12/1/1999 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, HHC, WOX, LEX, RND, IXN, JD, and VDP.   LDC moves the Board Meeting of Jan. 1 to Jan. 8.   And Larry TGs in the desert, wid beautiful days & cold nites.   LDC is also trying to bring a budding OP frm Anaheim into our ranks.   And Larry receives congrats frm Ops on being elected `El Presidente’!   HHC suggests that LDC E-mail non-net Club members abt attendance at the Club Christmas Dinner.   And HHC has another engagement the same evening as the Dinner! AF6C tells Ops that the new computer virus, mentioned by IXN, is an old one known as ZIP.EXE virus.   HHC tells IXN the he received Nov. Netnews E-mail, and IXN mentions the excellent pix frm the CHANDRA X-ray satellite up on the Web at:

We tnx Lloyd, KE6IYL, fer the lead on this one!   The WOX family disposes of TG `fixins’ wid no leftovers!…And Art picks up 2 new countries over vacation on 12m SSB: Spain & Italy, talking wid an OP in Torrino, Italy, who was using a Quad ant.   RND just got bk frm vacationing in Utah, where he was fishing wid barbless hooks on the Green River in N.E. Utah. (The river must be filled wid goldfish frm the price John paid fer a fishing license!) RND saw deer, but no bald eagles.   AF6C tells RND where to find OCARC FD scores in QST magazine, and VDP & IXN notice distortion on LDC’s sigs tonite.   VDP mentions sum gud receivers fer anyone interested in SWL, or, who might want a powerful auxiliary receiver.   JD had one harmonic, wid grandharmonics, home fer TG. And Lowell gives LDC a count of two fer the Christmas dinner.   LEX experiences QRN at Net’s beginning, and AF6C turns the beam to improve sigs.   Chris says the next TRW Swapmeet will be on Christmas day!…Ops wonder what the attendance figure will be!!


12/1/1999 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in WOX, LDC, VDP, LEX, JBL, VPP, WIU, HHC, BWH, and UCH.   WOX, off last week enjoyed TG. And also, the week before, Art was enjoying Palm Springs!…But he did get sum fence posts repaired. LDC still has an ant. problem on the low bands.   And Larry has trouble copying WOX tonite.   LDC re-announces the Jan. 8 Board meeting to all Ops, and WIU checks in mobile wid scratchy sigs. VDP’s family finished off the TG leftovers this evening, and Larry has a dead battery in the memory of the 220 rig.    Plus, the mobile rig shows a low voltage.   VDP wonders abt noise frm Christmas tree lights, and gets a positive response frm IXN.   And VDP converts a CB ant. fer use on the 10m band. LEX uses a musical instrument mike on the EICOM 706, and JBL had 7 people fer TG, wid the bird winding up spread out over everybody’s plates!   Jerry also installs a new satellite dish at the QTH…Now to align it! BWH airs Newsline…Once agn funds to operate Newsline are dangerously low, and, Ops hear that KLM is leaving the amateur radio scene! IXN & brother, Lee, TG in the San Jacinto Mts…BWH TGs wid family in Yucca Valley, abt 34 miles (as the crow flies) north of the IXN Garner Valley location. UCH & daughter fly to Redding to TG wid family near Mt. Shasta, but now, it’s bk to work once more wid laswn chores, taxes, bills, etc.   HHC asks fer the web address fer the CHANDRA X-ray pix.   IXN forwards the adr (mentioned above) after Net. Now home, WIU checks in wid booming sigs at NC’s QTH. IXN tells UCH and WIU that seismicity has been low. VPP asks HHC abt the Club registration form, and HHC says it can be downloaded frm the Club webpage.


12/8/1999 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in IXN, VDP, HHC, and LEX.   AF6C says NGO’s XYL, Ida, may be at the Club Christmas dinner, and Bob has prepared an award for VPP’s harmonic’s recording efforts for the Woufhong ceremony, plus the `Good of the Club’ award.   IXN & OPs discuss the recent 3.9 mag.   EQ in the Anaheim Hills.   IXN gives OPs the Discovery Webpage adr:    IXN will take Club awards to Christmas dinner if WIU or other conveyance in unavailable.   HHC & AF6C discuss a fair price fer Kei’s tower, and HHC says his harmonic lives vy close to the epicenter of the Anaheim Hills event!    VDP discusses a web computer channel which allows people wid slower, older computers to participate in interactive games, ie: checkers, chess, etc.    LEX’s mother-in-law is still living in the shack, but will be on her way home this Sat.   And Chris tells OPs abt a defective hi/lo beam switch in the auto…But a flashlight tied to the bumper saw LEX safely home!


12/8/1999 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, KFW, BWH, VPP, HHC, WIU, UCH, and KE6GQR, Tom, in Costa Mesa.   VDP plans to attend the Christmas dinner this Sat., and Larry will soon attack the low voltage problem in the rig.   KFW hears all OPs well tonite, and Chris is busy working on an intermittent problem in the auto.   BWH checks in mobile wid FB sigs at ZE’s QTH!   And after Bob arrives home, he airs Newsline #1164. BWH begin airing Newslines wid #808…Congrats, Bob, on ur dedication to the radio amateur service!!…We learn that FCC will not amend PRB-1 to include ARRL requests! VPP will attend a training session in packet at the Anaheim FD on Dec. 18.    And HHC & AF6C will attack a drifting oscillator in Ken’s HF rig as a Christmas project.   WIU feels yesterday’s EQ, attends a metal working & blacksmithing session in Vista, and checks out the music program in the Encinitas School District.   UCH erects a telescoping mast fer the J-pole, attends a Christmas concert at a local school, and will take his digital camera to the Club Christmas dinner and get pix fer the Webpage.   Tom, CQR, a musician and a computer buff, checks into Net frm Costa Mesa fer the 1st time.   We welcome Tom and invite him to a Club meeting.


12/15/1999 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, WOX, IXN, HHC, and JD. AF6C gets Christmas packages off to his sister, and Bob has been on call fer jury duty all week.   WOX is off next week, went to the movies, is working on a vertical ant., and his Christmas tree is beginning to dry out.    LDC wid a horrendous QRN, tells OPs abt his 5-day Fla. vacation, welcomes any new Red Cross OPs who might be out there in the woodwork, and alerts OPs to be looking fer a prospective FD site!   IXN and OPs all pass kudos to LDC fer an excellent restaurant selection (Mimis) fer the Christmas dinner…We all had an excellent dinner and a good time! ZH got the `Good of the Club’ award, and VPP passed the gavel to El Presidente LDC.   HHC, wishing to close out the Club books fer 1999, asks JD to forward `RF’ expenses, and AF6C to forward plaque expenses. Then Ken reminds OPs that the next Club Bfast will be at the Hide Away Restaurant, Meats & Orange Olive, in Orange, on Jan. 8.   IXN tells HHC that WIU & UCH has Christmas dinner pictures fer the Club Webpage.   And AF6C & IXN briefly discuss local seismic activity.


12/15/1999 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in LDC, TRA, WIU, HHC, LEX, BWH, VDP, and UCH.   LDC says the Club had 5 or 6 Club members at the last RC card renewal session!   And Larry says OPI got our old meeting room reserved at the Red Cross once again.   LDC then announces a call fer OPs interested in participating in the vertical propogation experiment that will be carried out at three different sites: Orange County, Salton Sea, and El Mirage.   VKZ, PA, WOX, and LDC are already involved…Join the crew fer sum fun! WIU will send Christmas dinner pix to HHC to put up on the Website. TRA, HHC & IXN discuss possible causes of Christmas light QRN, And HHC laments the lack of snow in the local mountains…not gud fer skiing!   LEX `flies in and flies out’ after checking in wid vy strong sigs, mobile, and BWH checks in mobile wid vy strong sigs also! VDP enjoys food & company at the Christmas dinner, helps UCH tune up a Ring Ranger ant., and KFW tweak a 2m j-pole.   Larry also finds a dirty mike connector in the 2m mobile rig, and thinks wire to the rig is too small, causing a voltage drop.    And VDP gets a QSL card frm Kuwait…new country…new zone! BWH airs Newsline #1165…English hams want to link a repeater system to the Internet to introduce the amateur radio hobby to computer operators who might not otherwise be interested in the hobby.   And OPs tnx UCH fer use of his digital camera at the Christmas dinner, and WIU & UCH for their picture-taking efforts!


12/22/1999 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, IXN, VDP, KM5UI(formerly VFC), HHC, VPP, and LEX.   LDC asks for the Space Shuttle freqs. And Larry says quite a few Club members checked in on the Red Cross communications freq.   LDC & XYL will spend Christmas eve wid the daughter, and Christmas day wid the son in Acton.   UI is out here from Arkansas fer a week visiting, and Dennis says he doesn’t miss the SA winds! HHC copies Dennis a Q3, and HHC hasn’t heard the Space Shuttle communications as yet (listen on 448.500 for NASA communicatioms).   VPP is trying to get a form transferred to Packet Gold.    HHC gives Bud sum tips on how to transfer a template frm Microsoft Word to Packet Gold. And IXN says all of the Space Telescope pix can be viewed at: IXN says the Moon is a daylight object fer photographers, wid a visual magnitude of –12.5. IXN gives two freqs. that transmit Earthquake news simultaneously shortly after an event.    They are: 145.160 and 446.900 MHz respectively. We thank Mike Perkins, USGS, fer passing this info. our way! AF6C gets new kitchen plumbing and hardware installed.    LEX, on vacation, plans to kick back and take sum much needed R&R over Christmas. VDP & LDC enjoy their eyeball visits wid UI.


12/22/1999 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, AF6C, KFW, LDC, BWH, HHC, UCH, UI, XQR, and WIU.   AF6C has conducted his last 10m Net in the 1900s, wid IXN following suit on the 2m Net!   BWH QSTs the Net wid news of KE6NAH, Steve Rasmussen’s death, having lost his battle wid brain cancer!…This was a shock to all OPs, who had just talked wid Steve the night of the Christmas dinner!   Nancy, N6XQR, checked into Net to hear the details…Nice to hve you wid us again, Nancy! XQR is busy trying to get 6 new websites on the Web, and Nancy wishes all a happy, healthy holiday.   And later in the Net, BWH airs an interesting Newsline.   AF6C & HHC will tackle the shifting freq. problem in Ken’s 757.   IXN cud just barely hear LDC in the QRN, and HHC passes kudos along to BWH for his Newsline efforts! VDP awaits UI’s checkin on the Net tonite, which occurs a ‘lil further dwn the log.   And VDP helps UCH tune the new ant., and we hear Jim full crunch at the ZE’s QTH tonite!   UI has a nice chat wid VDP & LDC yesterday, visits his son & daughter in Orange County, and will leave fer Arkansas next Tues., operating 10 & 20m on his way home. KFW is sorry to hear abt NAH, and Chris gets the house ready fer Christmas festivities.   And WIU checks in at Net’s end wid gud sigs at ZE’s QTH.   When HHC gets further details abt Steve’s funeral arrangements, Ken will send flowers frm the Club.


12/29/1999 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, HHC, IXN, VDP, JD, RND, and LEX for the LAST 10m NET THIS CENTURY!   WOX takes dwn the dried-out Christmas tree, and Art says his buddies at work are on standby for any Y2K problems that might arise.    And Art says his greatest gift at Christmas is hving the family altogether! AF6C & IXN tnx HHC, WIU, and UCH fer the excellent Christmas dinner pix up on the Webpage. AF6C expresses sadness at seeing the late NAH’s pix there.   HHC reminds all that the Club Bfast has been moved to Jan. 8, at the Hideaway restaurant at Meats & Orange Olive, in Orange.   HHC will put the new toy, a Kenwood 2m/440 TM-G707, on the air on the 2m Net tonite.   And Ken and AF6C will tackle the drifting oscillator in HHC’s FT757.   VDP verifies N6HC’s QSL cards fer HC’s 5-band WAS award…Now Larry will try to work the travelling Dennis on his way bk to Ark.    JD is scheduled to work communications at the Rose Parade, but will probably be at home to help HHC and AF6C test the 757 after Ken & Bob service the errant oscillator. RND gets home frm Idaho…No snow, but mighty cold!…And RND gets bk into the `playing gigs’ sched.   Time flies in retirement, but RND & IXN love it!!   OPs tell RND his audio distortion is gone after a slight rig adjustment. LEX, out in the garage pushing 25W to a mobile ant., has fun playing wid a satellite TV dish ant., and wiring up all the QTH TVs to it.


12/29/1999 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in LDC, ZH, YOL, HHC, VDP, JD, TRA, WIU, KFW, BWH, and AF6C for the LAST 2m NET THIS CENTURY!    What was this abt LDC, a bottle of scotch, etc… as Larry checks in mobile coming frm a Y2K meeting at the Red Cross…?   ZH is off work this week, enjoying a new super VGA monitor (IXN likewise enjoying a new monitor).    And, Chris replaces the totaled auto wid a new 2000 Mustang!…Now to figure how to install radios widout drilling holes!   KF6YOL, Charmaine, mobile on the fwy, runs into a ‘lil patch of fog.   OPs welcome Charmaine on her 1st check-in to the Net!   HHC, trying out the new rig, gets FB reports frm OPs tonite…Now to install the new rig in the Camaro.   BWH will be monitoring 146.55 Mhz for any Y2K problems that might arise, and Bob airs Newsline #1167, telling us that Fri., Dec. 31, will be the last Newsline of the 20th Century!    VDP enjoys hearing Charmaine & LDC chatting mobile, and Larry repeats Riley H.’s warning abt using ur whole call sign when transmitting! JD hangs arnd later tonight…Lowell didn’t hve to work this week, so no getting up early!    Ops all wish each other a HNY, and TRA has quite a bout wid the flu, sporting a temp. of 104 deg.!!   Now it’s WIU’s turn to inherit TRA’s temp!…Cory is just abt to crash in bed wid the flu!   KFW & IXN talk abt the snow in Pittsburgh, PA., and Chris & XYL celebrate their 43rd anniversary!   AF6C wishes all a HNY and tells Cory to get well soon!


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