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2004 Field Day Pictures

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FD2004-tn09.jpg (33051 bytes)

Lunch comes fast for clubs on the West Coast during Field Day. Here Ken-W6HHC prepares some bratwurst sausage for the entire OCARC crew.

Photo by AF6C

FD2004-tn10.jpg (23375 bytes)

Matt-K6LNX is team captain for VHF/UHF while Robin is logging..

Photo by  N6CCE

FD2004-tn11.jpg (30842 bytes)

Chris-KJ6ZH drove all the way from the San Francisco area (again this year) to set up a Field Day satellite station. Bob-KD6XO looks over Chris's shoulder.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn12.jpg (29084 bytes)

This is the antenna system that was set up for FD satellite communications.  On the left, are the 2M polarized yagis for transmitting the up-link.  Chris-KJ6ZH and Jami-KG6TLM complete adjustments for a 10M loop antenna was used to receive the down-link signals..

Photo by N6RUI

FD2004-tn13.jpg (25117 bytes)

15M used the terrific motorhome of Bruce-KC6DLA for their station..

Photo by N6CCE

FD2004-tn18.jpg (21799 bytes)

The 15M station used a 5-ele Hygain monobander beam on a 20-ft tower.

Photo by WA6VPP

FD2004-tn14.jpg (23439 bytes)

Inside the 15M station (L-R) Tom-WA6PFA works the band while Bruce-KC6DLA does the logging..

Photo by N6CCE

FD2004-tn15.jpg (20989 bytes)

The 20M team used a 3-ele Hygain monobander beam on a 20-ft tower.  The white rope on the left is the "rotor".

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn16.jpg (25768 bytes)

This is the 20M SSB crew operating out of the motorhome of Bob-KD6XO.  (R-L) As team captain Ken-W6HHC rests, Bob-KD6BWH takes a turn at the mike and Bob-KD6XO logs.

Photo by AF6C

FD2004-tn17.jpg (25671 bytes)

Mike-WK6O (R) was “the-traveling-CW-man” who went from band-to-band to really increased the club points this year. Here he is in the 20M station with Mark-AA6MS logging.

Photo by  W6HHC

FD2004-tn23.jpg (28823 bytes)

This is the 40M station, operating inside the KE6WWK motorhome.   Rich-KE6WWK takes a turn at operating during contest.

Photo by N6CCE

FD2004-tn24.jpg (28759 bytes)

Howard-WB6TIK takes at turn at the mike on the 40M station.

Photo by AF6C

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