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2004 Field Day Pictures

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This is the fourth year in a row that OCARC held Field Day at Portola Park in the City of Santa Ana.

Photo by AF6C 

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Field Day set-up begins as Howard-WB6TIK   (L) and Rich-KE6WWK get guy wire anchors ready for the 40M antenna.

Photo by WB6AJE

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Bob-AF6C assembles the 20M 3-ele beam. If you look carefully at the large tree on the left, you can see the line that will be supportting the "tree tops 80M antenna".

Photo by W6HHC

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Howard-WB6TIK gets the push-up mast ready for the 2-ele 40M wire beam that uses phased inverted-Vees.

In the background near the tennis court, the "blue room" for public relations and demos is being set up.

Photo by W6HHC

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Kenan-N6CCE and Mike-WK6O used a sling-shot with fishing line to get the ends of the 80M antenna into the tree tops. You can see the yellow line used to pull up the 80M antenna hanging from the top of 80-ft pine trees in the park.

Photo by AF6C

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When the 80M antenna got snagged in a tree in the middle of the park while pulling it into place, Kenan-N6CCE used a long pole to free the snag.

Photo by WB6AJE

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"Have generator, will travel"

Bob-KD6BWH arrives with the club's 5KW generator. On the left, Bud-WA6VPP is delivering the 10M beam.  On the right, Robbie-KB6CJZ , Tom-WA6PFA, and Bruce-KC6DLA assemble the 5-ele 15M beam.

Photo by AF6C

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Team Captain Kenan-N6CCE (R) and Mike-WK6O assemble the tent for the 80M/75M/10M station..

Photo by WB6AJE

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