9/02/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, LDC, JD, RND, IXN, LEX, TWA, and VDP. AF6C asks for the Website to register for the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS).   IXN replies wid the following:, then, click on "TIN/Call Sign Registration", and you are on your way! WOX garners AL & TX on 10m phone today, and Art tells OPs abt involvement in a `fender-bender' last Fri.   LDC, TRW, and VDP `Elmer' a new ham, Charmaine, a new Tech, awaiting her license, at the TRW Swap Meet last week.    And LDC finally gets his satellite TV up & working!   And JD says the factory is still busy 24 hrs/day building landing gears.   RND solves an incompatible problem wid his new satellite TV receiver by using his old access card on the new rcvr. And, wid the aid of a laser, John gets a film covering his right eye removed wid great success...Now, to get that left eye working!   AF6C says Wouff Hong is all taped, and that ZH will add music & sound effects background at VPP's harmonic's QTH tomorrow evening.   LEX, off to a trade show in Vegas next week, tells OPs that the TRW Swap Meet will be moving to another parking lot close by, after the next two meets!   TWA, listening to the computer talk, says he may soon invest in a computer.   And VDP enjoys elmering new hams!   IXN tells OPS that, tnx to WIU, the 1999 FD pix are nw in the Club history!

9/01/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in WIU, LDC, VDP, KFW, VPP, UBK, UCH, and BWH.   LDC picks up sum RG58-U cable wid BNC connectors at the TRW Swap Meet.   And Larry tells OPs that Charmaine picked up an Alinco DX-70TH, wid HF & 6m capabilities...Not bad fer a new ham!    Now VDP will work on a 6m J-pole ant. fer Charmaine's new rig.    And IXN gives VDP the new ULS Web adr. (Listed above).   KFW, re-couping frm his long vacation bk to the East Coast, replaces a bad fuel pump in the harmonic's auto.   And VPP says the Wouff Hong is abt 70% completed... wid next Monday's session completing the task!   And Larry says the Baker-to-Vegas Run is scheduled fer next year once more.   And UBK acquires an old tube-type power supply. IXN can test Del's tubes fer him. BWH, after a communications meeting at the RC, airs Newsline #1150 frm the RC Parking lot...And behold!...We shud soon know how FCC re-structuring will affect hams!   UCH reminds all abt the Club Bfast Sat. morning, and Jim says he will be off to the Lake Hesperia region fer a few days fer sum R&R.   And BWH says there are sum gud drills planned by the RC Communications team in the near future! WIU, mobile, `flies in & flies out'.

9/08/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in RND, IXN, JD, CFE, VPP, HHC, LEX, and COJ. RND asks OPs fer the website to access DX calls.   HHC tells John to check our website fer a link.   And, it looks like RND & XYL will be off on another trip to visit relatives in the East soon.    VPP works on `RF' to meet a Thurs. deadline, and Bud tells AF6C no further Wouff Hong meetings are scheduled at present.   Wid the recent EQs. in Greece & Turkey, HHC is vy glad he visited there last year!   And HHC & AF6C anticipate the upcoming football match between `2 hard cider Pitt vs 1 hard cider Penn State' this weekend!!   AF6C asks VPP to send CFE an `RF', and LEX is out of town on business in Vegas over the weekend.   IXN airs the new Torino scale to rate near-earth asteroid's chances of hitting the Earth.   IXN can't hear CFE's sigs dwn in the QRN tonite.   And COJ, still undecided abt moving, checks in wid two generators to sell.   And JD informs OPs he has a flier frm HRO detailing the new TRW Swapmeet site, now across the street frm its former location!

9/08/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, HHC, VDP, BWH, and UCH.   ZH says Wouff Hong tape is ready fer the `final mix', and to record the CD.   And Chris has sent to ARRL fer the Wouff Hong Certificates.   A place on the Queen Mary to hold the Wouff Hong Ceremony will be ironed out at next meeting.   And ZH has new wheels!.....a 97 Mustang in vy gud condx!...HHC sees the Mustang..and..Now fer that race between ZH & Ken!!    VDP builds a new 6m vertical fer Charmaine, and Larry's mom falls, cracking a rib!   And VDP receives a 250th anniv.   QSL certificate frm KY3ORK, in York County, PA., another prefix to add to the collection!   BWH checks in mobile, arrives at the QTH, and airs Newsline #1151.   We discover that US hams, using 144.390 MHz APRS, are in conflict with European and Asian countries.    And, did you know that the NTIA, and the Dept. of Commerce, along wid the FCC, controls radio frequencies in the U.S.?   And BWH reminds OPs of the Red Cross need for volunteer communications operators.   New classes will be organized, and, the RC needs OPs in North Orange County!   UCH and IXN discuss seismometer locations in No. & So. CA.

9/15/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, LEX, RND, IXN, JD, and HHC. LEX cleans the garage tonite, and tries out the mobile rig on a 10, 6, and 2m ant.   WOX says when he & the XYL clean the garage, they move everything arnd and don't throw anything away!   RND is dwn in the QRN at IXN's QTH at Net's beginning, but his sigs improves when QRN vanishes.   RND & HHC attend a CORE meeting at the OPD, where they plan Y2K strategies fer New Years celebrations!   RND can't copy LEX sigs, but IXN, AF6C, JD, and HHC all hear LEX sigs vy well at 3.5 & higher S units.   JD transports the XYL to LAX before work this AM.   And OPs tell JD that they hve received their `RFs'.    HHC arrives home late frm the cryptography factory tonite, and Ken, AF6C, and IXN end Net wid a seismic discussion of an active area between Lake Isabella & Little Lake.

9/15/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in RND, LEX, AF6C, ZH, HHC, OPI, VDP, FZE, BWH, AB6ZF, WIU, VPP, and KFW.   RND tries out his Alinco DJ-195.   Wid a $40 rake-off on the rig frm HRO, John connects it to an outside ant. up 25 ft., and works the entire Net wid 2 Watts!!    LEX, still in the garage & on the same ant., also garners gud sig rpts frm the OPs!   AF6C quizzes ZH abt Wouff Hong details and meetings.    ZH gives OPs a chance to register early fer the ARRL Convention on the Queen Mary at a discount, and Chris updates OPS on Wouf Hong activities & meetings.    VPP says all recording & taping of Wouff Hong ceremony is completed and ready to go!   HHC & IXN finish discussion of Little Lake seismicity, and OPI awaits a possible RC call for hurricane duty in the Carolinas, as Cindy re-arranges her suitcases!   FZE & WIU `flies in and flies out'.   VDP helped VE a test session in Cypress, wid 2 or 3 passing the 13 wpm code! And Larry completes Charmaine's 6m vertical ant.   VDP says to tune to 9.745 MHz to hear a ham radio program frm Quito, Ecuador in English.   ZF, in Mission Viejo, checks in wid nice sig rpts frm OPs! Jim is using 20W to a discone ant. ZF worked the UHF/VHF Contest, garnering 40 contacts and 4 grids.   KFW builds a 'lil digital keyer and is nw programming the microprocessor wid his home PC.   BWH checks in mobile frm work and airs Newsline #1152...It seems that most OPs like one day hamfests wid a flea market & ham testing, starting arnd 8 AM and ending by 2 PM!!

9/22/1999 10m Phone Net - No Net (Wouff Hong practice in progress).

9/22/1999 2m Phone Net - NC called fer check-ins...No response! (Wouff Hong practice in progress)

9/29/1999 10m Phone Net - No formal Net...Wouff Hong practice agn, and the ARRL Convention on the Queen Mary this weekend!    WOX & VDP roundtable. VDP finishes the ant. fer Charmaine, and WOX and VDP will both `Convention' on Sat., wid Art doing sum ticket selling fer Wouf Hong.    VDP says Dennis (VFC) called last week.   Dennis is attending sum swap meets in Ark.   IXN eavesdrops on the conversation while playing wid the new computer, namely, transferring BASIC EQ. programs to Windows.

9/29/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, KFW, KE6ZGR (Dale), KF6TZJ (J.D.), and XYL, Demerus, K6WBK.   ZE immediately invited ZGR, TZJ & XYL, WBK, to join us at a monthly Club meeting.    VDP cudn't hear Dale's 3W sigs on the HT, so Dale pumps 25W out of the KW 742, wid fine sigs all arnd frm his Silverado QTH!   J.D.,TZJ, lives near the GG/Anaheim border, wid gud sigs frm the mobile rig.   KFW & XYL prepare to marry off a harmonic next June, and Chris will attend the Convention Sat. to help wid selling tickets fer Wouf Hong, etc.   Other usual 2m checkins were at Wouff Hong practice tonite.

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