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2011 Baker to Vegas Race (B2V-2011)


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The combined efforts of Orange County Amateur Radio Club and COAR (City of Orange Amateur Radio) and volunteer hams from the City of Cypress provided over 30 hams to help plan, prepare, and provide the communications for the Police Department team of the City of Orange compete in the 120-mile-long running relay race.  Over 260 different law-enforcement teams participated in this yearly event.

Shown is a  map of the 120-mile-long B2V relay race course. It contains 20 individual relay legs and starts outside of Baker, goes through the cities of Shoshone (Calif) and Pahrump (NV), then goes over the mountain at Mountain Springs and ends at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. The red circles on the map locate the five COAR Communications Centers.

Annotated Image by Dieter N6ZKD

B2V2011-tn002_W6HHC.jpg (34719 bytes)

One of several COAR-RACES B2V-Planning-Meetings that were held in the EOC room located at the OPD building to work out locations,  staffing assignments, frequencies, and logistics. Ten members of the OCARC participated in helping provide communications for the Orange Police Department running team. The COAR RACES efforts were also assisted by many comm volunteers from Cypress.


Photo by Ken W6HHC

B2V2011-tn003_W6HHC.jpg (41175 bytes)

This Diagram illustrates the B2V Communications Plan for COAR RACES. The OPD runner's Follow-Vehicle was always in contact with one of the five Communications Centers.


Diagram by Ken W6HHC

B2V2011-tn004_W6HHC.jpg (50478 bytes)

Ken W6HHC (standing in the back-right) set up a test bench for the radios that were going to be used at the Pahrump Comm Center at his QTH two weeks before the B2V race.

Photo by Ken W6HHC

B2V2011-tn005_KI6WZU.jpg (46023 bytes)

As the final preparation just before the race, the Orange Polce Department running team co-captains discuss strategies and support details for the race. This meeting includes the  OPD runners (Team #41), some of their support team, and some of the COAR RACES communications team (yellow shirts)


Photo by Jay KI6WZU

B2V2011-tn006_W6VKO.jpg (37011 bytes)

The OPD "Follow Vehicle" will travel along side the runnners during the entire race. This vehicle not only provided drink or food as needed and a back-up runner, but was also equipped with a radio operator. The radio operator could easily reach the closest communications center of COAR to pass information (including running times) to OPD officials. Just before the race, Dave KG6RWU (Chief Radio Officer for COAR) finishes installing the "Follow Vehicle" with three radios and three sets of antennas. Two radios are for voice communications (144 and 440 MHz) and one radio is a 2M APRS beacon for tracking the runner.

Photo by Bill W6VKO

B2V2011-tn007_W6VKO.jpg (37650 bytes)

This is the radio operator's seat inside the OPD Follpw-Vehicle. There are two microphones connected to radios under the seat. The 144 MHz mike talks to the five Comm Centers as the vehicle is in range of their locations. The 440 MHz mike talks to the support car that is traveling to the next leg of the race. The orange box in the photo is the APRS beacon on 2M.

Photo by Bill W6VKO

 B2V2011-tn012_MikeSmith.jpg (51726 bytes)

The race starts for Team 41 (fourth runner from left) and about 20 other competinig teams at 3 PM on Saturday.

Photo by Mike Smith KC6ZTP

B2V2011-tn011_KI6CUK.jpg (41763 bytes)

The Orange PD (Team #41) runner, Officer Jeff Burton, is seen here on Leg #3 with the OPD follow-vehicle along side.


Photo by Polly KI6CUK

B2V2011-tn008_W6VKO.jpg (40880 bytes)

The first communications center on the route was set up in a four-wheel-drive truck with a 2M J-pole antenna atop Ibex Pass (noted for its scenic beauty). The ridge blocked some communications south towards Baker, so this location helped in the initial part of the race. The operator for this location was Noah-KF6FOJ (not shown).

Photo by Bill W6VKO

B2V2011-tn009_W6VKO.jpg (43592 bytes)

As the race begins, Bill W6VKO (center) and Will KJ6IA (right) dropped by to visit the Ibex Pass set-up and chat with Noah KF6FOJ (left).


Photo by Bill W6VKO

B2V2011-tn013_KI6CUK.jpg (40153 bytes)

The OPD runner Officer Sara Costa just received the baton as she begins Stage 6. Officer Ray Winick grabs a bottle of water from the "catcher" after completing Stage 5.

Photo by Polly KI6CUK

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