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2007 Baker to 'Vegas Race (B2V-2007)

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The Baker to 'Vegas Race Logo

The combined efforts of Orange County Amateur Radio Club and COAR (City of Orange Amateur Radio) and volunteer hams from the City of Cypress provided over 24 hams to help plan, prepare, and provide the communications for the Police Department team of the City of Orange compete in the 120-mile-long running relay race.  Over 220 different law-enforcement teams participated in this yearly event.

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A map of the 120-mile-long B2V relay race course. It contains 20 individual relay legs and starts outside of Baker, goes through the cities of Shoshone (Calif) and Pahrump (NV), goes over the mountain at Mountain Springs and ends in Las Vegas

B2V2007-03-tn.jpg (40231 bytes)

Ten members of OCARC helped the Orange PD in planning, preparations and operations of the race. Orange PD B2V Planning Meeting participates:  (Standing L-R) - Leon-KK6AB,  Bob-AF6C, Steve-KB6ROL,  Mike-KF6QFY,  Rich-KR6BA, Mike-KF6WRM, Lowell-KQ6JD, Rich-KE6WWK, Steve-KI6DDE,  Dieter-N6ZKD, Bruce-KC6DLA, Ken-W6HHC. Mike-WA6OUE, and Les-KM6SQ. (Seated) - Elmer-WA6PFA, Beverly-KI6APH, Jay-KK6OZ,  and Robbie-KB6CJZ.

Photo taken by Debbie Klein of OPD

B2V2007-04-tn.jpg (31202 bytes)

One of several COAR-RACES B2V-Planning-Meetings that were held in the EOC room located at the OPD building to work out locations,  staffing, and frequencies


Photo by Rich - KE6WWK

B2V2007-05-tn.jpg (39720 bytes)

The Pool-side Workbench of W6HHC tested out radios, computers, and antennas before the big  race. The Equipment Testing Session really began to look like "Field Day" when COAR operators from the "Follow Vehicle" Showed Up. L-R - Mike-WA6OUE, Ken-W6HHC, Bob-AF6C, Bruce-KC6DLA, Elmer-WA6PFA, Nicholas-KI6AUL, and Steve-KI6DDE

Photo by W6HHC

B2V2007-06-tn.jpg (31168 bytes)

The Orange PD team captain, Dave Nichols, gives final instructions to the runners and supporters at a Baker H.S. meeting before the race begins.Two OCARC radio operators can be seen in yellow shirts.


Photo by Mike - KF6WRM

B2V2007-08-tn.jpg (33861 bytes)

Steve-KI6DDE checks out the 144/440 voice radio gear in the OPD "follow vehicle"  before the race begins.

Photo by Mike - KF6WRM

B2V2007-11-tn.jpg (33025 bytes)

The OPD "follow vehicle" traveled along side the runnners during the entire race. This vehicle not only provided drink or food as needed and a back-up runner, but was also equipped with a radio operator. The radio operator could easily reach the communications centers of COAR to pass information (including running times) to OPD officials. The Follow Vehicle had  three ham antennas. Two dual-band 144/440 magnetic mounted antennas for voice and 2M antenna for APRS Beacon


Photo by Mike - KF6WRM

B2V2007-07-tn.jpg (4990 bytes)

The first communications center on the route was set up out in a mobile atop Ibex Pass.  The ridge blocked some communications south towards Baker, so this helped in the initial part of the race. You can see some other communications organization used a cherry picker as a portable tower.

Photo by Debbie Klein of OPD

B2V2007-09-tn.jpg (25322 bytes)

Radio operators from Cypress  manned the communications center in Shoshone. 144 MHz simplex was used as the primary channel for "back bone" communications. A cross-band repeater with 440 MHz that was located in Sandy Valley linked the "OPD back bone" to Las Vegas .


Photo by Rich-KR6BA

B2V2007-12-tn.jpg (28102 bytes)

Runners from the Orange PD team watch progress of the runner on APRS tracking while waiting for their "turn" in Shoshone.

Radio operator Rich-KR6BA can partially be seen in the reflection of the wall mirror (yellow jersey)..


Photo by Steve-KB6ROL

B2V2007-10-tn-APRS ScreenShot.jpg (37892 bytes)

View of the APRS Tracking Program set-up by Steve-KB6ROL in Shoshone, CA. Not only did the APRS tracking program display yje loacation of TEAM 045 (OPD) runner on the left side, but a second screen displayed a picure of the runner and the difficulty of the terain on the right side.


Photo by Steve-KB6ROL

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