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FD2000-12tn.JPG (20065 bytes)

Our chief cook, Frank-WA6VKZ gets the cooking effort organized for lunch.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-13tn.JPG (18280 bytes)

Genuine German Brautwurst (prepared by Frank-WA6VKZ) were the centerpiece of the Lunch time meal.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-14tn.JPG (19737 bytes)

The 15 MTR SSB operations used a 5-ele beam on a 20 ft tilt-up tower to earn top band score, 794 contacts.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-15tn.JPG (15400 bytes)

15 M station in action. (L to R) Bob-KD6XO and Bob-AF6C at the mike..

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-30tn.jpg (13849 bytes)

Cory-KE6WIU (R) runs up the score on 15 MTR SSB while Ken-W6HHC trys to keep up on logging

Photo by AF6C

FD2000-29tn.jpg (12027 bytes)

Just a cool PIX of looking towards the top of one of the tilt-up towers used on field day.

Photo by AF6C

FD2000-17tn.JPG (14322 bytes)

Larry-K6LDC (R) explains Field Day to a cameraman from the Garden Grove Cable TV while helping the OCARC to earn contest publicity points.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-31tn.jpg (18226 bytes)

Chris-KJ6ZH (L) explains Ham Radio satellite communications to news reporter (far Right) from Garden Grove Cable TV while Larry-K6LDC (Middle) looks on.

Photo by  AF6C

FD2000-18tn.JPG (14454 bytes)

The 10 MTR station with (L to R) Tim-K6GEP , Bud-WA6VPP, and Paul, WD6FMX.

Photo by WA6PFA

FD2000-19tn.jpg (15993 bytes)

Bob-KD6BWH takes a turn operating the 10 MTR station.

Photo by  W6HHC

FD2000-20tn.jpg (20358 bytes)

VHF/UHF from 6M-thru-440 operations with   (L to R) Larry-K6VDP and Larry-KR6LO.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-21tn.jpg (17892 bytes)

The 2 MTR SSB operations did very well using the portable set-up of Chris-KF6LEX

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-22tn.jpg (16791 bytes)

A shot of Chris-KF6LEX nifty solar panel set-up for 2 MTR SSB opps..

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-23tn.jpg (21979 bytes)

ATV chief-op Tom-WA6PFA adjust the 2.4 GHz ATV dish antenna for best picture.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-32tn.jpg (15112 bytes)

A shot of the 2.4 GHz ATV operating station with Tom-WA6PFA (L) and Cory-KE6WIU (R)

Photo by  AF6C

FD2000-33tn.jpg (13540 bytes)

Frank-WA6VKZ (R), our chef, shows off some of the roast beef he has prepared for dinner. Notice Bud-WA6VPP helping with the "Dutch Oven" cooking equipment.

Photo by  AF6C

FD2000-24tn.jpg (21017 bytes)

One of the cooks, Phil-N7PA (R), serves the dinner beef roast to Bud-WA6VPP.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-25tn.jpg (19001 bytes)

Some of the ops taking a dinner break:   (L to R) Larry-KR6LO, Chris-KJ6ZH, Larry-K6LDC,  John-KF6DTK, and Art-KE6WOX

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-26tn.jpg (16916 bytes)

Taking a short break after dark:   (L-to-R)  Chris-KJ6ZH,  the ARRL SW Div Director Fried-WA6WZO, Sandy-WA6WZN, Chris-W6KFW and Larry-K6LDC.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-27tn.jpg (22611 bytes)

Tearing down the 20 MTR beam on Sunday morning.  (L to R) Chris-W6KFW, Bob-AF6C, Bob-KD6BWH, Paul-WD6FMX, and Chris-KJ6ZH.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2000-28tn.jpg (43209 bytes)

2000 Field Day is over and the Sunday teardown is nearly complete. Here's the crew who stayed to the end:

Kneeling in front (L to R):    Bob-KD6BWH,  Ken-W6HHC, and  Tom-WA6PFA.

Standing (L to R):  Frank-WA6VKZ,   Bob-AF6C,   Bud-WA6VPP, a visitor???, Tim-K6GEP, Chris-W6KFW,    Phil-N7PA,       Larry-K6VDP,      Chris-KJ6ZH,    Art-KE6WOX,  "el presidente" Larry-K6LDC;          "Tex" Bob-KD6XO,  and  Chris-KF6LEX.

Photo by W6HHC


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