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2010 Dayton HamConvention Pictures

by Ken WB9YCJ

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Dayton2010-tn001.jpg (57239 bytes)

The early morning convention goers wait for the traffic lights in order to cross over to get to the convention center.

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn002.jpg (58466 bytes)

Hams gather outside the doors before the event opens

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn003.jpg (60395 bytes)

Plenty of buses were available for the event

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn004.jpg (51699 bytes)

The early crowd heads for the flea market

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn005.jpg (56204 bytes)

Any booth might have exactly what you were looking for?

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn006.jpg (58461 bytes)

Classic ham rigs from two famous companies: Collins and Heathkit

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn007.jpg (67960 bytes)

Take your choice of "dishes"!

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn008.jpg (55542 bytes)

Need some classic Hammarlund HQ-145 receivers?....

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn009.jpg (56483 bytes)

Great price for microwave “hard-line” coax

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn010.jpg (49242 bytes)

Can you count the number of antennas on this truck roof??

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn011.jpg (66451 bytes)

Here is one of the indoor arenas (east)    - "elbow-room only" often the norm

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn012.jpg (70570 bytes)

At the ICOM booth, IC-7800 on the left, IC-7700 on the right

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn013.jpg (69423 bytes)

Quite a few hams went to Dayton just to listen to talks about D-Star and see the demos.

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn014.jpg (56070 bytes)

A friend of OCARC, Gordon West WA6NOA, was there working the W5YI Group booth

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn015.jpg (60919 bytes)

DownEast Microwave is famous for their microwave amplifiers

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

Dayton2010-tn016.jpg (55234 bytes)

No ham convention is complete without a booth to check QSL cards for DXCC

Photo by Ken-WB9YCJ

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