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2014 Field Day Pictures

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The DIGITAL station on PSK31 this year was captained by Greg W6ATB (shown).


Photo by Arnie-N6HC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn052.jpg (39311 bytes)

The operating position for DIGITAL was a luxorious motor home, located in the far NorthWest corner of the FD site. The DIGITAL station used two antennas: a 20M dipole antenna mounted on top of the motorhome, and a Cushcraft multiband verticle, off the picture to the left.

Photo by Richard-K6RBS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn053.jpg (40654 bytes)

The call letters W6ETC were used for this year's GOTA. The GOTA attracted visitors and Scouts. Here co-captain  Tim N6TMT (with hat, but mostly hidden) helps a visitor make a QSO...while Scouts listen on and wait their turn. Co-captain Tom W6ETC is working on a ground wire (in white shirt).

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn054.jpg (45311 bytes)

GOTA co-captain Tom W6ETC instructs one of the scouts to make his first QSO.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

OCARC-FD-2014-tn055.jpg (40062 bytes)

The GOTA station used a multi-band beam for 20M/15M/10M

Photo by Richard-K6RBS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn056.jpg (52862 bytes)

The Boy Scout encampment was still quiet on Sunday morning before the breakfast arrived. Scout leader Greg WQ9P reported that "the school was a nice place to camp overnight."

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn057.jpg (64457 bytes)

Of course, some of the older scouts wanted to test their stamina by staying awake the entire night sitting and talking on the parking lot.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn058.jpg (52489 bytes)

On Sunday morning, breakfast was brought in from McDonalds, Starbucks, and OJ from a local grocery store.  On the left-side is Ass't Scoutmaster Greg WQ9P. On the right-hand-side are Ken W6HHC (green shirt) and Tim N6GP in hat.

Photo by Bob-AF6C

OCARC-FD-2014-tn059.jpg (19510 bytes)

"El Presidente" Nicholas AF6CF volunteered to set-up his solar power system at FD. The panel shown here was able to power the some VHF/UHF stations for Field Day bonus points.

Photo by Richard-K6RBS

OCARC-FD-2014-tn060.jpg (37269 bytes)

The tear-down crew is seen here "swarming" around the 40M PHN tower after it was lowered to the ground after FD is over.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn074_group.jpg (102574 bytes)

2014 Field Day operation is over and the Sunday tear-down is about to begin.  Here's the huge great crew who stayed to the end to make tear-down and clean-up easy...including the many Boy Scouts of Troop 788 (mostlly in the red shirts)

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

OCARC-FD-2014-tn075_collage.jpg (129108 bytes)

A collage of photos from the 2014 Field Day event used in our club newsletter.

Photo Collage by Ken W6HHC

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