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2002 Field Day Pictures

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This year the OCARC held Field Day again in Portola Park in the City of Santa Ana.

Photo by W6HHC

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On Friday evening before Field Day, the "Gang of Four" from the city of Orange did a raiding party at the park to gather picnic tables for FD.  (L-R) Lowell-KQ6JD, Steve-KB1GZ, Ken-W6HHC and (not shown) Bob-AF6C.

Photo by AF6C

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Early morning set-up.  Here are the operating positions for 20M in the white trailer (owned by WA6VKZ) on the left and for 15M in the motorhome (owned by KD6XO) on the right.

Photo by N6RUI

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Getting the ground wire ready to hook up. Foreground, L-R:   Lowell-KQ6JD and Bob-KD6XO.

Photo by W6RWY

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Here is the assembly crew for the 5-ele 15M mono-band beam.  (L-R) Dick-W6RWY, Bob-AF6C, and Lowell-KQ6JD.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2002-tn06.jpg (14651 bytes)

Here is the set-up crew ready to erect the 15M beam and its tower.(L-R) Steve-KB1GZ, Lowell-KQ6JD, president Cory AE6GW, Dick-W6RWY, Jim-KE6UCH, Bob-KD6BWH and Bob-AF6C

Photo by W6HHC

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Up goes the 5-ele 15M beam. (L-R) kneeling Paul-WD6FMX, Jim-KE6UCH, Lowell-KQ6JD, Robbie-KB6CJZ , Steve-KB1GZ, and Rich Pizzini (a neighbor of WA6VKZ).

Photo by N6RUI

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Rotating the 15M beam into the horizontal position.  On the tower is Ken-W6HHC and Bob-KD6BWH steadies the tower base.

Photo by  AE6GW

FD2002-tn09.jpg (13939 bytes)

Here is the assembly crew for the 3-ele 20M monoband beam. (L-R) Rich Pizzini, Jim-KE6UCH, Ken-W6HHC, 20M Team Captain Phil-N7PA, Dick-W6RWY, and President Cory-AE6GW.

Photo by N6RUI

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The RACE TO BEAT THE FD STARTING TIME!  Helping to raise the 20M tower with beam into position are: (L-R) Steve-KB6GZ, Tim-K6GEP, Bob-KD6BWH, Lowell-KQ6JD, Robbie-KB6CJZ, Art-KE6WOX, Phil-N7PA, and Bob-AF6C (also in orange shirt).

Photo by W6HHC

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