2016 Online Membership Roster:


Members have until the end of March to renew their dues. This may be done by mailing a check made out to OCARC, to: OCARC, PO Box 3454, Tustin, CA 92781-3454 or by paying at a meeting or breakfast.

Members who have renewed their dues for 2016 are represented by a check mark to the left of their name.

If you feel there is an error please contact the current Treasurer or Membership Chairman. If you see a typo contact one of the web masters.

Member Roster

# Name Call Class City
1 KM6CXL G Cerritos
2 WD6FMX G Tustin
3 WB6HMW E La Habra
4 K6RSJ E Redmond, OR
5 W6ATB G Orange
6 N6YL E Orange
7 W6HK E Orange
8 N6CTB E Santa Ana
9 W6FKX E Huntington Beach
10 WØMEC G Westminster
11 W6ZQ E Tucson, AZ
12 K6PKA G Santa Ana
13 KK6REB T Cypress
14 KK6TRC T Huntington Beach
15 W6ETC G Tustin
16 W6KJC E Orange
17 W6FNO G Newport Beach
18 N6PEQ E Tustin
19 KK6OOS T Anaheim
20 KG6OXD G Orange
21 WB9YCJ G Santa Ana
22 K6DNR A Westminster
23 W6NKU E Orange
24 K6PAD G Huntington Beach
25 KJ6OML E Garden Grove
26 AF6C E Orange
27 WB6IXN E Santa Ana
28 WK6C E San Juan Capistrano
29 KK6DWD E Lakewood
30 N6GP E Santa Ana
31 Gladstone Australia
32 K6PEQ E Gladstone Australia
33 W6GMU E Cypress
34 AF6CF E Yorba Linda
35 W6UX E Irvine
36 AA6PW E Garden Grove
37 KE6GLG G Garden Grove
38 WA6WZO E Costa Mesa
39 WA6WZN E Costa Mesa
40 K6LDC E Garden Grove
41 W6SQC G North Tustin
42 KI6DK E Tustin
43 W6HHC A Orange
44 KC6ACT G Orange
45 KM6AJH E Tustin
46 KC7GQM G Costa Mesa
47 K7JA E Garden Grove
48 KL7MF E Garden Grove
49 KJ6TK A Westminster
50 N6XBP G Tustin
51 KB6MQY A Anaheim
52 KK6YUP T Orange
53 WA6LJV E Fountain Valley
54 N6TMT G Orange
55 KE6YHX E Orange
56 KØPGE E Laguna Niguel
57 W6FPS E Huntington Beach
58 KJ6UJS T Santa Ana
59 KK6FYG G Rialto
60 K6WHP E Fountain Valley
61 W6JOR E Santa Ana
62 KB6CJZ G Orange
63 KD6RUP G Irvine
64 N2VAJ E Orange
65 AF6N E Tustin
66 N6HC E Santa Ana
67 W6KOS E Orange
68 KQ1S E Cypress
69 KI6X E Orange
70 Irvine
71 K6CCD G Tustin
72 N6WDK E Anaheim
73 AE6UC E Tustin
74 K6PGH G Fullerton

*   Past President
**  Honorary Member

Former Club Affiliates

Name Call Class City
1 K6VDP E Golden Valley, AZ
2 KJ6ZH E Orinda, CA
3 N8AE E Clinton Township, MI
4 N8UZE E Clinton Township, MI
5 WK6O
E Nueva Guinea,
6 N6EDY G Tustin
updated email 7 N6UC E Tustin
8 KG6KTT T Grants Pass, OR
9 N8WP E Annapolis, MD
10 N6XTJ A Ojai, CA
11 K7ZE E Las Vegas, NV
12 Cory Terando* AE6GW E Westminster

*  Past President

Private Roster:

The Private Roster (.pdf) is for members only and is password protected because it contains addresses and phone numbers. It requires Adobe Acrobat© Reader to view and print. Acrobat Reader© is available for free for most computer platforms. Click on the image below to download Adobe Acrobat© reader.

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