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FD2004-tn25.jpg (21667 bytes)

John-WB6AJE built a simple, but very effective, rotate-able 40M wire-beam using two phased-inverted-Vees. The 40M score of 412 QSOs on SSB and 37 CW QSOs was the best OCARC 40M score ever since 1976!!

The horizontal boom supports the top of the two inverted-Vees.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn19.jpg (27343 bytes)

Eat your heart out RV owners!!  The 80/75/10 meter tent is where the real magic happened!!

Photo by N6CCE

FD2004-tn20.jpg (28894 bytes)

During the daytime, the 80M/75/M10M station worked 10M. (L-R) Mike Gaude (WK6O) and Bob Buss (KD6BWH) operating 10 meter SSB

Photo by N6CCE

FD2004-tn21.jpg (23275 bytes)

The multi-band dipole, hung between two 80-ft pines in the park, was used on 75M/80M. The terrific antenna was fed with ladder-wire

Photo by N6CCE

FD2004-tn22.jpg (20781 bytes)

A 3-ele 10M beam was used by the 80/75/10 station.

Photo by N6CCE

FD2004-tn26.jpg (29007 bytes)

The "blue room" was set up for visitors and provide information as well as demos on ATV and slow-scan.  (L-R) are Bob-AF6C, Bud-WA6VPP, and John-N6RUI.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn27.jpg (33108 bytes)

Tom-WA6PFA put on demonstrations of ATV for park visitors to the FD site. Here you can see his small hand-held TV camera and the shoulder-slung transmitter shooting a picture back to the "blue room"

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn28.jpg (27862 bytes)

Gas on the club generator was refilled every 9 hours. The club’s 5KW Honda engine Field Day generator worked flawlessly this year. The Honda generator was a good investment by the club in 2001. The power distribution system worked great.  (L-R) Ken-W6HHC and Bob-KD6BWH

Photo by AF6C

FD2004-tn29.jpg (37148 bytes)

A visitor to our June meeting, Gordon-KD7BIW (a friend of Ken-N6CCE), offered to make up some chili at Field Day.It was a long process and he simmered the meat and peppers and the beans for about four hours into a luscious sauce. The 20M station was “down wind” of the simmering chili….and let me tell you that the aromas were really great, all afternoon. The main chili was very mild, but Gordon had a smaller pot on the next burner that he called “the kicker” chili.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn31.jpg (31043 bytes)

Lining up for Saturday night chilli are: (L-R) Bud-WA6VPP, Tom-WA6PFA, Gordon-KD7BIW (the chef), and Bob-KD6BWH.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn30.jpg (29144 bytes)

More HAMs enjoying Saturday dinner. (L-R) Frank-WA6VKZ, Chris-KJ6ZH, Bob-KD6XO, and Gordon-KD7BIW (waiting to feed more hungry crews).

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn32.jpg (29681 bytes)

Some of the best times at Field Day are just spent talking around to other HAMs.  (L-to-R) Bob-KD6XO, Bob-KD6BWH, Frank-WA6VKZ, John-N6RUI, Chris-KJ6ZH, Gordon-KD7BIW, and Bob-AF6C.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn33.jpg (29861 bytes)

It was good to see Frank-WA6VKZ participating and enjoying Field Day this year.  His health problems have slowed him down a bit, but he managed to bring a lot of equipment and rigs out to field day to share with various team captains.

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn34.jpg (28064 bytes)

A long tradition with the OCARC FD is have a sushi/sake party after sundown. (L-R) Matt-K6LNX, Robyn Guest, Chris-KJ6ZH, Jami-KG6TLM, Bob-AF6C, and Tom-WA6PFA..

Photo by W6HHC

FD2004-tn35.jpg (63274 bytes)

2004 Field Day is over and the Sunday teardown is about to begin. Here's the great crew who stayed to the end:

Kneeling in front (L to R):  Ken-W6HHC, Bob-KD6XO, and Rich-KE6WWK.

Standing in back are (L to R):  Matt-K6LNX, Robyn Guest, Tom-WA6PFA, Gordon-KD7BIW, Howard- WB6TIK, Bruce-KC6DLA, Mike-WK6O, Kenan-N6CCE, William-K6CYX, Chris-KJ6ZH,  John-WB6AJE, Bob- KD6BWH,  Bud-WA6VPP, Tim-K6GEP, Frank-WA6VKZ, Carl-WA6BSV, and Bob-AF6C.

Photo by W6HHC

Collage-FD-tn2004-titled.jpg (75537 bytes)

Bob-AF6C, our club's local artist, created this great collage of the OCARC 2004 Field Day event.

Collage by AF6C

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