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OCARC_FD_2005-tn13.jpg (31334 bytes)

It is Saturday afternoon and Field Day has started. An early visitor to the OCARC Field Day site is the new ARRL Director for the SW Division, Dick Norton - N6AA.

Photo by KD6BWH


OCARC_FD_2005-tn14.jpg (33219 bytes)

The VHF/UHF station operated out of the back end of Team-Captain Bob-KD6BWH's (on right) truck and covered 6M, 144, 220, and 440 MHz.  Bud-WA6VPP (on left) helped set up some of the bonus-modes like APRS and SSTV.

Photo by G7GHA

OCARC_FD_2005-tn15.jpg (20218 bytes)

The VHF/UHF used a pair of loops on 6M and a long colinear for 144, 220, and 440 MHz.

Photo by W6HHC

OCARC_FD_2005-tn16.jpg (28909 bytes)

The multi-purpose 15M/20M-CW/40M-CW/75M/80M station was non-stop with activity and QSOs.  (L to R) Visitor Jeff Davis-NØDY and Mike-WK6O operate while Jeff's son takes a rest.

Photo by AF6C

OCARC_FD_2005-tn51.jpg (30647 bytes)

The team captain of the 75M/80M/15M station, Kenan-N6CCE, added 20M-CW and 40M-CW to fill in the gaps left by weak 15M band conditions.

Photo by WA6WZO

OCARC_FD_2005-tn52.jpg (25179 bytes)

Field Day does not have to be all work.   There is plenty of time to seat a shady spot and enjoy an eye-ball QSO.  (L-R) Mike-WK6O, Larry-K6VDP, and visitor Jim Ford N6JF.

Photo by AF6C

OCARC_FD_2005-tn17.jpg (20098 bytes)

Willie N8WP's motorhome nicely served as the home for the 15M/20M-CW/40M-CW/75M/80M station and the GOTA station. The 5-ele 15M beam can be seen to the left. The 80M dipole can be seen hung between two 40-ft masts to the right. The 40M-CW and 20M-CW frequencies were operated using the 80M dipole with great success. If you click to enlarge the picture, you see FD Chaiman Willie-N8WP (center) talking with two visitors, including ARRL Director Dick-N6AA.

Photo by G7GHA

OCARC_FD_2005-tn18.jpg (29239 bytes)

The 20M PHN station is operated here with Bob-AF6C at the mike (left) and Ken-W6HHC trying to keep up on the log.

Photo by W6ZQ

OCARC_FD_2005-tn19.jpg (26755 bytes)

High school student Missy-KG6CJJ operates 20M phone while Team-Captain  Ken-W6HHC gives an assist on call letters. Cindy-KC6OPI (Missy's mom) operates the logging program and checks for "dups".

Photo by AF6C

OCARC_FD_2005-tn20.jpg (18418 bytes)

The early morning sun breaks thru the "marine layer" of clouds from the nearby ocean on the 20M Phone operation. The 20M 3-element beam can be seen on its 20ft tower.

Photo by  W6HHC

OCARC_FD_2005-tn21.jpg (30620 bytes)

Willie-N8WP and Ken-W6HHC talk with visitors Cathy-K6VC (far left),  Larry-K6YUI (dark hat) and ARRL SM Carl-WU6D (far right).

Photo by WA6WZO

OCARC_FD_2005-tn22.jpg (29922 bytes)

Visitors to the OCARC FD site pose for a group picture.  From R-to-L are ARRL Orange Section Manager Carl-WU6D, Fried-WA6WZO, Sandi-WA6WZN, Cathy-K6VC (XYL of Carl), and Larry Mallek, K6YUI.

Photo by KD6BWH

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