8/4/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LEX, JD, XO, IXN, WOX, and VDP. LEX tells OPs abt an HF/6m rig available fer anrd $600! (more in 2m Net Notes), and Chris picks up a 6m loop ant. fer sum hilltop contesting at the TRW Swapmeet.   JD hears all OPs well tonite, and AF6C & Lowell discuss a retired worker's XYL, whose funeral AF6C attended today.    XO rumored that TAM might hve had a slight heart attack, and Bob gets gear together & finalizes arrangements fer the upcoming Carriage event. JD says Frank's new E-mail adr. is    AF6C announces no Club Bfast Sat. in lieu of the Carriage event. The Board meeting will be held at HHC's QTH on Sun. at 1300 hrs. PDT. WOX is off to Big Bear next week wid family fer sum R&R, then maybe Newport Beach,..or Hawaii!?   IXN has his yearly physical exam, wid tests to follow! And Bob tells OPs abt a flurry of EQs. at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley.   VDP sells most of RE's gear, and Larry says 6m has been spotty in the past week.

8/4/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in LEX, UCH, VDP, WIU, ZH, TWA, and RE. LEX gives OPs info. on a Tech. America DX-70 HF 6m all mode Alinco rig fer $599 this week!   Chris has a flyer on the rig.   UCH is `up to his neck' in band instrument work, and participates in the Red Cross Communications class wid Bob, Chris, and Lowell.   The DX-70 Alinco interests VDP, as UCH and Larry discuss buying new rigs in CA vs. Nevada.  ZH says TAM seems fine at present, as Chris and BWH check in frm the RC Communications meeting in Santa Ana. After Net, BWH and ZH air Newsline frm the RC parking lot. TWA will send IXN an article frm the Register on Hot Creek in the High Sierra, and Charles & IXN discuss mutual aging problems.    RE comes in frm the retirement home wid great sigs frm the HT!    Alex will hve cataract surgery on one eye in the near future. Good news frm Newsline!...We hear that the number of hams in the U.S. is once more increasing!! WIU, UCH, and IXN discuss CA geology after Net.

8/11/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, WOX, XO, IXN, HHC, JD, LEX and VPP.   IXN can't hear LDC in the QRN tonite, and Larry tells OPs he's still working on his book.   IXN tells OPs abt a free Internet service: tel (253)796-6563.   LDC tells OPs he enjoys Earthlink vy much! WOX, out in the garage on the 530, tells OPs he enjoyed a CW contact wid a 12 yr. old.    XO tnx HHC, XO, WIU, PFA, AF6C, VPP, ZH, BWH, LDC, and WLO fer participation in the Carriage horse event last weekend.   And AF6C and XO comment on a carriage wheel collapse as the only notable accident in the Event.   OPs offer helpful advice concerning various Internet services, and HHC says MSN (Microsoft) might offer a free Internet service soon!   AF6C and JD discuss the workplace, wid JD dwn in the QRN at IXN's QTH tonite.   LEX feels the San Juan Capistrano 3.4 event in the Irvine area. VPP said PFA was supposed to E-mail Wouf Hong OPs abt. tomorrow's meeting at 7:30pm, at 5540 Sugar Pine Dr. in Yorba Linda, talk-in on 146.55 MHz.

8/11/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, VDP, LEX, TRA, TWA, HHC, WIU, BWH, OPI, and FZE.   ZH & HHC discuss a possible meeting of the Wouf Hong group at the Queen Mary this coming Sunday, and Chris will confirm Art Goddard as speaker at next Club meeting.   Also, Chris is checking wid Mimi's Restaurant abt the Christmas dinner. Working outside this past week, VDP garners a sunburn.    Now Larry will gather up materials fer the Cal Poly Swapmeet.   And VDP hears a 'lil CW activity on 10m tonite!   HHC and ZH will call off the Wouf Hong meeting at the Queen Mary on Sat. morning, if ZH can't confirm Sunday arrangements.    LEX puts out gud sigs tonite wid 10 watts on a vertical..And Chris is looking fer a gud $10 Internet service.   TRA's badly injured XYL continues to improve frm their recent auto accident. Wid numerous fractures, an open wound, broken nose, and 3 broken foot bones + skin grafting, she'll be in the hosp. fer several weeks!    WIU gets her repaired auto back, and Cory didn't feel the Capistrano event.    TWA has armchair copy on all OPs tonite. HHC mentions that computer image enhancement on the Dead Sea Scrolls brings new info. to light!! IXN reads a short article on recent advances in Solar Wind research, and BWH says he has a gud part fer Cory in the Wouf Hong ceremony! OPI just got bk frm Waterloo, Iowa, frm an RC relief assignment, wid plenty of fresh corn and lots of mosquito bites! Cindy has sum materials fer BWH, and FZE checks in to say `Hi' to the group. BWH airs Newsline #1147..Universal Licensing is now here fer all U.S. hams, and, we learn that Switzerland is eliminating all code testing fer hams!

8/18/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checks in LDC, WOX, JD, KF6TIR, IXN, N6KPQ, LEX, and TWA.   AF6C is off to Yuma on job assignment fer the week, so HHC assumes NC duties.   LDC has grandharmonic, Joey, in the shack tonite, and Larry, wid a high SWR problem, is `way dwn in the mud' at IXN's QTH.   WOX is abt Q2 or Q3 copy at both ZE and IXN QTHs tonite.   Art goes bk to the beam, as WOX says the XYL is off to visit her mother soon.   And JD, saying `Hi' to Joey, tells OPs abt AF6C's `mission to Yuma', and that Bob may not be bk in time fer Club meeting Fri. Marty, TIR, checks in frm Mission Viejo, and KPQ, Glen, checks in frm Huntington Beach.   Glen is running 12 watts using a 20 yr old TRZ-449 to a dipole, wid vy acceptable sigs! IXN & ZE briefly discuss the 7.8 mag. event in Turkey, wid mention of the 5 mag. event in Bolinas on the San Andreas N. of San Francisco.    ZE/HHC gives LEX info. on pro-rating of Club dues fer new members, as Chris will soon be joining OCARC! And LEX, trying to retrieve 10-10 info. frm the Net, ends up on a porno site?!!...What was that Web adr. once agn, Chris?! TWA checks in wid gud sigs, as IXN pulls the switch to move to the 2m Net.

8/18/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, UCH, VDP, TRA, LEX, WIU, HHC, BWH, and UBK. ZH says we may not hve the Brittania Room reserved fer Wouf Hong on the Queen Mary. And Chris reminds OPs of the recording session fer Wouf Hong Monday next. More on Wouf Hong at Club meeting this Fri...And Queen Mary room reservations are going fast for the upcoming Convention! UCH catches up wid the instrument work, and house chores, too. TRA is still busy wid the XYL recovering frm the auto accident..She has abt 10 days left in the hosp., wid broken nose repair and skin grafting ahead! LEX will soon be off to Vegas on business..He'll check out AES while there. HHC joins us after a `food break' between Nets. Ken reminds all OPs that Club meeting is this Fri. eve., and, that there is a Wouf Hong recording session in Yorba Linda next Mon. Eve. WIU `flies in and flies out', but Cory asks fer a radio check during Net. BWH has a vacation planned at Convention time..a family gathering in N. Dakota fer sum R&R. Bob may stop at Vegas & pick up the Wouf Hong Tape frm Art. BWH airs Newsline, which is, once agn, short of funds! UBK checks in at Net's end, and IXN & Del discuss the country arnd Pavilion, Wyoming, and its growing season.

8/25/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, LEX, WOX, ZH, PFA, VPP, IXN, XO, TIR, and Al Campbell, KD6CFE. AF6C & ZH say that all went well wid the taping session of the Wouf Hong ceremony last Mon. eve. And AF6C, in Yuma last week, experience eve. temps. of 103 deg! LDC invests in satellite TV...Nw to get rid of cable! And Larry has gud sigs on all OPs tonite. WOX receives sum QSL cards frm JA land & S. America frm the Bureau, and Art & LDC plan to attend the Swap Meet this weekend. LEX is off to Seattle on a business trip tomorrow, and JD, nodding at the mike, is pleased wid Wouf Hong, it's off to bed! PFA hosts ZH at the shack tonite...Chris picks up special effects & Wouf Hong music frm Tom, to be dubbed into the Wouf Hong tape tomorrow eve. PFA says most GPS receivers will go bk to giving accurate positions in abt 4-weeks time. And VPP says the harmonic is renewing his recording interests once agn. XO, nw awake frm a nap, joins us to inquire who might be attending the Convention banquet on the Queen Mary. IXN continues work on WIU's N. CA. Gazetteer, adding major faults in the region. And IXN informs all OPs that Universal Licensing (ULS) is nw here! Al, CFE, checks in wid gud sigs frm Orange.

8/25/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in AF6C, TRA, LEX, VDP, KFW, ZH, BWH, and UCH. IXN tells UCH he'll return WIU's gazetteer at the Store tomorrow eve. AF6C tells VDP that LDC was trying to contact him on 10m. TRA's wife is improving slowly as she prepares fer upcoming plastic surgery. LEX reminds OPs that a 4-element KLM tribander ant., listed on the Club website, is still up fer grabs! And VDP says that RE's 2m rig is still listed there, too. And Larry cleans the carburetor on a recalcitrant lawn mower. KFW, bk frm a 6 wk. vacation in the East, visits Pgh, PA., NY., Bronson, MO., W3TRZ, his Elmer in Cleveland, OH., Las Vegas, and his harmonic in Denver! ZH is off to VPP's harmonic's QTH tomorrow eve., to dub music & sound effects into the Wouf Hong tape. BWH says Magellan GPS units are working FB, and Bob airs Newsline #1149...Aug. 16 ushered in the ULS! IXN tells OPS to check Sept. QST, p. 85, under the Washington Mailbox, fer adrs. to register wid FCC.


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