by Bob - WB6IXN


5/5/1999 10m Phone Net - Well done, OPs!...Great check-in! W6ZE/AF6C checks in RND, LDC, VDP, JD, LEX, IXN, WOX, KC6CVW (Jim), and HHC. AF6C misses the Club bfast...The Company loses a microwave link. And Bob says NOT has been called to serve in the Balkans conflict. RND misses the Club bfast...John works the sparsely populated 10-10 QSO Party! And John sees Docs soon abt a vision problem. LDC tells OPs that Dennis (formerly VFC), now in Arkansas, was right in the path of the OK/KS killer tornadoes! And Larry wonders if Cindy, OPI, might hve been called to the disaster scenes in the midwest! VDP says Dennis' mom lives in Wichita, one of the disaster scenes! And VDP handles disposition of RE's ham gear. Larry also uses his refurbished Kenwood 430 tonite, wid vy slight audio distortion. VDP also announces the VE test schedule at Cerritos fer this weekend. IXN, hearing all OPs well tonite, reports the 3.4 event in Yucca Valley last eve. IXN tnx JD fer the updated Club roster which is nw in the Club History. And Lowell tells OPs abt schooling in Norman, OK, when he was in the Service. LEX is off on business in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, then to Detroit, and maybe, the Dayton Hamvention!! WOX works the 10-10 Contest, too, & wid the same results as RND experienced! CVW was working DX mobile from Mts. Laguna & Palomar all day. Nw Bob is working us mobile frm Miles Square Park before heading bk to the QTH in Newport/Balboa. HHC tells CVW to check out the Club website, and Ken tells OPs that the Club roster is nw on the web page!

5/5/1999 2m Phone Net - Gud check-in on 2m tonite!...W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, TWA, SMY, TRA, GIX, LEX, BWH, and KFW. VDP cudn't hear TRA, and IXN said Gene was way dwn in the QRN!   TRA was working wid a new ant!   And VDP tries to coax Alex to hve a yard sale before he leaves the QTH. Jim, WA6GIX, `flies in and flies out'.  TWA misses Club meeting, as Charles has been `under the WX' fer awhile. But wid summer on the way, TWA's health improves! Charles gets OC Fair info. frm BWH & IXN. SMY is presently unemployed, and Stephanie says that FCC is cleaning up the 435 machine! LEX & IXN discuss the making of transmission and engine parts fer Japanese-made autos. BWH, reporting in frm a Red Cross Communications Team meeting, tells OPs that they might hve a chance to procure a Red Cross Card by attending a 2-day re-credentialing event tentatively scheduled fer July 31-Aug 1.   And Bob airs Newsline...And the FCC has eliminated the landline fer Ham call-ins on rules violations...Send complaints to: FCC.HAM@FCC.COM.    KFW checks in after Net, and Chris asks VDP abt taking the code test fer the Extra ticket at the VE session this weekend.

5/12/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, KF6JVI, WOX, IXN, VPP, TWA, VDP, and BWH. All OPs experience high noise level at Net's beginning, wid much improvement later. LDC tells IXN abt a group offering tours of the San Andreas fault, and Larry installs a mud flap on the motor home. And this summer, Larry and the XYL will vacation at numerous lighthouses arnd the country, where Larry will try sum 2m `lighthouse DX'! JVI, Bruce, in Irvine, joins us wid weak sigs, although JD says Bruce's sigs were vy strong later, and AF6C acknowledges a call frm JD at work before noon. And, Lowell now contemplates joining the Oranges RACES group. WOX cudn't copy JVI in the QRN, and, WOX helped out at the VE session last Sat. JVI inquires abt the 2m Net, and exchanges his 10-10 number fer W6ZE's 10-10 number. VPP tackles repairing a leaking air compressor wid polyester resin, finds re-programming the Kantronics APERS unit perplexing, and inquires abt frequencies used by Red Cross Communications. When the noise level suddenly drops, TWA hears all OPs `as clear as a bell'! IXN notes that LDC's audio sounds better when Larry is a 'lil away frm the mike. And VDP's audio is also better fer the same reason. And AF6C mentions the book `Earthquake Country' by Robert Iacopi, which is still in print. BWH has vy gud sigs tonite, wid crisp audio, frm the QTH.

5/12/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in KFW, VPP, BWH, VDP, PFA, HHC, ZH, and UBK. KFW works on a backyard shed, putting in a new floor and re-painting the structure. And Chris passes the code portion of the Extra class license at last Sat.'s VE session! BWH tells VPP that the Red Cross freqs. are in the minutes fer Red Cross Communications. Then BWH airs Newsline #1134, wid changes coming fer the 70cm band, allowing fer more repeater pairs. VDP tells OPs that backing off frm the electret mike on the HF rig improved his audio sigs on 10m. And Larry reminded OPs that Sat. is Armed Forces Day, so take sum time to work the remaining open bases! HHC checks in after attending a BD party. Ken tells OPs abt a happy family gathering at a Chinese restaurant, an upcoming visit to a Van Gogh museum display, and, helping his harmonic move frm Corona to Placentia! ZH says we still hve a couple of options in the works fer FD, but no FD site is sealed in concrete yet. And Chris says he is now living in an Apt. on Cabrillo Dr. in SA near 17th St. & the 55 Fwy. ZH's home phone is (714) 542-1758. Chris hopes to be on the air soon at the new QTH! UBK has his J-pole mounted on a balcony at the new QTH apt. near Lincoln & West in Anaheim. Presently on 2m & 220, Del doesn't hve the Hammerlund ready yet to listen to the 10m Net.

5/19 10m Phone Net - THE DX NET!...W6ZE/AF6C checks in P29DO frm Papua, New Guinea, and KF4GLE & KF4GYI, Lionel & Oscar, frm N. Charleston, SC., and W4BIG, who `flew in' and faded away in the QRN! Bob also checked in JD, KF6EUO (Earl, in GG), IXN, WOX, LEX, TWA, HHC, and VDP. JD hears P29DO on 10m a 'lil earlier, and Lowell tells OPs the 10m band was open last weekend, too. BIG fades away wid no return! WOX chats wid GYI & EUO, and IXN copies weak skip sigs frm Art tonite. IXN & ZE discuss the 5.6 Event near Mammoth Lakes, and LEX gives a rundown of the Dayton Hamvention...Plan on 2 days visit to see the whole thing! AF6C tells JD abt a party held fer a couple of employees, and TWA and OPs all get their `RFs', plus Charles also gets plenty of golf balls in the yard frm the nearby golf course! HHC checks in later, lamenting missing the earlier `goody DX'! And Ken forwards LO's new E-mail adr. to JD. VDP talks wid Ron Toering, TEZ's brother, who lives in Perris. And Larry gives RE's new adr: the Tustin Royal, 1262 Bryan Ave., Tustin, 92780!

5/19 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, VDP, KFW, TRA, HHC, BWH/m, EUO, TWA, UCH, and VPP...Gud check-in, OPs! ZH says no FD site has been confirmed as yet, and Chris has 5/9 sigs at IXN's QTH after he switches to the vertical ant.! Also ZH will speak at Club meeting Fri. eve., on `meeting RF guidelines'. VDP says RE's two daughters will hold a garage sale at the QTH this Sat. BWH says he suspects the CD ROM to be the culprit in his ailing computer at home. And Bob airs Newsline #1135 frm the QTH...and, Newsline says the FCC document on amateur radio restructuring will probably be ready this summer! KFW is still revamping the backyard tool shed, and gives ZH a 5/9 on the switch to the vertical ant. TRA, nw on a j-pole in the front yard, tells OPs he's hving truble loading his new GP-15 Comet ant.! HHC's mom just arrived frm Pittsburgh, PA. today on U.S. Air. TWA, IXN, and UCH discuss 5 hot springs in the High Sierra which UCH recently visited, in the Lake Crawley-Bridgeport area. And TWA contacts 5 Finland stations near the end of April! And VPP gets the Packet Gold & APERS programs working agn.

5/26 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, VDP, RND, IXN, YCJ, HHC, WOX, and YY. Band condx are vy bad tonite! LDC prepares fer vacation as Larry thinks abt taking the boat out to June Lake. And LDC asks abt a FD site. JD says PA and ZH hve been checking out possible sites, wid an alternate site in Yucca Valley offered by BWH. VDP helps RE's harmonics get ready fer a garage sale this weekend, and Larry wants to work the World-wide DX Contest this weekend. RND is dwn in the QRN at IXN's QTH, and John enjoys the Baker-to-Vegas writeup , by LDC, in `RF'. YCJ needs instructions on hw to program a new Motorola rig frm the keyboard! Ken also enjoyed the Dayton Hamvention and he looks forward to retirement in abt 15 yrs! And AF6C passes along ARRL Convention dates on the Queen Mary of Oct. 1, 2, and 3, 1999, to YCJ. AF6C confirms Hy-Gain move to Mississippi, and IXN reports on-going earthquake activity near Mammoth Lakes. And HHC inquires abt Earl, EUO, in GG, who is working on his General ticket. WOX' harmonic will graduate frm Jr. Hi., and Art has planned a family dinner out. YY is dwn in the mud at IXN's QTH!

5/26 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, YY, LDC, VDP, TRA, HHC, TWA, and BWH. ZH, home wid strep-throat, penicillin, and bedrest, says he must turn over FD site-finding chores to others! Also, Chris says he has run into a `brick wall' wid Tustin officials on possible FD sites! YY tnx ZH fer the Quad ant. Chris gave him...He used it on a recent camping trip near Daggett! YY cudn't hear IXN on 10m either. Now Barry is using a super J-pole wid 3 half-wave sections on 2m tonite. Both TVS & LDC will be on sabbaticals this summer, and both work at Long Beach City College! LDC uses his HT, working into a j-pole on 2m this evening, and Larry suggests Lakes Piru, Skinner, etc., as possible FD sites, where we cud reserve a campground. One wud hve to contact Riverside Parks & Recreation at 1-800-234-7275 fer further info. We thank TRA fer supplying the above landline number! And TRA took apart the non-oprative Comet GP-15 and found 2 burned out coils!...Hving replaced the coils, Gene has FB sigs on the band tonite! VDP thinks RE still has an HT fer 2m, and Larry says RE's adr. is 1262 Brian in Tustin, not far frm UCH's music store! HHC says Los Alamitos Air Base has much open space that wud make a nice FD site, and Ken says he & AF6C hve been repairing the FD generator, replacing a lost muffler. TWA sports 2-inch diameter tomatoes on his vines at present, and Charles awaits QSL cards frm European contacts made on Mar. 27 & 28. And BWH airs Newsline #1136, wid Bruce, K6PZW, a Super System member, at the mike!


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