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2010 Field Day Pictures

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OCARC-FD-2010-tn020.jpg (52321 bytes)

Nicholas AF6CF set up his Solar panel with battery/regulator to power VHF/UHF 100% through-out Field Day.

Photo by Kris-W6KJC

OCARC-FD-2010-tn021.jpg (45807 bytes)

Jay KI6WZU and Lisa KJ6BNY spent part of their first Field Day on 2M.

Photo by Cam-WV6V

OCARC-FD-2010-tn022.jpg (52918 bytes)

VHF/UHF band captain Robbie KB6CJZ and Dee N8UZE found some Sporadic-E propagation openings on 6M during FD

Photo by Cam-WV6V

OCARC-FD-2010-tn023.jpg (48320 bytes)

Here are most of the antennas used by the VHF adn UHF operators.  "Arm-strong" rotors were used to change direction towards different areas.

Photo by  Kris-W6KJC

OCARC-FD-2010-tn024.jpg (67189 bytes)

This is the satellite antenna and handheld set-up of Cam-WV6V.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC-FD-2010-tn025.jpg (58928 bytes)

Cam WV6V (red cap) demonstrates satellite communications with a handheld during a Saturday afternoon pass of the Eyesat satellite.

We heard the satellite clearly, but could not make a QSO with the handheld.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC


OCARC-FD-2010-tn026.jpg (44020 bytes)

Bob AF6C is on the mike working a 20M PHN pile-up while Ken WB9YCJ does the logging.

Photo by Cam-WV6V

OCARC-FD-2010-tn027.jpg (53413 bytes)

20M PHN band captain Ken W6HHC takes a turn at the mike, while Jeff W6UX does the logging. Looking on are Jennifer K6JTX.(Jeff's wife) on the left and Sandi WA6WZN.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC-FD-2010-tn028.jpg (42919 bytes)

The 3-ele 20M PHN beam sites on top of one of the OCARC's 50-ft aluminum towers.

Photo by Kris-W6KJC

OCARC-FD-2010-tn036.jpg (61479 bytes)

Larry KR6LO, plays "solo" on the 20M CW station by working the keyer and the logging program.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC-FD-2010-tn035.jpg (42133 bytes)

Paul W6GNU , band captain for 20M CW, takes a turn at operating while Ron WB6FRV does the logging.

Photo by Kris-W6KJC

OCARC-FD-2010-tn037.jpg (43855 bytes)

The 20M CW bazooka antenna is silhouetted against the rides at Knotts Berry Amusement Park.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC-FD-2010-tn029.jpg (45105 bytes)

Kris W6KJC operates the 40M PH station while two new hams from the Covenant ARC look on at their first Field Day, Lisa KJ6BNY and Ray .KJ6BNX

Photo by Cam-WV6V

OCARC-FD-2010-tn030.jpg (47271 bytes)

Doug W6FKX , band captain for 40M PHN, takes a turn at picking up more contacts.

Photo by Kris-W6KJC

OCARC-FD-2010-tn038.jpg (55282 bytes)

Dee N8UZE,temporally working in OC, loves Field Day and takes a turn at  40M CW.

Photo by Cam-WV6V

OCARC-FD-2010-tn031.jpg (41956 bytes)

40M PHN/CW used a tent trailer for their FD operations.

The 40M PH station used a 2-element inverted-V  beam to get great results.

Photo by Kris-W6KJC

OCARC-FD-2010-tn039.jpg (48317 bytes)

The GOTA station this year was organized by Brett W6BAC, who is the scout master of BSA Troop 788

Photo by Kris-W6KJC

OCARC-FD-2010-tn040.jpg (66710 bytes)

Brett W6BAC (on left) works with Eagle Scout Brian KI6LSJ, who is the full-time GOTA mentor. Other scouts are waiting for the "action" to begin. All the scouts worked on their Radio Merit Badge before Field Day..

Photo by Cam-WV6V

OCARC-FD-2010-tn041.jpg (57346 bytes)

ScoutMaster Brett W6BAC (red shirt) sets up the station to get it ready for a waiting scout to try to make his first QSO. Two dads look on at the set-up.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC-FD-2010-tn042.jpg (36203 bytes)

The GOTA antennas were very simple. A 2M mag-mount was taped to a military mast pole, a buddy-pole was for 10M and 15M, and there was a 75M dipole for night time operations.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC-FD-2010-tn043.jpg (57687 bytes)

OCARC thought they had ordered plenty of pizza for Saturday dinner.  We then discovered we had under-estimated the appetites of teenage Boy Scouts!!!

Photo by Bob-AF6C

OCARC-FD-2010-tn014.jpg (54901 bytes)

Four members enjoy the Saturday evening pizza during a FD break. (L-R) Ron WB6FRV, Larry K6YUI, Paul W6GMU, and Robbie KB6CJZ

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

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