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This year the OCARC again held Field Day on the school grounds of Walter Knott Education Center in Buena Park. The FD site was just to the West of the Knott's Berry Farm theme park and on the South-side of La Palma Ave.

Courtesy of Google Map

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OCARC Field Day events do not just happen...they take planning. Here is our drawing that was prepared for the power-distribution cabling. A total of 500-feet of heavy duty cable (including one new 50-ft section of 10AWG) was available to be used to reach all the stations.

Drawing by Ken-W6HHC

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Preparations for Field Day were in full swing the week-end before FD.  Here (L-R) Arnie N6HC and Bob AF6C help check out the 20M PHN mono-bander beam in the front yard of QTH of Ken W6HHC

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

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On Friday afternoon, before FD starts, the power distribution cables for the OCARC are all set out waiting for the delivery of the club's 5KW generator/.

Photo by Dee-N8UZE

OCARC-FD-2012-tn005.jpg (39758 bytes)

The OCARC uses a 5KW generator with a Honda engine. Again it ran flawlessly during the entire FD week-end.

The sound made by the club generator was hidden behind a block wall.

Photo by Jay-KI6WZU

OCARC-FD-2012-tn006.jpg (34442 bytes)

The towers were set up sequentially from North to South. Here is the 3-ele Force-12 beam for the 20M PHN station ready to have the FD crew assemble the military stacking masts. Checking out the mast sections in the mast container crate (aka "coffin") are (L-R) Vern KG6OXD , Dee N8UZE and Ken W6HHC

Photo by Bob-AF6C

OCARC-FD-2012-tn007.jpg (62840 bytes)

The team of (L-R) Tim KJ6NGF, ???, Clem W├śMEC, Tim N6GP, Ken W6HHC and Robbie KB6CJZ prepare to lift up the 20M PHN beam and insert another 5-foot mast section  during Friday set-up

Photo by Bob-AF6C

OCARC-FD-2012-tn008.jpg (94502 bytes)

15M Moxon antenna is being assembled on the ground by the 40M/15M team.

Photo by Paul-WA6LJV

OCARC-FD-2012-tn009.jpg (45995 bytes)

Here the 15M Moxon beam and tower is about to be raised into position. (L-R) Tim N6GP, Dee N8UZE and Doug W6FKX

Photo by Dee-N8UZE

OCARC-FD-2012-tn010.jpg (62587 bytes)

Jay KI6WZU (in orange shirt) organized the 6M activities at FD. Here a team assembles the 4-ele 6M beam (L-R) Doug N6UX, Jay, Gene KJ6OML, and ????


Photo by Paul-WA6LJV

OCARC-FD-2012-tn011.jpg (49630 bytes)

After a hard Friday afternoon of set-up, the crew help themselves  to a steak dinner. The tri-tip steak slices and bread-sticks, salad, etc were catered by the StoneFire Grill again this year.

Shown (L-R) are Bob-AF6C, Doug-W6FKX, Ken-W6HHC, Dee-N8UZE, club "el Presidente" Paul-W6GMU, Jay-KI6WZU (mostly hidden in light blue hat), Gordon in black hat (a friend of Dee's from work with no call), and Tim-KJ6NGF.

Photo by Paul-WA6LJV

OCARC-FD-2012-tn012.jpg (47289 bytes)

A shady picnic table feels like good place to rest and enjoy the dinner after a hot afternoon of set-up. Here at the nearest table (L-R) Carla-KJ6YOW who just passed her test one week before FD, Jay KI6WZU, and Gene KJ6OML.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2012-Collage_tnH.jpg (111617 bytes)

A collage of photos from the 2012 Field Day event used in our club newsletter.

Photo Collage by Bob-AF6C

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