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2003 Field Day Pictures

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FD2003-tn20.jpg (21620 bytes)

Matt Anderson, son of Howard WB6TIK, got to try his hand at Field Day in the 20M station and could be hooked on Ham Radio.

Photo by  W6HHC

FD2003-tn26.jpg (23077 bytes)

David-W7KTS tries his hand at the 20M station that is in the KE6WWK motorhome.

Photo by  W6HHC

FD2003-tn27.jpg (24752 bytes)

To support the 20M MAC computer for logging is this Uninteruptable PS supplied by John-WB6AJE.

Photo by AF6C

FD2003-tn28.jpg (22735 bytes)

Three members of the team that manned both the 40M SSB/CW station and the 75M SSB station stand infront of the tent for both transmitters. (L-R) Chris-W6KFW, team captain Larry-K6VDP and Stephen-KG6QVY.

Photo by AF6C

FD2003-tn29.jpg (16462 bytes)

Here is a clear shot of the rig and logging computer FD set-up used for 40M SSB and CW.


Photo by K6VDP

FD2003-tn31.jpg (20976 bytes)

Two of the many operators taking a turn at the 40M station are Chris-W6KFW (top) and Stephen-KG6QVY (his first FD!).

Photo by W6HHC

FD2003-tn32.jpg (25205 bytes)

Another set of operators for the 40M station were (L-R) Matt-K6LNX and Robyn Guest (a friend of Matt).

Photo by WA6PFA

FD2003-tn33.jpg (24603 bytes)

Here is Chris-W6KFW operating the 75M station inside the 40M/75M tent.

Photo by WA6PFA

FD2003-tn34.jpg (24372 bytes)

Some of the best times at Field Day are just spent talking around to other HAMs.  (L-to-R) Chris-K6KFW, Larry-K6VDP, Steve-KB1GZ (bottom head), Bruce-KC6DLA, and Lowell-KQ6JD.

Photo by AF6C

FD2003-tn35.jpg (25328 bytes)

The FD food chairman, Don-KC6ONZ,  had a hectic day between FD and a  family wedding.  But, the club ate very well thanks to Don's heroic efforts. (L-R) Cindy-KC6OPI, Larry-K6VDP, Larry-K6LDC, Don-KC6ONZ, and April-KG6CJI

Photo by AF6C

FD2003-tn36.jpg (20808 bytes)

Bruce-KC6DLA (L) is ragchewing with visitor Art Goddard-W6XD, ARRL SW Division Director, who is explaining the ARRL's "5-year plan to improve radio propagation".

Photo by WA6PFA

FD2003-tn37.jpg (24671 bytes)

The night-time cake/sake/sushi party is being photographed by (L-R) Bob-AF6C, Bob-KD6XO, and Corry-AE6GW.

Photo by WA6PFA

FD2003-tn38.jpg (23427 bytes)

The "travelling ARRL Gang" arrived at the OCARC FD site just in time for the night-time party. They toured many many club FD sites throughout Saturday and Sunday. (L-R) Steve-KB1GZ, Larry-K6LDC, Lowell-KQ6JD, Sandy-WA6WZN, Tuck-NZ6T (ARRL Asst Dir), Fried-WA6WZO (ARRL 3rd VP), Bob-AF6C, Bruce-KC6DLA, Art-W6XD (ARRL SW Dir), Matt Anderson (visitor), Harold-WB6TIK (visitor and father of Matt), and John-WB6AJE (hidden visitor).

Photo by WA6PFA

FD2003-tn39.jpg (23266 bytes)

"Real Hams eat quiche". Our food chairman, Don-KC6ONZ, provide delicious quiche for our breakfast at Field Day.   Bob-KD6BWH shows his enjoyment as he samples the food.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2003-tn41.jpg (27047 bytes)

It takes a lot of teamwork to take down the15M tower and 5-ele beam after the contest is finished. (L-R) Gene-KF6TRA, Matt-K6LNX, Carl-WA6BSV, Paul-WD6FMX, Larry-K6LDC, Stephen-KG6QVY, 2 hidden OPs, Robyn Guest, Ken-W6HHC (white hat) and Lowell-KQ6JD (orange shirt).

Photo by AF6C

FD2003-tn42.jpg (28844 bytes)

The team of teardown artists then moved over to the 20M tower and beam.  The beam has just been removed from the tower. (L-R) Matt-K6LNX, Steve-KG1BZ, Larry-K6LDC, Carl-WA6BSV (blue hat), Stephen-KG6QVY, Rich-KE6WWK (hat with green beak), Ken-W6HHC (white hat), Chris-W6KFW (red hat), John-WB6AJE, and Gene-KF6TRA (white shirt).

Photo by AF6C

FD2003-tn40.jpg (34924 bytes)

2003 Field Day is over and the Sunday teardown is about to begin. Notice the new American flag and the ARRL flag. Here's the great crew who stayed to the end:

Kneeling in front (L to R):   Bob-AF6C, Chris-W6KFW, Bob-KD6XO, Larry-K6VDP, and  Larry-K6LDC.

Standing in back are (L to R):  Howard- WB6TIK, John-WB6AJE, Bob- KD6BWH,  John- N6RUI, Robyn Guest (friend of Matt) ,  Matt-K6LNX, Ken-W6HHC, Rich-KE6WWK, Tom-WA6PFA, Stephen-KG6QVY,        "El Presidente" Lowell-KQ6JD,  Steve-KB1GZ, Bruce-KC6DLA, Bud-WA6VPP, Paul-WD6FMX,   Ken-WB9YCJ, Tina Brost (wife of Gene-KF6TRA), Gene-KF6TRA, Carl-WA6BSV, Chris-KF6LEX, and  Matt Anderson (son of WB6TIK).

Photo by W6HHC


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