by Bob - WB6IXN


4/7/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/LDC checks in WOX, JD, RND, VDP, LEX, and VPP. IXN is in the mountains, and VDP `smokes' his 430! And RND will be playing a gig in the Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove.

4/7/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/LDC checks in ZH, TEZ (on an HT), YY, VDP, TWA, KFW, and BWH. ZH reports on TAM's recent tests on a breast tumor. And BWH airs Newsline Tape mobile frm the auto!

4/14 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, WOX, VDP, LEX, RND, IXN, JD, and HHC. LDC finds the band noisier than usual, and Larry says the 2m rig isn't working since the Baker-to-Vegas Run! OPs reported that JD, NAH, HHC, PFA, VKZ, PA, LDC, BWH, DLA, VPP, ZH, ECI, and TRA all participated in the Baker-to-Vegas Run, wid temps. in the 20s near Sandy Mt.! All participants had a gud time and they passed TNX along to PFA for his organizational skills! WOX's XYL & harmonic are bk frm a trip to San Francisco sightseeing, and Art has been working 10m every day after work, picking up SC tonite...Now fer the DXpedition next weekend!! AF6C comments on noise caused by defective sodium vapor lamps, and Bob suggests an article be written fer `RF' on the Baker-to-Vegas Run. VDP takes the ailing 830 to YAESU fer repairs, and Larry works on a FD antenna. IXN & Lee get caught in a mountain snowstorm last Wed., returning to SA on Thurs. morning. LEX's XYL is out of town on business, so Chris overseers the harmonic. RND, copying all sigs, says JD is listed as a life member on the editorial page of `World Radio'. JD gave a quick summary of his return frm the Baker-to-Vegas Run, and HHC says last issue of Nat. Geographic had a gud article on the Battle of Midway.

4/14 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in PFA, VDP, KFW, TRA, VPP, TEZ, ZH, YY, and TWA. PFA tnx all OPs fer a job well done at the Baker-to-Vegas Run. And VDP had company show up last week, leaving LDC to run the 2m Net. And VDP is off to the Pomona Swapmeet Sat. KFW & IXN briefly discuss snow, and Chris enjoys the gud WX, works on an ant., and cuts the grass. TRA also remembers back-east snow & ice, so 20 deg. WX in the high desert doesn't bother Gene! VPP, hving no operable APERS on the Baker-to-Vegas Run, discovers that PK Gold Enhanced solves the problem, after Bud returns home, ofcourse! TEZ checks in wid gud sigs tonite, and ZH says metasis may hve spread TAM's cancer cells...Further tests will be undertaken! And ZH says his APERS worked fine on the B-to-V Run after he changed the freq. frm 144.390 to 144.930! YY has weak sigs on one rig, & changing rigs, Barry's sigs improve. YY picks up a TRI-X crank-up tower frm the Catalina Swapmeet...Now Barry will mount a 10m beam on it and join us on the 10m Net! TWA works European 10m & 15m DX over the weekend, now, fer all those QSL cards!!

4/21 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, WOX, YY, IXN, KF6HCD, VDP, & TWA. LDC experiences an annoying idle-drop repeat problem wid the auto! And Larry reminds all OPs abt the NSDXpedition this weekend...The trapped dipole will soon be ready, and LDC's XYL tnx IXN fer the giant iris bulbs. AF6C goes `mountain topping' agn, and Bob tells OPs they had vy high winds in the mountains! JD says the band seemed to improve near Net's end, wid QRN dropping off at IXN's QTH too. IXN & WOX enjoy the warm WX, and Art gets a couple of QSL cards frm NJ and SD... nw fer VT, DE, and RI!! YY, dwn in the QRN at IXN's QTH, has put up a dipole temporarily. Barry hopes to get that new tower up soon! VDP gets the `smoked' rig bk frm YAESU surgeons who replaced the blown finals! And Larry is nw working on modifying a vertical fer FD. And VDP & KFW enjoy the Swapmeet last weekend. HCD, Ken, (DM 13), has difficulty hearing ZE, so LDC relays fer Bob. Other OPs hear HCD abt Q5. TWA copies HCD well, and IXN tells OPs abt an AM/FM emergency solar/battery/dynamo radio he picked up.

4/21 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in BWH, JD, RE, YY, COJ, VDP, TWA, UBK, KFW. BWH works an MS event last weekend at Irvine Park. Bob went bicycle mobile, and before the event ended, BWH discovered muscles he didn't know he had!! Bob said the resident medic had the call, KY6CPR!! BWH also aired Newsline #1131, and if you're interested in astronomy/amateur radio projects & research, check out this address: WWW.IAAS.ORG Barry, YY, tells OPS that TVS is at work wid another theatre production underway. IXN & VDP notice sum audio distortion on LDC's 10 m sigs...Larry thinks LDC might be FMing a 'lil! VDP & XYL pick up a digital camera which stores data on 3 1/2" data discs. TWA hears all OPs well, and IXN tells Charles that he has a 2 ft. high tomato plant in bloom. COJ has vy weak sigs!...Dave was probably on an HT. UBK will soon relocate to a new QTH. Del used LDC's suggestion, connecting his SWL receiver to the rain gutter...It worked!! KFW & IXN enjoy the warm WX, and Chris went to the Swapmeet wid VDP.

4/28 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, WOX, JD, IXN, RND, and NOT. AF6C & OPs experience QRN on the band tonite, and Bob tells OPs abt WX condx on Mt. Laguna & Santiago Peak. LDC says all OP sigs are weak tonite, and Larry gives a quick summary of the NSDXpedition over last weekend, wid rain & mud bringing the event to a premature end! LDC changes antennas and his sigs improve as he tells OPs abt a condominium birdhouse he erected fer the XYL. WOX says he worked a Uruguay OP at the NSDXpedition, and JD tells RND that the History Channel has many programs on WWII. IXN reports an EQ, a 3.7, near Palm Canyon in the Santa Rosa Mts. near Cathedral City. RND can't hear IXN's sigs tonite, and IXN notes RND's sigs fading in the QRN. IXN cudn't pull NOT's sigs out of the QRN.

4/28/1999 2m Phone Net - 10m & 2m Net check-ins continue to decrease!...W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, UCH, ZH, VPP, BWH/m, and TRA.   VDP says RE will soon move to a retirement community. Alex's house has been sold, and VDP has most of RE's gear for disposal.  And VDP tells OPs abt an open lot, near Susan & S. Coast, that might be available fer FD.   ZH also says a large field, near Harvard/Irvine Center Dr., might also be available.  And Chris moves out of the house in Bellflower to an apartment near 17th & the 55 Frwy in Santa Ana, ending Chris' dreaded commute to work on the 405!   VPP, on the landline, checks into Net later.  And Bud, investigating a musty odor in the QTH, discovers a leaking water tank!  Having had a new tank put in, Bud now attacks an APERS problem. BWH attempts to transfer programs frm the old work computer to the new one...But alas!...The CD ROM unit fails to respond to commands now!...IXN shud hve told Bob his Bill Gates joke!    BWH airs Newsline, from which we learn that Harvard scientists hve slowed the speed of light dwn to 38 mi/hr!!...No applications yet!   UCH `flies in & flies out', and TRA, using a vertical ant, has `white noise' on his sigs tonite.


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