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2001 Baker to 'Vegas Race (B2V-2001)

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The Baker to 'Vegas Race Logo

The Orange County Amateur Radio Club provided 10 members to help provide the communications for the Police Department teams of the City of Garden Grove and the City of Cypress competing in the 120-mile-long running relay race.

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A map of the 120-mile-long B2V relay race course. It contains 20 individual relay legs and starts outside of Baker, goes through the cities of Shoshone (Calif) and Pahrump (Nv), goes over the mountain at Mountain Springs and ends in Las Vegas

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Here on the roof of  Silverton Hotel in Las Vegas, Tom-WA6PFA, Norm-WB6TUF, Deiter-N6ZKD and Bud-WA6VPP set up the antenna farm for the base station.


Photo by WA6PFA

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Tom-WA6PFA (r) is the chief operator for the City of Orange Amateur Radio (COAR) group. Here he is supporting Dieter Franz-N6ZKD (L) from the City of Cypress at the base station in the Silverton Hotel, L.V.


Photo by WA6VPP

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Here is a close-up of the GPS map inside the Las Vegas comm center.   The GPS set-up tracks the "follow vehicles" for the runners.



Photo by WA6VPP

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Bud-WA6VPP is taking a turn at the Las Vegas base station.



Photo by WA6PFA

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Here is a view from the roof of the Silverton Hotel in LV of the mountain pass where the runners will come through.


Photo by WA6PFA

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Meanwhile, up near the mountain pass, the antenna farm of the OCARC race communications center at Sandy Valley (between leg 15 and leg 16) is being set-up by (L-to-R) Gene-KF6TRA, Larry-K6LDC, and Larry-K6VDP.


Photo by K6LDC

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Gene-KF6TRA (left) and Larry-K6VDP (right) operate the communications center at Sandy Valley.

Photo by K6LDC

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Gene-KF6TRA takes a turn at operating the OCARC race communications center at Sandy Valley.



Photo by W6RWY

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It got cold and wet for the runners during the night up at Sandy Valley.   You can see evidence of the storm in some of the remaining snow on the hood of the vehicle in front.



Photo by K6LDC

B2V-2001_tn012.JPG (11787 bytes)

Checkpoint 16 of the race.

With 204 law enforcement teams participating,  it can get pretty crowded and sometimes hectic at the 20 checkpoints along the race.

Photo by W6RWY

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