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2014 Field Day Pictures

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OCARC-FD-2014-tn021.jpg (53290 bytes)

The OCARC uses a 5KW generator with a Honda engine. On Saturday morning, before FD starts, the power distribution cables for the OCARC are all set out.  The noise made by the club generator was hidden behind a sound-baffle.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn022.jpg (53535 bytes)

On Saturday, the club Information Booth was set up to request sign-ins, explain the FD site layout, and provide drinking water to club members and visitors. Over 110 people signed in. (L-R) in front are Robbie KB6CJZ and June AG6UG...and in back are Tom W6ETC (co-acaptain of GOTA) and Gene KJ6OML.

Photo by Arnie-N6HC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn023.jpg (51808 bytes)

Bill W1HIJ is shown operating the 40M CW staion here. Dick W6WVW is looking on.

Photo by  Arnie-N6HC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn025.jpg (52035 bytes)

Arnie N6HC takes a turn at operating the 40M CW late at night.

Photo by  Richard-K6RBS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn024a.jpg (44422 bytes)

A 2-element beam for 80M and 75M is mounted on top of the one of the club's 50-ft aluminum towers for CW. Lower down is the 2-element inverted-Vee beam for 40M CW.

Photo by Ron-W6FPS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn029.jpg (39483 bytes)

The 3-ele 20M bean for CW (in center) was a compact and wide-band  design by Innovantennas.

Photo by Ron-W6FPS


OCARC-FD-2014-tn025.jpg (54409 bytes)

Ken K6LA takes a turn at operating the 20M CW station here. 20M CW had the second-highest number of OCARC band QSO's with 1,059.

Photo by Ron-W6ZQ

OCARC-FD-2014-tn028.jpg (13089 bytes)

Bob AA6PW is shown operating the 15M CW station.

Photo by Joe-KE6ZMG

OCARC-FD-2014-tn030.jpg (37809 bytes)

The multi-band beam antenna is mounted on a military stacking-mast tower for 15M and 10M on CW. In the back ground is the 20M CW antenna.

Photo by Richard-K6RBS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn031.jpg (44002 bytes)

The 40M PH and 15M PH station was located in a very comfortable motor home owned by club member Steve AA6VO. Kris W6KJC is a little fanatic about the Kings hockey team.

Photo by Richard-K6RBS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn032.jpg (60540 bytes)

Dan KI6X (blue shirt) was co-captain on the combined 40M/15M PH station.  Standing and watching is new club  member Steve AA6VO. The combined QSOs for 40M and 15M PH was 1,105, alsmost as high as the best scoring band, 20M PH.

Photo by Bill-K6ACJ

OCARC-FD-2014-tn033.jpg (42590 bytes)

Richard K6RBS takes a turn at operating the 15M PH band

Photo by Ken W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn034.jpg (41526 bytes)

40M PH used this 2-element invert-Vee beam set on top of the one of the club's 50-ft aluminum towers.

Photo by Richard-K6RBS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn035.jpg (39517 bytes)

The 2-element Moxon beam was used on 15M PH.

Photo by Richard-K6RBS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn036.jpg (11668 bytes)

The co-captains for 20M PHN are Bob AF6C (on mike) and Ken W6HHC trying to keep up with the logging during a pile-up. In the back is one of the rotating 20M PHN operarors, Ron W6FPS, watching the fun. The 20M PHN station had the highest number of OCARC band QSO's with 1,113.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC-FD-2014-tn037.jpg (51037 bytes)

Operating the mike on 20M is Doug K6PGH with Ken WB9YCJ keeping up with the logging .

Photo by Photo by Ron-W6ZQ

OCARC-FD-2014-tn038.jpg (39410 bytes)

The visitors all leave as night falls. On 20M PH, Doug K6PGH (L) and Ken WB9YCJ (R) and Dave KE6IPY (not shown) keep workin QSOs all through the night.

Photo by Photo by Ron-W6FPS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn039.jpg (33650 bytes)

Here is the shiny 20M PH 3-ele mono-bander beam up at 30 feet on military stacking mast.  The 20M PH station is operating out of the green tent.

Photo by Bill-K6ACJ

OCARC-FD-2014-tn040.jpg (44033 bytes)

Chip K7JA was captain of the VHF/UHF stations.  He had antennas set up of 10M, 6M, 144 MHz, 440 MHz, and Satellite

Photo by Bob-AF6C

OCARC-FD-2014-tn041.jpg (34492 bytes)

Some club members may say that Tim N6GP was having "way too much fun" on 10M PH to be one of the Field Day co-captains. FD co-captains Tim N6GP & Nicholas AF6CF did a great job on organizing  ...with a lot of help from Bob AA6PW on planning.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC-FD-2014-tn042.jpg (41055 bytes)

Here is a photo of  some of the VHF/UHF antennas: 10M PH is on left, 6M is in the middle, and the 144MHz/430MHz beam stack is on the right with Chip's signature "Pirate flag" flying stiffly in the sea-breeze. There is a 144/440 vertical mounted above the flag.

Photo by Bill-K6ACJ

OCARC-FD-2014-tn043.jpg (65613 bytes)

This is the antenna set-up that Chip K7JA used to gather 23 satellite QSOs.

Photo by Bill-K6ACJ

OCARC-FD-2014-tn044.jpg (51308 bytes)

Chip K7JA did a great job of setting up plenty of chairs and announcing to the scouts when the next satellite pass would occur during Field Day. Greg WQ9P, the Assistant Scoutmaster who led Troop 788 at FD, is shown on the left side in the maroon shirt.

Photo by Ron W6ZQ

OCARC-FD-2014-tn049a.jpg (82768 bytes)

A view of most of the antennas in the FD "Antenna Farm". The visable antennas are identified in the photo. Double-click on this photo to see a larger, more-detailed photo.

Photo by Bob-AF6C

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