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Oct. 2004 Club Auction Pictures

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DSCN1032.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

DSCN1033.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

DSCN1035.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

(Photo: Bob, AF6C)DSCN1036.jpg

(Photo: Bob, AF6C)DSCN1037.jpg

(Photo: Bob, AF6C)DSCN1038.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Ken - W6HHC and Bob - KD6BWH arrive early to start registration; Kristin - K6PEQ and Larry - K6LDC (is that Rich KE6WWK behind him?) watch as Fried - WA6WZO tags items he brought; The group is checking out items for bid; Fried - WA6WZO continues to tag items while Dan - N6PEQ and Fried's wife Sandi - WA6WZN look things over; Many of these items were dontated to the club for auction; and here's some of the goodies that Rich - KE6WWK brought for bid.

DSCN1039.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

DSCN1042.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

DSCN1043.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

(Photo: Bob, AF6C)DSCN1046.jpg

(Photo: Bob, AF6C)DSCN1045.jpg

(Photo: Bob, AF6C)DSCN1044.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Bound QSTs and old 73s are up for auction; (Next two photos) Bob - WB6IXN chats with Larry - K6VDP while participants check over the items for bid; Lowell - KQ6JD sits in preparation for some serious bidding. He'll have to compete with Kristin - K6PEQ behind him; Cory - AE6GW looks for new additions for the shack; and President, Steve - N1AB, with Fred - AG6O in the back, runs a one minute business meeting to find a nominating committee for the upcoming club election.

DSCN1047.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

DSCN1048.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

DSCN1049.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

(Photo: Bob, AF6C) DSCN1054.jpg

(Photo: Bob, AF6C) DSCN1052.jpg

(Photo: Bob, AF6C) DSCN1051.jpg

Clockwise from top left: President Steve - N1AB calls the auction to order; A late participant registers while lots of goodies wait to be bid on; In the lounge Lee Evans (WB6IXN's brother) makes sure plenty of coffee is ready; Auctioneers Larry - K6LDC and Larry - K6VDP ask for bids; and slowly the tables get cleared.

DSCN1034.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

DSCN1041.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

DSCN1053.jpg(Photo: Bob, AF6C)

(Photo: Bob, AF6C) DSCN1055.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Charmaine - KF6YOL and Vince - WA6VJG checkout auction items; Carl - WA6BSV runs the monthly raffle in case someone hasn't acquired enough goodies; John - W6JOR enjoys some java between bidding; and Lee (Bob - WB6IXN's brother) and Jim, AE6UC do some entertaining in the lounge.

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