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FD2001-13tn.jpg (13115 bytes)

The City of Santa Ana was extremely gracious in allowing us to use Portola Park for FD.  Here are some visitors from the Santa Ana Fire Dept who came out to see our emergency communications exercise.  [L-R] Jeff Morgan - Battalion Chief Aide, Chris-KJ6ZH, Battalion Chief Jimmy Dalton, and Bob-KD6XO.

Photo by AF6C

FD2001-14tn.jpg (14857 bytes)

Here is the set-up effort on the 5-ele 15 M monobander beam sitting on a 20 ft tilt-up tower. [L-R] Lowell-KQ6JD, Lee Evans, Art-KE6WOX, Paul-WD6FMX on tower, and Larry-K6LDC.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2001-15tn.jpg (16916 bytes)

The 15 MTR SSB operations [L-R] Ken-W6HHC and "lead-foot" Cory-KE6WIU who used a foot-switch to run up a fine score.

Photo by KD6XO

FD2001-16tn.jpg (14565 bytes)

15 M station in action with a second crew. (L to R) Paul-WD6FMX and Bob-AF6C at the mike..

Photo by AF6C

FD2001-17tn.jpg (15420 bytes)

.Here is a shot of the Operations Center for 20M SSB and Satellite.  Note that Larry-K6LDC also towed a trailer containing the club generator.

Photo by AF6C

FD2001-18tn.jpg (13716 bytes)

.Inside the 20M station are: [L-R] Lowell-KQ6JD, Larry-K6LDC, and Dick-W6RWY.

Photo by AF6C

FD2001-19tn.jpg (17497 bytes)

.This is the 3-ele 20 M monobander on top of a 20 foot tilt-up tower.  Note the "sound baffles" for the generator at the foot of the tower.

Photo by KC6DLA

FD2001-20tn.jpg (14779 bytes)

Chris-KJ6ZH (L) is working on getting those satellite points.   YL Jami Hamilton is enjoying the nice outdoor setting for the station.

Photo by  AF6C

FD2001-21tn.jpg (13838 bytes)

The 40 MTR station had a nice breezy outdoor location. (L to R) Larry-K6VDP , Larry-KR6LO, 40M TeamCaptain Bob-KD6BWH and a visitor, Jeff Klein.

Photo by AF6C

FD2001-22tn.jpg (8927 bytes)

"A president's job is never done....until thing are rolling smoothly."  OCARC "el presidente" Bob-KD6BWH takes a short nap after just getting back from a biz trip before FD and then packing for FD until 2 AM in the morning.

Photo by AF6C

FD2001-23tn.jpg (13953 bytes)

40M used a Inverted-Vee as their FD antenna.and had the most-improved-band distinction, this year.

Photo by KC6DLA

FD2001-24tn.jpg (12965 bytes)

Tom-Wa6PFA earned more points for the OCARC by exhibiting an ATV demonstration for visitors..

Photo by WA6PFA

FD2001-25tn.jpg (20646 bytes)

Bruce-KC6DLA looks over the breakfast offerings of ham, bacon, scrambled eggs, croissants, and Danish that were prepared by Don-KC6ONZ (not shown).

Photo by  W6HHC

FD2001-26tn.jpg (15949 bytes)

Early breakfast gathering by Bob-KD6XO, Larry-KR6LO, Larry-K6LDC, Bob-AF6C, Larry-K6VDP, Tom-WA6PFA, Bruce-KC6DLA, and John-W6JOR.

Photo by  W6HHC

FD2001-27tn.jpg (15771 bytes)

During FD-tear-down, Bob-AF6C took this cool PIX of a "tower's view of hands and shoes".

Photo by AF6C

FD2001-28tn.jpg (14928 bytes)

Here the 15 M tower and beam are almost on the ground after FD.  Lending a hand are: [L-R] Ken-W6HHC, Chris-KF6LEX, Bob-KD6BWH in red shirt, Tim-K6GEP, Chris-KJ6ZH, Paul-WD6FMX, and Bud-WA6VPP.

Photo by AF6C

FD2001-35tn.JPG (46383 bytes)

2001 Field Day is over and the Sunday teardown is nearly complete. Here's the great crew who stayed to the end:

Kneeling in front (L to R):     Ken-W6HHC, Larry-K6VDP, Tom-WA6PFA, Cory-KE6WIU, Paul-WD6FMX, Bob-KD6XO, Bob-AF6C, and Bud-WA6VPP,

Standing in back are (L to R):  Chris-KF6LEX,   Matt-K6LNX, Jim-KE6UCH, Tim-K6GEP, Larry-K6LDC,    Larry- KR6LO,     Lowell-KQ6JD,   "el presidente" Bob-KD6BWH, Bruce-KC6DLA, Art-KE6WOX, Tim-K6GEP, Dick-W6RWY, Jami Hamilton, and  Chris-KJ6ZH.

Photo by W6HHC


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