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OCARC_FD_2005-tn23.jpg (24477 bytes)

The 40M PHN station went "great guns" again this year using a 2-ele Inverted-Vee rotatable beam. (L-R) John-WB6AJE and Howard-WB6TIK just racked in the QSOs.

Photo by AF6C

OCARC_FD_2005-tn24.jpg (31039 bytes)

Team Captain John-WB6AJE was part of the crew of operators who score 481 QSOs on PHN, up 17% over 2004 and up over 200% higher than in 2003.

Photo by WA6WZO

OCARC_FD_2005-tn60.jpg (31244 bytes)

Matt, son of Howard-WB6TIK, helped us work 40M.  This was Matt's second year helpimg out at OCARC FD operations.

Photo by WB6TIK

OCARC_FD_2005-tn61a.jpg (28846 bytes)

Displaying their new ARRL Field Day T-shirts are part of the 40M PHN team (L-to-R) John-WB6AJE, Rich-KE6WWK, Matt and his father Howard-WB6TIK.

Photo by WB6TIK

OCARC_FD_2005-tn25.jpg (21893 bytes)

Beverly (XYL of Rich-KE6WWK) decorated up the 40M PHN shack with this colorful flag (windmill???). Notice the delightful sea-breeze going at full blast.

Photo by WA6WZO

OCARC_FD_2005-tn26.jpg (21269 bytes)

Here is a shot of the 40M PHN shack, the brand new motor home of Rich-KE6WWK.  The 2-ele Inverted-Vee rotatable beam can be seen in the background to the left of the quiet "flag" (click on the picture to expand it.)

Photo by W6HHC

OCARC_FD_2005-tn27.jpg (24146 bytes)

Willie-N8WP obtained solar power bonus points for our GOTA contacts duringr our FD operation using his motorhome set-up.

Photo by N8WP

OCARC_FD_2005-tn28.jpg (37751 bytes)

OCARC FD Chairman Willie-N8WP also oversaw the GOTA station operation. Here Nathan, the unlicensed son of visitor Gary Rotter-W6KS, scores a few contacts during his first FD using the GOTA call letters of N8WP.

Photo by WA6WZO

OCARC_FD_2005-tn41.jpg (22732 bytes)

At dinner on Saturday evening, Cheryl-KG6KTT (on Right) prepared delicious steak tacos for the club members and visitors. Others in the picture include (R-to-Left) Willie-N8WP, Rich-KE6WWK, Rich's wife Beverly (soon to take ham test), and visitor Alex-KI6EZ.

Photo by AF6C

OCARC_FD_2005-tn42.jpg (29586 bytes)

A long tradition with the OCARC at FD, as the evening grows late, is to take a short "sake break".  The sake is best enjoyed with a snack...with sushi being the snack of first choice.

Photo by KD6BWH

OCARC_FD_2005-tn43.jpg (33199 bytes)

Bob-AF6C pours a "little" sake to prepare a toast to the memory of a long-time member of the OCARC who had introduced many of us to sake at FD, Kei Yamachika-W6NGO (SK).

Photo by W6HHC

OCARC_FD_2005-tn44.jpg (30744 bytes)

Cheryl-KG6KTT volunteered to be our FD Chef and produced an outstanding Saturday Breakfast with French toast and sausage. It was good to break away from McDonalds for breakfast at FD this year. Cheryl, your cooking was great--thanks!!!

Photo by N8WP

OCARC_FD_2005-tn45.jpg (31035 bytes)

FD is over and the tear-down begins. Taking down the rotatable 40M inverted-Vee antenna are Team Captain John-WA6AJE (on latter) and Rich-KE6WWK.

Photo by AF6C

OCARC_FD_2005-tn46.jpg (19366 bytes)

Mike-WK6O climbed the 20M PHN tower to cut the coax "tie downs" loose before lowering the tower and beam..

Photo by KD6BWH

OCARC_FD_2005-tn47.jpg (26787 bytes)

Bud-WA6VPP (L) and his pick-up truck was part of the "logistic team" that made many pick up stops and drop off stops to haul OCARC equipment for FD. Larry-K6VDP helped load boxes of push-up masts, sections of towers, and beams.

Photo by G7GHA

OCARC_FD_2005-tn35.jpg (30393 bytes)

Bob-KD6BWH prepared this "black-mail" picture where it is revealed to all OCARC members that their president left his car battery run down during FD. Our visitor from England, Bob McLachlan-G7GHA (on left), went far out of his way to retrieve jumper-cables in order to help Ken-W6HHC.

Photo by KD6BWH

OCARC_FD_2005-tn30a.jpg (57896 bytes)

2005 Field Day is over and the Sunday teardown is about to begin. Here's the great crew who stayed to the end:

Kneeling in front (L to R):  Chris Winter-W6KFW, Mike Gaude-WK6O, Robbie Robinson-KB6CJZ, Bob Eckweiler-AF6C, OCARC "el Presidente" Ken Konechy-W6HHC, and Larry Beilin-K6VDP.

Standing in back are (L to R):  Bob Buss-KD6BWH, Bud Barkhurst-WA6VVP, Field Day Chairman Willie Peloquin-N8WP, Cheryl Peloquin-KG6KTT, visitor from England  Bob McLachlan-G7GHA/ KD6LBD, Matt McKenzie-K6LNX, Kenan Reilly-N6CCE (on the ladder), John Bush-WB6AJE, and Rich Helmick-KE6WWK.

Photo by W6HHC

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