11/3/1999 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, HHC, WOX, IXN, VPP, and LEX.   LDC, bk frm his vacation last Thurs. eve., stopped by to visit Dennis, VFC, in Arkansas, and got sum pix, too!   LDC tells AF6C abt Marconi Point at Cape Cod.   And IXN agrees wid LDC abt So. CA. being the place to live!   JD takes sum time off to hve his `bod’ and car serviced.   And AF6C congrats HHC on the fb pix frm the Queen Mary on the Webpage.   HHC gets IXN’s E-mail fb, and Ken has cracks in the patio frm the Hector Mine EQ.   And HHC enjoys hving the grandharmonic at the QTH on Halloween nite.   To rejuvenate a nickel metal-hydride cell, bring it dwn to 1 volt and recharge, says HHC.   WOX checks in, takes off to pick up the harmonic, and rejoins Net later.   Art gets the power steering serviced on the auto.   IXN and Lee help St. Annes School prepare fer their WASC evaluation, and VPP will `will take an antenna trip’ to the roof soon, and Bud says we shud elect officers at next Club meeting.   LEX is bk frm a business trip to Japan where he also enjoyed meeting a Japanese ham buddy.


11/31999 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in LEX, UCH, WIU, VDP, KFW, HHC, BWH, and VPP.   LEX reminds all Ops abt the Club Bfast this Sat. And Chris tells Ops abt his busy sched. in Japan.   UCH & WIU ask IXN abt the new San Joaquin Hills fault that seismologists say cud generate a 7.0 mag. event.    And UCH works on his Model T. earlier. And VDP `has fun & games’ wid a water leak in the walls.   Larry says all is well after filing an insurance claim on the incident.   And VDP says he cannot bring up the pdf files (pix of Wouf Hong) on his computer frm the Club webpage.   KFW spends time learning hw to interface the TNC wid the computer so that he can enjoy sum packet communications. VPP has 5/9 sigs, but Bud can’t hear us in the noise…Sounds like a rcvr problem, Bud!   BWH checks in mobile frm the Red Cross parking lot.   Bob says the RC will hve another class on Dec. 11-12 to get, or renew, your RC cards and become a part of the RC communications group if you wish. Check wid BWH fer details.    Bob airs Newsline…Many hams are not renewing their licenses, and, the amateur services hve stopped growing over the past year!…We tnx BWH fer Newsline info.!


11/10/1999 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in JD, LDC, IXN, HHC, and LEX. JD tells AF6C that he’s working in Bldg. 15 once agn, and not in the trailer anymore.   And Lowell expects to be vy busy at work in Dec., Jan. and Feb.   IXN has a $400 dental bill wid a new bridge in the future, and JD & AF6C both comment on high dental prices even wid insurance!   LDC has recovered physically, but not economically frm his recent vacation…Larry is trying to get the motor home bk in shape!   And LDC has reserved Mimis in FV, abt a mi. S. of the 405 Fwy on Brookhurst St., fer the Club Christmas dinner on Sat., Dec. 11.    HHC hears Crystal Lake seismometer tones in the background at ZE’s and IXN’s QTHs.   And IXN tells HHC that he has viewed the excellent pix of the Woufhong crew on the Club webpage!   AF6C changes car repair shops after they charge him $40 to replace a generator bolt they left loose!   LDC sends KM5UI/VFC info to HHC fer the Webpage.   And HHC is thinking abt Santa bringing him a Kenwood 2m/440 rig like WIU’s fer Christmas.   Ops congrat LEX on joining the Club last Sat.!   And LDC tells Ops abt peridontal surgery costing 7Gs, as a result of negligence by a former dentist.


11/10/1999 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in WOX, UCH, VDP, WIU, KFW, HHC, AF6C, and BWH.   WOX was tearing dwn sum ants. during the 10m Net in hopes of repairing them soon.   Now that Art’s working hours hve changed, he gets home later.   VDP garners sum 12m DX, working New Zealand and Japan, and hearing Belgium! And Larry sells wum more of RE’s gear.   VDP also announces a VE session this Sat. in Cypress. Call LDC, VDP, or WOX for further info.    HCC will drop by VDP’s QTH on Fri. eve. to try to solve a couple of Larry’s computer glitches.   AF6C has the mike in one hand & a soldering gun in the other as Bob dismantles sum old projects.   KFW’s daughter sells the condo, so Chris is busy house-packing fer the move.   And KFW enjoys solving problems getting the packet interface up and running. HHC gets KM5UI/VFC shack photos frm LDC up on the Webpage.   BWH agn invites Ops to join the Fast Track RC class in Dec. to update their RC cards and get in on Emergency Communications!    Bob then airs Newsline #1160. Newsline once more needs additional funding.    And, AMSAT No. America says no to LA County’s experimental use of the 2.4 GigaHertz band. Also, FCC will form an Enforcement Bureau wid Riley Hollingsworth as Special Council for Amateur Enforcement!


11/17/1999 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LEX, LDC, WOX, JD, HHC, IXN, and VDP. LDC enjoys re-living his recent sojourn as much as taking it!   And Larry now has his book ready fer the publisher.   LDC misses RND on the Net and inquires abt John’s absence…Seems that RND is off to Utah visiting a harmonic.   And LDC reminds all abt the Club Christmas dinner location and time.   And AF6C will invite Ida (former NGO XYL) to the Christmas dinner. AF6C starts jury duty on Dec. 10…We all hope Bob doesn’t spend Christmas sequestered in a jury room! IXN tells all not to expect too much frm the present Leonid meteor shower, and HHC says NGO’s buddy in Japan, Kaas, bought Kei’s KW amplifier. Ken also reminds all Ops abt the updated Club roster on the Club webpage. JD reminds all abt Friday’s Club meeting, and Lowell is elmering a possible new OP!    WOX is nursing a cold he’s had fer 1 weeks…Did you get ur flu shot, Art?   And WOX & VDP work a VE session last weekend.   AF6C and VDP join IXN in monitoring Crystal seismometer in the San Gabriels.   VDP says Charmaine will attempt to join us on the 2m Net tonite!…


11/17/1999 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in TRA, VDP, LEX, LDC, KFW, HHC, BWH, KF6YOL, and WIU.   TRA says the XYL is recovering nicely frm the multiple fractures in her left leg, and Gene gets plenty of practice doing the house chores!   VDP sells a couple of RE’s radio items, and Larry plans to attend the Cal Poly Swapmeet this weekend. LEX’ mobile ant. is doing a FB job, and Chris tells us that 6m has had sum sporadic openings to Hawaii.   LDC installs Norton Antivirus program on the computer, and KFW is playing wid packet now that he is up and operating.   HHC talks abt a presentation on near vertical incident radiation.   And IXN tells Ops that the Club can plan a star party with the Orange County Astronomers.   BWH reminds all abt the upcoming Club elections Fri. eve., and Bob airs Newsline #1161…We learn that NCs must hve net members use full calls when they identify, to avoid part 97 rules violations. YOL, Charmaine, checks in frm Lakewood!…Welcome to the Net, charmaine! LDC & Charmaine will attempt to roundevous on 6m.   WIU still has sum `wee computer problems’, ie., fragmented drives, partitioned drives, etc.!   IXN enjoys KM5UI’s shack pix in Ark. that are on the Club webpage…Kudos to LDC & HHC for providing them to us!


11/24/1999 10m Phone Net – IXN, in preparation for an early trip to the San Jacinto Mts., forgets to check in to both the 10m and 2m Nets!    W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, HHC, and XO.   All are preparing fer TG tomorrow, and HHC becomes a grandpa fer a second time, wid his younger daughter giving birth.


11/24/1999 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checks in AF6C, VPP, VDP, KFW, LEX, LDC, and BWH.   BWH airs Newsline, and VPP says he heard frm ZH that the Club has received a first payment of $1400 fer our participation in the ARRL Convention.   When all bills are paid, the Club may receive an additional payment!


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