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2009 Baker to Vegas Race (B2V-2009)

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The racing gets a little lonely and a lot colder as the sun drops below the mountain peaks in the desert. Officer Dave McMillen is shown here in leg #4 of the race.


Photo by Mike KF6WRM

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Radio operators from the OCARC staffed the third COAR communications center that was located in Pahrump. Pahrump is located about half-way between the comm center at Shoshone and the next comm center at Sandy Valley Road. 144 MHz simplex was used as the primary channel for "back bone" communications. A cross-band repeater with 440 MHz that was located in Sandy Valley linked the west-side of the "back bone" to Las Vegas. (L-R) Ken-W6HHC, Nicholas-AF6CF, and Bob-AF6C.


Photo by Michelle Micallef of Orange PD

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At the Pahrump Communications Center, OPD runners often check on the progress of the current runner and the actual-running-times versus expected running-times. Here runner Officer Phil McMullin (R) obtains the time for the last leg that has been run from Ken - W6HHC.


Photo by Michelle Micallef of Orange PD

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On leg #10 of race, Orange PD Team #60 runner, Officer Adam Jevec, is shown running through Pahrump just before midnight. The OPD team continued running through the night and reached the finish line around 9 AM in the morning.


Photo by Bob-AF6C

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On Friday morning, the crew at Sandy Valley Road Communications Center are assemblying one of the two antennas used on the cross-band repeater installation, the high-gain 144 MHz vertical.

Shown (L-R) Les-KM6SQ, George-KK6KN, Jay-KK6OZ, Bill-KF6MIT, Jerry-KD6JBL (in white hat), Dick-N6ISY, and Michael-KG6KWJ.


Photo by Dieter-N6ZKD

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Bill-KF6MIT on the ladder gets ready to raise the 144 MHz vertical into the air on the mast at Sandy Valley. Jerry-KD6JBL (in white hat) and George-KK6KN offer plenty of advice.

Photo by Dieter-N6ZKD

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The Sandy Valley Road location is in the middle of "no where". The trailer of George-KK6KN provided a wind-free location for communication operations. Gerry KB6JBL is wearing the warm coat on a cold night.


Photo by Mike KF6WRM

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The Las Vegas Communications Center was located near the Finish Line in the Emerald Suites Hotel. (L-R) are Robbie-KB6CJZ and Dieter-N6ZKD


Photo by Dieter-N6ZKD

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The 440 MHZ "big gun" beam for the LV communications center is shown on the left...while a 220 MHz veticle (upper) and 144 MHz verticle (lower) are shown in the middle of the PIX.



Photo by Bill - W6VKO

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The Las Vegas Communications Center used a high gain 16-Ele 440 MHz beam to provide communications with Sandy Valley Road on the other side of the mountain ridge....perhaps using some "knife-edge" propagation.


Photo by Bill - W6VKO

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Next to the Las Vegas communications center, several of the COAR members stayed in their RV's and used their "towed" vehicles  to become "Rovers" to keep communications efforts running smoothly.


Photo by Bill - W6VKO

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A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to each radio operator who helped support the Orange PD running team with the Baker-to-Vegas race, by Chief Bob Gustafson of the Orange Police Department

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