Events of the 2000 Year:

December 17, 2000

“2000 OCARC Annual Christmas Holiday Dinner”

The Christmas party was held at Mimi's Cafe 18461 Brookhurst Ave. in Fountain Valley. Club President Larry Hoffman - K6LDC turned the gavel over to Bob Buss - KD6BWH and the new club officers were introduced.

Ground Rod

November 17, 2000

“Antenna Grounding”

At the November meeting David Corsiglia - WA6TWF talked on antenna ground systems. Proper grounding is important for safety as well as improved signal radiation.

A new slate of club officers were also eected at the meeting.

October 20, 2000

“2000 OCARC Annual Auction”

The annual club auction was held at our regular meeting time and place. Items were limited to radio and electronic equipment only. Registration began at 7:00 PM.

October 6 - 8, 2000

“2000 ARRL SW Division Convention”

The 2000 ARRL Southwestern Division Convention was held in Scottsdale, AZ on the first full weekend in October at the Ramada Valey Ho Hotel )6850 E. Main St. The OCARC declined performing the Wouff Hong ceremony due to the cost of travel and lodging. Numerous club members did attend however.

Sept 15, 2000


At the September meeting Al Avenet - AB8AA talked on a new mode of communications - Phase-Shift Keying 31 Hertz. This mode, available via PC and Mac software, is a new technology for keyboard-to-keyboard digital communications.

August 18, 2000


Help us out here. there was no record of the program that was held at the August 2000 general meeting. I searched the minutes and the RF Newsletter.

Hardy Zantke

August 12, 2000 (Saturday)

“California Classic Driving Event”

OCARC members and friends provided communications for the Marathon competition of the Claifornia Classic horse driving event. This event, held in Ernie Howlett Park in Rolling Hills (Palos Verdes) and sponsored by the Heels & Wheels Driving Club, is a lengthy course with timed "hazards" along the course where the horse and carriage must navigate the "hazard" in a clean fashion. The "hazards" are timed and penalty points are given for errors disrupting obstacles.

Jul 26, 2000 (Wednesday evening).

“Pizza Bust”

The OCARC held a pizza bust at Me & Ed's Pizzeria at 12731 Garden grove Blvd. in Garden Grove. Led by club president Larry Hoffman club members put away lots of pizza, soda and even some beer.

July 21, 2000

“T-Hunting Malicious Interference”

At the July meeting Mike Overmeier - K6SNE presented a program on The ARRL's Official Observer program and how he tracks down malicious (and other types of) interference

Sadly, in the summer of 2006 Mike and fellow amateur David Gordon-Ross N6IDF were killed when Mike's jeep went over an enbankment during a T-hunt.

OC Fair

July 19, 2000 (Wednesday)

“Orange County Fair”

The club supported the OCCARO booth at the Orange County Fair for the day. The event continued into the late evening when, Bob - AF6C, supported by Ken, W6HHC ran the ten meter net from the fair booth.

June 24-25, 2000

“A.R.R.L. Field Day Exercise”

FIELD DAY is a yearly held 24-hour simulated emergency communications drill.

Slide Show

June 16, 2000

“Field Day Slide Show”

Club photographer Ken - W6HHC shared with the club slides from numerous previous OCARC W6ZE Field Days going back to the late sixties.

May 19, 2000

“NTS — The National Traffic System”

Rosie spoke on the NTS at our May meeting.

May 5 - 7, 2000

“Not So DXpedition”

Larry Hoffman - K6LDC and Art Dillion - KE6WOX coordinated this hamming event. This year a group of club members went to a private spot near Aguanga, CA [Temecula area] to camp out and work some locals and DX.

April 21, 2000

“Sri Lanka DXpedition”

Vice Director, world traveler and advanced photographer Art Goddard - W6XD spoke on a DXpedition to the island of Sri Lanka.

April 14 - 16, 2000

“Baker-to-‘Vegas — Law Enforcement Relay Race”

A group of OCARC hams supported the Orange Police Department in the annual Baker-to-Vegas race. This year the club also supported the Garden Grove team.

March 17, 2000

“Care and Feeding of 12 Volt Systems”

Frank Smith - WA6VKZ talked about 12-volt battery systems for powering your ham gear and accessories. This is a useful way to be prepared for an emergency when you lose AC power.

February 26 - 27, 2000

“NVIR Experiment”

Under the auspices of Frank Smith - WA6VKZ, a group of club members conducted a rtest of Near Vertical Incident Radiation. Groups set up stations at El Mirage Dry Lake and at Anza using low wire antennas. Coordination was throough the Catalina Repeater. The test was a success as contacts were made on 40 and 80 meters midday and repeated later at night

February 18, 2000

“RF Direction Finding”

Joe Moell- KØOV presented a program on Radio Direction Finding and Transmitter hunting.

January 21, 2000

“Hospital Group — Emergency Communications”

April Moell - WA6OPS Talked on the HDSCS organization.

Monthly in 2000

Saturday Club Breakfasts [2000]

Club Breakfast and Board Meeting was held at The Hideaway Restaurant, 2117 Orange-Olive Blvd. in Orange on:

Jan 8th*.

Club Breakfasts and Board Meetings were held at The Aztec Grill, 2525 N. Grand Ave. in Santa Ana (formerly the Wildflower Cafe) on:

Feb 5th, Mar 4th, and Apr 1st.

Club Breakfasts and Board Meetings were held at The Hometown Buffet, 1008 E. 17th St. in Santa Ana on:

May 6th, Jun 3rd,

Club Breakfasts and Board Meetings were held at the iHop, 1001 E. 17th St. in Santa Ana on:

Jul 1st.

Club Board Meeting was held at the home of Larry Hoffman K6LDC on:

September 5th* at 7:30 PM (Tuesday).

Club Breakfasts and Board Meetings were held at the iHop, 1001 E. 17th St. in Santa Ana on:

Oct 7th, Nov 4th and Dec 2nd.

* Date changed due to a conflict on the first Saturday of the month.

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