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2003 Baker to 'Vegas Race (B2V-2003)

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The Baker to 'Vegas Race Logo

The combined efforts of Orange County Amateur Radio Club and COAR (City of Orange Amateur Radio) and the City of Cypress RACES provided over 20 radio operators to help provide the communications for the Police Department teams of the City of Orange and the City of Garden Grove competing in the 120-mile-long running relay race.  178 different law-enforcement teams participated in this yearly event.

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A map of the 120-mile-long B2V relay race course. It contains 20 individual relay legs and starts outside of Baker, goes through the cities of Shoshone (Calif) and Pahrump (NV), goes over the mountain at Mountain Springs and ends in Las Vegas

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Several of the Communication Center teams went out early on Friday in order to set-up antennas. Transferring bottled-water supplies during a lunch stop in Baker are (L-R) Lois - W6MRS and Robbie - KB6CJZ of COAR heading for Las Vegas and Tom - WA6PFA heading for Pahrump.


Photo by W6HHC

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Just before the race begins on Saturday, the City of Orange Police running team  (Team # 144) gathers in Baker to review their plans and goals.

Photo by Mike Friese - KF6WRM of COAR

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Here is a great shot of the loneliness of running across the desert.  The vehicle immediately behind the runner is the OPD "follow vehicle" which is equipped with both APRS and 2M radio operator. Most of the other cars are "shuttle" vehicles that are taking fresh runners to their starting spots.


Photo by Debbie Klein of COAR

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Inside the OPD "follow vehicle", Rick Helmick-KE6WWK of COAR operates the comm table with 144, 440, and APRS capabilities.


Photo by Bruce - KC6DLA

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The first communications center on the route was set up out in a motorhome atop Ibex Pass.  The ridge blocked some communications from Baker, so this helped in the initial part of the race. You can see some other communications organization used a cherry picker as a potable tower.

Photo by WA6PFA

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This is a view of the small desert town of Shoshone from the race-course ...one gas station, one grocery store, and one motel.  The second communications station set up in the motel served the first portion (40%) of the race.


Photo by W6HHC

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Radio operators from the Cypress RACES team manned the communications center in Shoshone. 144 MHz simplex became the primary channel for "back bone" communications, although 440 MHz served as the backup channel. Shown operating is Rich Olson - KR6BA of Cypress RACES.


Photo by Mike Friese - KF6WRM of COAR

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A third communications center was set up in the Saddle West motel and casino in Parumph, NV.


Photo by W6HHC

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Tom-WA6PFA of COAR and OCARC begins setting up the main communications antenna for 144/440 MHZ at the Pahrump communications center.


Photo by W6HHC

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