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2012 Field Day Pictures

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OCARC-FD-2012-tn021.jpg (46271 bytes)

In Saturday morning, before FD starts, the Field Day Chair, Dee N8UZE (in turquoise blouse above the hat) goes over the rules and plans for ioeration this year.

Photo by Joe-KE6ZMG

OCARC-FD-2012-tn022.jpg (50907 bytes)

On Saturday morning before FD starts, Boy Scout Troop 788 from Redondo Beach arrives to set up the GOTA station that operated as W6BAC. The Scoutmaster, Brett W6BAC, can be seen making adjustments to the center pole for the trapped dipole antenna.

Photo by Carla-KJ6YOW

OCARC-FD-2012-tn023.jpg (45795 bytes)

The OCARC Field Day Chair, Dee N8UZE, takes a turn at operating the 80M/10M station during FD. A 80M dipole was used for 80M. (L-R) Dee N8UZE, Carla KJ6YOW (her 1st FD!), a visitor friend of Tim N6GP, and Carl N8AE.

Photo by  Bill K6ACJ

OCARC-FD-2012-tn024.jpg (45265 bytes)

Nick KD6IPE was the band-captain of the 80M.10M station/ In the background is Carl N8AE.

Photo by  Carla-KJ6YOW

OCARC-FD-2012-tn025.jpg (14346 bytes)

John WA6AJE measures the SWR of the 40M 2-ele Inverted-Vee beam just before the operations begin

Photo by Joe-KE6ZMG

OCARC-FD-2012-tn026.jpg (43011 bytes)

Here is 40M/15M station with co-band-captain Tim N6GP doing the operating and logging.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC


OCARC-FD-2012-tn027.jpg (49852 bytes)

John WA6AJE operates the  40M   station in the middle of the dark night during the "grave-yard shift".

Photo by Doug-W6FKX

OCARC-FD-2012-tn029.jpg (33549 bytes)

The 40M station used a two-ele inverted-Vee beam. Ladder line was used for the feedline and the active element. The reflector is at the far end of the boom.

Photo by Joe-KE6ZMG

OCARC-FD-2012-tn030.jpg (22605 bytes)

A 2-ele 15M Moxon beam antenna is mounted on a military stacking-mast tower.

Photo by Bill-W6VKO

OCARC-FD-2012-tn032.jpg (43586 bytes)

The 40M/15M station was housed in the tent-trailer pf Doug W6FKX. The 40M antenna can bee seen on the right side, beyonf the backstop.

Photo by Doug-W6FKX

OCARC-FD-2012-tn033.jpg (49794 bytes)

The 20M CW station (L-R) has Frank W6NKU doing the logging (his first FD in many years) and Paul W6GMU was the band-captain for the station.

Photo by Joe-KE6ZMG

OCARC-FD-2012-tn034.jpg (48530 bytes)

This photo shows the 20M CW station with Paul W6GMU logging and Dee N8UZE doing some operating.

Photo by Paul-WA6LJV

OCARC-FD-2012-tn035.jpg (36036 bytes)

This photo shows the tent for the 20M CW. The tower in the backgound is for the 40M inverted-Vee beam (that also supports the 20M CW double=bazooka antenna.

Photo by Joe-KE6ZMG

OCARC-FD-2012-tn036.jpg (46331 bytes)

The co-captains for 20M PHN are Bob AF6C (logging) and Ken W6HHC (on the mike).

Photo by Photo by  Clem-W├śMEC

OCARC-FD-2012-tn037.jpg (48709 bytes)

Shown are co-20MPHN-captain Bob AF6C on 20M PHN with scout Kyle Bohlander taking a turn at logging, while Adam son of member Tim KJ6NGF looks on. Later Adam took a turn logging (with a little assist form his dad).

Photo by Bill-W6VKO

OCARC-FD-2012-tn038.jpg (41909 bytes)

Operating the mike on 20M is Ken WB9YCJ with Bob AF6C trying to keep up with the logging during a pile-up.

Photo by Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2012-tn039.jpg (44315 bytes)

Here is a photo of the 20M PHN 3-ele mono-bander beam up at 30 feet on military stacking mast and the operating tent.


Photo by Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2012-tn040.jpg (47258 bytes)

Jay KI6WZU inside the 6M station works off a few more QSOs.

Photo by Joe-KE6ZMG

OCARC-FD-2012-tn041.jpg (38732 bytes)

Carla KJ6YOW is logging for Atlee N2CNC in the 6M tent.  BTW-Atlee is the brother of Jay KI6WZU.

Photo by Jay-KI6WZU

OCARC-FD-2012-tn042.jpg (39051 bytes)

Two scouts (L-R) Colin Hoyer and Bryan Cloutier take a turn operating the 6M station.

Photo by Carla-KJ6YOW

OCARC-FD-2012-tn043.jpg (59726 bytes)

Here is a photo of the 6M 4-ele beam in action on top of the  tower. The gray 6M tent can be see to the left of the tent-trailer that served as resting quarters for Jay-KI6WZU.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2012-tn044.jpg (46721 bytes)

Robbie KB6CJZ was the captain for organizing both the VHF and UHF stations.

Photo by Joe-KE6ZMG

OCARC-FD-2012-tn045.jpg (43331 bytes)

Joe KE6ZMG (on left) takes a turn to work his first ever Field Day with assistance from Robbie KB6CJZ in the 2M/440 tent.

Photo by Joe-KE6ZMG

OCARC-FD-2012-tn046.jpg (41734 bytes)

Seen here are some of the antennas for the VHF/UHF tents.  The vertical antenna to the left-side of photo is for 2M-FM/220MHz.   The top yagi on the left-side mast is for 440 MHz and the lower yagi on that mast is for 2M-SSB.  The tower in the middele is the 40M beam on a 35-ft military mast.

Photo by Paul-WA6LJV

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