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Net Control Script

(please feel free to improvise)

(open squelch to receive weak stations)



This is the Orange County Amateur Radio Club's Wednesday Night Phone Net. This Net meets on a frequency of 28.375/146.550 MHz Simplex every Wednesday night at 7:30/8:30 Pacific Time. It is an open and informal net and all check-ins are welcome. Your net control this evening is [name] [call sign] located in [city]. This is W6ZE standing by for check-ins…

During Net - Weak Signals


During Net - Unfamiliar Check-in

During Net - Closing Net


I would like to remind everyone that the Orange County Amateur Radio Club's Two-Meter Net/10-Meter Net meets on a frequency of (146.55 MHz)/(28.375 MHZ) simplex every Wednesday night at 8:30pm/7:30pm Pacific Time. Your Net Control Operator this evening has been [name] [call sign]. I thank the check-ins for their participation. I would also like to thank all other Amateurs for the use of this frequency. This is W6ZE, and I am pulling the switch…*