications center started to look like a "dorm room" in college.

CCW from lower-right: Mike-KF6QFY, Bob-AF6C, Bruce-KC6DLA, Ann Creager (wife of Bruce...and a volunteer for OPD), COAR "Fearless Leader" Rich-KE6WWK, Nicholas-AF6CF, and Gary (no call...a friend of Mike-KF6QFY).


Photo by Ken - W6HHC

B2V2008-19tn.jpg (40922 bytes)

OPD Team #43 runner, Officer Hank Echandi, is shown here running through Pahrump (right outside the COAR comm center) around 11 PM. The OPD team finished 4th in their class this year.


Photo by Ken - W6HHC

B2V2008-20tn.jpg (36295 bytes)

Reportedly the fastest Porche-Support-Car on the course, COAR's own Mike-KF6WRM (not seen) drives his classic Porche 944 through Pahrump. The "walker" in the passenger seat is David-KG6RWU, while communicator Bob-AF6C cheers them on.

The "walker" communicator would be put on foot at each exchange-point with a 440 MHz simplex hand-held to confirm that the next runner was in place and that the "catcher" was ready for the incoming OPD runner. The more powerfull mobile rig in the Support-vehicle could communicate the status to the closest COAR communications center.


Photo by Ken - W6HHC

B2V2008-21tn.jpg (36991 bytes)

The Sandy Valley Road location is in the middle of "no where". However, "Sandy Valley" is the perfect location for the fourth communications center used by COAR for the OPD. The trailer of George-KK6KN (R) provided a wind-free location for communication operations this year (instead of a "flappy" tent). Dick-N6ISY is shown in the orange hat.

A cross-band repeater is set-up at this location for the use of COAR. The station uses a 440 beam antenna for communications on the East side of the mountain into Las Vegas and 2M high gain vertical antenna for communications on the West side of the mountain as far as the town of Shoshone.


Photo by Les - KM6SQ

B2V2008-22tn.jpg (44798 bytes)

The radio operators at the Sandy Valley Communications Center check out the radios and computers and generators and the cross-band repeater prior to the race.  

Shown here are (L - R) Jerry-KD6JBL, George-KK6KN, and Dick-N6ISY


Photo by Jay - KK6OZ

B2V2008-23tn.jpg (28083 bytes)

This beautiful sunset shot shows the beauty that can be found at Sandy Valley. The comm trailer is in the center and the "living quarters" with cooking facilities is the larger trailer of George KK6KN on the right.

If you double-click on the picture above, the hi-res picture will allow you to clearly see the high gain 2M verticle on top of the mast and also a 440 MHz beam aimed at Las Vegas.


Photo by Jerry - KD6JBL

B2V2008-24tn.jpg (40511 bytes)

After the tower and radios are set-up early Friday morning at Sandy Valley, there is time to relax before other COAR communicators arrive at the other Communications Centers to set up .

A Sandy Valley tradition has been to spend some of that time target shooting. Shown here are Dick-N6ISY (L) and Jerry-KD6JBL (R) at the shooting site.


Photo by Les - KM6SQ

B2V2008-25tn.jpg (35047 bytes)

There is always a lot of excitement at the exchange points along the race course.  And at night time it turns into a unique "night life" atmosphere. OPD runner, Officer Dave Pasino (L), has just finished his leg of the race and an OPD "catcher" chats with Officer Pasino along with COAR "walker", Bill-W6VKO, who was proving "on the ground" logistics communications


Photo by Mike - KF6WRM

B2V2008-26tn.jpg (45905 bytes)

The fifth OPD communications center was located in the Emerald Suits, near the finish line for the race.  Shown here are three of the five ops, Dieter-N6ZKD and Steve-KI6DDE, and Robbie-KB6CJZ in the communications center.


Photo by Mike - KF6WRM

B2V2008-27tn.jpg (49429 bytes)

At the Las Vegas communications center, Beverly-KI6APH peers over the expected running times versus the actual running times that have been recordered on the computer. The updated information is then made avaible to the OPD running team catpain and the individual runners.


Photo by Rich - KE6WWK

B2V2008-28tn.jpg (36261 bytes)

OPD runner, Officer Phil McMullin, is shown here in Las Vegas with his wife, Pam (L), and COAR communicator, Kathleen-K6IBH (R).

There is a story to be told about this PIX.

Officer McMullin was the runner on Leg #2.  About 1/4 mile from the exchange point, he nearly collapsed from dehydration from the "all out" effort and the hot desert winds. Kathleen-K6IBH was working communications in the follow-vehicle and Kathleen is a nurse.  She recognized the problem, jumped out of the follow-vehicle, and literally caught McMullin as he was about to fall. An EMT team was quickly on the scene.  Officer McMullin was then air lifted by helicopter to Pahrump Hospital to treat the dehydration. This picture was taken on Sunday afternoon after the race has ended and it shows Officer McMullin is feeling much better.


Photo by Rich - KE6WWK

B2V2008-51tn.jpg (100498 bytes)

This group is part of the 25 hams who attended COAR planning meetings and participated in support of the Orange PD running team.  Sgt Dave Nichols (co-Captain of the OPD running team) is shown in black, Debbie Klein (OPD Volunteer Coordinator) is shown in pink, and Rich KE6WWK (Radio Officer for COAR) is shown sporting a white beard in the front row.

Photo by Ken W6HHC

B2V-2008_W6HHC-052tn_certificate.jpg (67630 bytes)

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to each radio operator who helped the OPD running team with the Baker-to-Vegas race, by Chief Bob Gustafson of the Orange Police Department


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