Sept 2009 75th Anniversary Celebration  Portfolio - Part 2

W6ZE - Orange County Amateur Radio Club

75th Anniversary Celebration

and Reunion (2008 Sept.)

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OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-15tn.jpg (48809 bytes)

Past President from 2007 Kristin-K6PEQ with hubby, Dan-N6PEQ

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-16tn.jpg (53093 bytes)

Past President from 1975 Art-K7ZE with wife, Jaycee drove in from Las Vegas


Photo by Bob-AF6C

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-17tn.jpg (50279 bytes)

Past President from 1972 Ron-W6ZQ with wife flew in from their new QTH located near Tucson


Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-18tn.jpg (44375 bytes)

Past President  from 1977 Fried-WA6WZOwith wife, Sandi-WA6WZN

Photo by Art-K7ZE

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-19tn.jpg (43257 bytes)

George-N6VNI with wife, Kris-KC6TOD


Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-20tn.jpg (55364 bytes)

Past President from 1970 Jack-N6UC

Photo by Art-K7ZE

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-21.jpg (42853 bytes)

Past President from 2000 Larry-K6LDC


Photo by Art-K7ZE

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-22tn.jpg (44163 bytes)

Past President Bob-AF6C who has served as the        club President during 1996, 1985, and 1973.

Photo by Art-K7ZE

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-23tn.jpg (50698 bytes)

Past President from 1995 Jim-N6XTJ drove down to the celebration from Ojai.


Photo by Bob-AF6C

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-24tn.jpg (49321 bytes)

Sharon-K6IRD came in a wheel chair as a result of a foot operation


Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-25tn.jpg (67436 bytes)

Art-W6XD is a past-Director of the ARRL SW Division and a frequest visitor and presenter of DX programs at the OCARC.


Photo by Art-K7ZE

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-26tn.jpg (47606 bytes)

Long time OCARC member Chris-W6KFW


Photo by David KG6RWU

OCARC_75thAnniversaryCelebration-27tn.jpg (79668 bytes)

Arnie-N6HC is an avid DXer and one of many club members at the celebration.


Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC_75th_Logo-tn.jpg (630613 bytes)

The official club logo used during 2008 commerating the 75th Anniversary of the founding of OCARC.


Logo created by Willie-N8WP

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