6/2/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in EUO, JD, LEX, IXN, LDC, HHC, KA4RVZ(Don), and VPP. LDC trades 10-10 numbers wid RVZ in Tampa, Fla. And Larry picks up a personally autographed copy of Jesse Ventura's new book, plus LDC reminds all OPs abt the Club Bfast this Sat. AF6C gets EUO's E-mail, and Earl has a Tech and his girlfriend in the shack tonite fer an HF demo. JD and all OPs welcome RVZ to the Net. IXN alerts OPs abt increasing seismic activity in S. CA. And LEX gets bk frm JA land where Chris made a presentation to JA businessmen. AF6C confirms that Yaesu is now an affiliate of MFJ. HHC continues to update the Website...See NASA Spacestation activity, and watch fer `RF', the Club Newsletter, to appear on the WEBpage! VPP can't hear IXN tonite, and Bud will check on a possible FD site near Lincoln & Batavia. RVZ checks into Net, DX, frm Tampa, Fla., wid strong sigs, only to fade into oblivion minutes later! ZE trades the Club 10-10 number fer RVZ's 10-10 number: 53657.

6/2/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, UCH, TRA, KFW, VDP, AF6C, HHC, VPP, YY, and WIU. ZH says El Toro Base is closed to all civilian use at present, including FD! And Chris updates his ham license. UCH pays bills and does sum computer work...And IXN, UCH, and WIU discuss `things seismic' last eve. at Winn's Music Store. TRA puts the Atlas 100 ant. to the test wid the 847 Xceiver frm the Airstream trailer, and KFW studies Element 4 in prep. fer the Extra Class license. VDP warns that a 6-month notification is necessary to reserve Mile Square Park! And, Larry's car am/fm radio fell silent, plus VDP's mom broke her hip last Thurs.!   AF6C adds new vendors to the Webpage, and Bob & IXN thinks LEX said that Yaesu is now an affiliate of Morantz. HHC tells OPs that the airport in the mammoth area has a few steam spouts nearby! And, Ken tells OPs abt new additions to the Webpage. VPP says Packet seems to have `died' with the advent of the Internet, and Bud discusses disc space, consumed by NASA TV shareware, wid HHC. YY gets a 486 computer set up to do logging, packet, and programming the HTs. Barry also works in re-initializing the hard drive on the MacIntosh, and, WIU, IXN, and YY all hve So. CA. Gazeteers!

6/9/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in IXN, HHC, and LEX..a vy low check-in! AF6C repairs a switching power supply in the VCR, and Bob made two trips to Santiago peak yesterday. HHC is glad that the Club has a FD site in Yucca Valley, and Ken tells IXN abt a gud computer deal at Micro-Center. IXN tells OPs he doubts there is any danger of volcanic eruptions now, or in the future, in the Mammoth area..Reason: Past 200 yr history of the region, and, no subduction under the CA. coastal region between Puerta Vallarta & Mendocino! LEX, entertaining relatives, checks in briefly.

6/9/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, AF6C, UCH, TRA, WIU, BWH, UBK, VDP, and TWA. ZH says TAM was on her way to visit her folks in Moreno Valley when a gasoline leak in the motor caught fire, and Jane had to vacate the burning vehicle quickly, escaping wid `life & purse'!! UCH just walked in frm work, and Jim now has his copy of `Earthquake Country' by R. Iacopi. And WIU had a `blast' last FD..Cory is looking forward to a `fun time' this FD in Yucca Valley! AF6C finishes installation of new capacitors in the switching power supply fer the VCR, now, to install it! TRA, checking in frm Lake Skinner, is fishing fer sum trout, and Gene had to take in his errant computer fer repairs! BWH E-mails Bud a map fer the FD site in Yucca Valley, tells OPs abt the 250 Mojave Death Race in the desert, and airs Newsline #1138. UBK's mom is bk on her feet, and Del is still getting ham gear in operation after his recent QTH change. VDP says Rolf, KK7LX, is bk in the Southland fer 2 weeks, and may come to next Club meeting! IXN has taken up Rolf's past adventures in bread-making! And VDP's mom is also slowly improving. TWA's tomato plants now hve 2-inch diam. tomatoes, while IXN's lonely vine has lots of flowers but only one tomato!

6/16/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/WOX checks in LDC, EUO, VDP, JD, IXN, HHC, TWA, JVI, and KC5WUN. WOX, in the house-cleaning mode wid the XYL, works the VHF Contest, getting sum new grid squares...Now fer a visit frm the older harmonic & his girlfriend! AF6C just gets home and delegates Net duties to Art. LDC, bk frm the `bone crusher', has back & twitching problems resolved, and Larry successfully represents a client in probate court today! LDC and OPs can't decipher the map fer the FD site in `RF'! WOX asks IXN to pursue the map problem on 2m. Congrats go out to EUO, who upgraded to General! And Earl has an SWR problem wid the R-7000 ant. VDP, wid gud sigs at IXN's QTH, experiences sum QRN and weak sigs frm JVI in Irvine. JD offers to run readable copies of the FD map if one is made available, and HHC relays KF6JVI's comments to ZE, who can't pull Bruce's sigs out of the QRN! JVI is in a movile home using a Radio Shack 25W transceiver & magmount ant. TWA & IXN fertilize, weed, etc. And KC5WUN checks in at Net's end and instantly fades away!

6/16/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, KFW, UCH, LDC, VDP, WIU, EUO, VPP, HHC, LEX, TWA, UBK, and BWH...Gud check-in, OPs! ZH says TAM's insurance will cover most of the damage frm her recent car fire, wid Jane checking out the mobile rigs to see if they can be salvaged! Chris will rent a motor home fer FD, inwhich ZH has room fer 3 more OPs! KFW missed Net last week...Chris passed his Extra exam!..Congrats, Chris! And HHC passes FD coordinates of 34 deg. 12.267 min. N, 116 deg. 22.845 min. W., for use wid GPS units. UCH & IXN discuss today's EQ activity in Barstow & LA., and HHC says there are readable maps of the FD site on the Club webpage. And HHC gives LDC further instructions on how to bring the FD map up on his computer screen. And IXN has a wee bit of white noise on LDC's sigs tonite. VDP must talk wid LDC abt items needed fer FD, and VDP brings his mom home frm the hosp. yesterday. VPP reads FD map FB on the screen, but the printer will not make a readable copy! UBK continues to arrange his shack in the new QTH, and EUO, TWA, and LEX `flew in and flew out'. BWH offers other available sites fer FD in Orange County, but OPs remain resolute on the Yucca Valley site. BWH offers further street details: Aberdeen to Avalon past La Crescenta to Belfair, in Yucca Valley. And Bob airs Newsline tape.

6/23/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in HHC, LDC, VDP, RND, LEX, IXN, ZH, JD, WOX, VPP, and COJ...Nice check-in, OPs! RND will hve more eye surgery next Tues., which all OPs hope is vy successful! And John & LDC are enjoying the warm WX. HHC says there will be at least 3 stations fer FD operations in Yucca Valley. And IXN tells OPs the FD site is abt 3 mi. ESE of the epicenter of the Landers EQ. HHC rounds up a crew to load the generator on the truck fer the trip to the FD site. Then HHC tells VPP to load his scanned file of Board minutes to the website as a PDF file. LEX has `dad' duties on FD, and ZH has KG6OK's TS430 fer HF operations in the motor home at FD. VDP garners 2 new grids on 6m, and Larry tells OPs that 6m is open and may be `great' fer FD! JD and AF6C discuss retirement of a mutual employee, and WOX reminds OPs abt the upcoming committments to the O.C. Fair! VPP gets a QSL card frm Seoul, Korea (Hl1CG). COJ uses an all-band wire ant. to check in to Net, and Dave expects to leave the area in the near future. And LDC's XYL continues to enjoy the flowers frm the iris bulbs frm IXN's flower garden.

6/23/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, LDC, UCH, KFW, WIU, VPP, BWH, W4ABJ, VDP, YY, and UBK...Gud check-in agn! ZH's auto is in the shop fer repair of a timing problem!..Chris hopes to get it bk tomorrow. ZH will pick up the motor home Thurs. as Chris prepares to put 20m on the air at FD. LDC, UCH, and KFW will also help HHC load the generator on KFW's truck at Ida's QTH, and, VKZ will provide the plank skids. The following repeaters hve been suggested fer use on FD: Onyx Peak 146.820 dwn 600, no PL; Big Bear 147.300 up 600, PL 131.8; Yucca Valley 146.790 up 600, PL 136.5. LDC says generator will be loaded on truck at 11:00 am, then meet at Cocos at 11:30 am..Larry 73s to entertain company. BWH says porta-potty will be delivered frm 29 Palms on Fri., and BWH & ZH discuss trailer hitch apparatus wid pin needed fer the trailer. UCH says he has needed part. UCH and WIU are all packed and ready fer FD. VPP hears all OPs well but KFW. And VPP inquires abt the KG6OK offer of 5 free shares of stock fer E-mail addresses. Gary, W4ABJ, checking in frm Lake Forest, literally plans to `fly away' fer FD! BWH airs Newsline #1140 where we learn that FCC engineers want to deny sale of a 10m rig that can quickly be converted to CB by removing a wire! VDP, LDC & WOX get last minute power cords, supplies, antennas, etc., ready fer Yucca Valley. YY `flies in and flies out', and UBK will FD frm the QTH this year.

6/30/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, EUO, HHC, VDP, IXN, TWA, VKZ, PWA, and KFW. Attending Field Day at the Yucca Valley sight were: AF6C, HHC, XO, VDP, LDC, WOX, KFW, VKZ, UCH, WIU, ZH, and BWH. And HHC reported that the `Desert Dozen' garnered over 2,030 contacts!...An increase of 40% over last year!...Well done, OPs!! LDC reported that he seen Mars as a red planet fer the 1st time. JD took the XYL to Las Vegas fer a `lil R&R' over FD, and Lowell debriefed WOX abt FD proceedings on Mon. eve., as JD looks forward to attending next FD! AF6C reported no cross-band interference at FD, and Bob follows XO frm the FD site, as XO fears an overheating problem wid the motor home. And VKZ manages to give AF6C sum KP duty, which...AF6C enjoyed!! (Hm!...Next year, Frank?!) EUO developed car trouble at his FD site wid K6SOA, the S. Orange ARC. And Earl now has a 6m ant up to work the upcoming 6m openings. BWH helped pass time on the 100+ mile trip to the FD site by airing Newsline #1141 fer the motorcade. HHC & OPS tnx VKZ fer another successful `chow sessions' at FD! And VKZ reminds all OPs abt the upcoming Club Bfast this Sat. IXN comments on recent EQ activity in the LA Area. TWA, wid high QRN at the QTH tonite, says he can't handle 110 deg. heat anymore!...During the day, the temp. was 105-109 deg. at the FD site, but nites were cool! WOX works Argentina & Fla. today, and Art & all FD OPs get caught up on their sleep after a vy tiring FD! WA6PWA, Bob, checks into Net frm a mobile home park in Tustin off the 55 Fwy. Bob talked at a recent OCARC meeting on `Spread Spectrum'. He spends his weekends in Julian. KFW managed to get himself `stuck in the sand' on his way home frm FD, but Chris enjoyed FD, as did all OPs who attended ANOTHER VY SUCCESSFUL FIELD DAY!!

6/30/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/ IXN checks in ZH, BWH, TWA, VDP, HHC, WIU, UCH, OPI, KFW, and LEX. HHC reports initial summary of FD scores on both the 10 & 2m Nets, wid 20m SSB garnering the most contacts..4 short of 1,000! ZH gave up trying to work the satellite after 3 attempts, opting to make more contacts on 20m phone...Nw fer the IARU Contest next weekend! OPI reports tha FZE is off to BSA camp at Rancho Allegra, and Cindy reports that ZH, BWH, and PZF Were recruited by Red Cross just after last Club meeting to help out wid the major Apt. fire in Garden Grove!..ZH stayed all nite!...Another feather in OCARC's cap!...Much tnx, OPS! And we tnx BWH fer all the work behind the scenes on FD, ie: site, porta-potty, etc.! TWA gets his 1st ripe tomatoes, while IXN plays catchup wid a vine full of green tomatoes! IXN asks VDP to take 2m net next week. IXN & bro. Lee, are off to the San Jacinto Mts. fer fence work and a Star Party. VDP says that if the solar A-Index multiplied by the K-Index is greater than 200, THE 6M BAND WILL BE OPEN ALL THE TIME!! WIU is `hooked' on contesting after her 1st FD on 20m, and Cory has FD pix fer IXN to montage in the Club History. UCH enjoyed `all the chatter' on 146.55 on the way to the FD site, and Jim helped wid 20m operation, garnering much experience fer FD next year! OPI says the RC shelter fer the GG apartment fire is now closed. KFW enjoyed `sleeping under the stars' at FD, and Chris will be off to East, visiting Branson, MO., and Pittsburgh, Pa. LEX works FD at home, 1D, watching the harmonic while the XYL is out on business.

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