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2003 Field Day Pictures

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This year the OCARC held Field Day again in Portola Park in the City of Santa Ana.

Photo by AF6C 

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Arriving early to stake-out claims on the prime parking spots at the park are (L-to-R) Vice President Steve-KB1GZ, Bruce-KC6DLA and "acting FD chairman" Ken-W6HHC.

Photo by AF6C

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Here are the three motorhome operating positions for (R-to-L) 10M  (owned by KC6DLA),  15M  (owned by KD6XO), and in the distance, 20M (owned by KE6WWK).

Photo by W6HHC

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Organizing the antennas for 10M and ATV are (L-R) new member Stephen-KG6QVY, Tom-WA6PFA and club president Lowell-KQ6JD.

Photo by AF6C

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Here is the assembly crew for the 5-ele 15M mono-band beam.  (L-R) Howard-WB6TKK, John-WB6AJE, and Bob-AF6C.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2003-tn06.jpg (21053 bytes)

Here is the set-up crew ready to erect the 10M 3-ele beam and its tower. (L-R) Tom-WA6PFA,  Stephen-KG6QVY, Bob-KD6BWH,   Lowell-KQ6JD, Larry-K6LDC, visitor Bill-N4WRC, Bruce-KC6DLA,  and Bob-KD6XO.

Photo by AF6C

FD2003-tn07.jpg (19060 bytes)

Ken-W6HHC climbs to the top of the 15M tower to rotate the 5-element beam to the horizontal position.

Photo by AF6C

FD2003-tn08.jpg (28584 bytes)

Ken-W6HHC brings up the ARRL flag to fly from the 15M tower.

Photo by N4WRC visiting from Alabama

FD2003-tn11.jpg (22777 bytes)

Here is the tent holding both the 40M station and the 75M station.

Photo by K6VDP

FD2003-tn09.jpg (20662 bytes)

The 40M crew put the finishing touches to the guy wires. (L-R) Larry-K6LDC, Steve-KB1GZ, and 40M team captain Larry-K6VDP

Photo by AF6C

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