1/5/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in IXN, LEX, and NOT.  Looks like the high SA winds blew the rest of the OPs away frm their rigs tonite! IXN says gusts of wind below Cajon Pass may reach 75 mph!   And Crystal Lake seismometer has no Y2K problems as it warbles away in the high winds.   LEX says it was blowing `like crazy’ out by El Toro Marine Base, and Chris says the digital TV is working FB.   AF6C gets thru Y2K at work wid `flying colors’, and Bob tells NOT that making a pix smaller on a web page, and hving the viewer enlarge it, frees more space for info. on the web page.

1/5/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, HHC, VDP, LDC/m, YOL/m, KFW, AF6C, BWH, and WIU.    ZH has the Mustang bk to the dealer fer sum updating (ie: leather seats, polymer coating, etc.) while Chris drives arnd a big old Crown Victoria as a replacement vehicle!   And Chris a 486 at work, using Windows 3.11, returned to 1980 at the New Year! High winds buffeted the HHC auto on Jamboree rd on the way home, and Ken ran into a slight `1899’ problem while doing sum task scheduling at work!   And Ken reminds all abt the Club Bfast this Sat. HHC tnx TAM, BWH, and ONZ for helping complete another successful Club audit. The winds are vy light dwn VDP’s way.    And VDP and LDC go over the new FCC ham license structure.   And VDP’s area schools had a Y2K problem…Seems they were calling parents to report child absences at 2:30 am!   LDC/m reports high winds at the Red Cross in SA, but light wind in GG. LDC/m and YOL/m are both traveling on the freeway on their way home frm a Red Cross Communications meeting in Santa Ana.   BWH, operating at work wid sum programs written in BASIC, is removing any remnants of a Y2K problem.    KFW doesn’t experience any Y2K difficulties, but Chris has high winds and plenty of QRN at the QTH tonite.   AF6C mentions the mystery station wid a transmission problem that showed up on 10m tonite.   And IXN tells HHC & AF6C that he has a Technical Manual for the Yaesu 757 that he will bring to next Club meeting. WIU, wid a 102 deg. temp. during last 2m Net, said her temp. broke on last Thurs, and she was ‘fit as a fiddle’ on Fri.

1/12/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, VPP, HHC, RND,IXN,and LEX. El Presidente LDC is looking fer rain now that he has the new roof completed…(phone rings)…Larry returns later to tell OPs abt an article in World Radio, page 6, titled, "What Does Your Club Do?"   And Larry also mentions the antenna propogation experiments, under VKZ leadership, scheduled fer Feb. 26 & Feb. 27…Join in on the fun!  AF6C tells VPP that the plaque recognizing his harmonic fer expert CD recording fer the Wouf Hong Ceremony, is ready fer presentation.   VPP hasn’t been able to shake the flu virus which has kept him home resting.   And Bud says PFA is hving intensive radiation treatments in his bout wid `the Big C’!   HHC enjoyed the Club Bfast last Sat. at the Hide Away, but Ken said the acoustics were not that great…and El Presidente agreed.  HHC mentioned that the Azteca Restaurant, that is now in the old Wildflower Restaurant location, would be available fer the Club Bfast…LDC expressed interest in a new location. AF6C will be visiting mountain peeks next week to do some antenna checks & repairs…just in time fer predicted bad WX! AF6C briefly discusses Clyde Cutler books available fer gud prices at COSTCO, and RND is getting over his bout wid flu, asthma, etc., after consuming medications prescribed by his Doc. IXN reads a short item on a possible cause fer extinction of Dinosaurs, and LEX prepares fer business travelling over the next two weeks. Chris also tells OPs that his Juno server will not download sum files!

1/12/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in WOX, ZH, UCH, LDC, TRA, YOL, LEX, HHC, KFW, AF6C, WIU, and BWH.    Wid WOX’s oldest harmonic off to San Francisco, Art gets bk to the regular routine at work.   And brown grass in the yard tells WOX we need a gud rain!   And Art completes a 10m contact to Australia this evening.    And ZH, speeding in a 65 mph zone, and wid `the luck-o-the Irish’, gets only a warning frm the CHP!…And Chris just bought a new CD player fer the stereo system.   And UCH gives ZH kudos on the new car!   Jim was sick through the Holidays, and not frm the Millennium Bug either…just the flu. UCH took the day off & visited the March Air Force Museum wid sum friends. LDC repeats 10m messages fer the 2m crew, and El Presidente will be at Lake Mirage, wid VKZ near Salton Sea, fer the upcoming propogation experiment. IXN will try to find a morse code 3 disc fer YOL to use fer code practice. TRA just finished pouring a new patio floor in the backyard…Now fer a new lawn sprinkling system! LEX is completely happy wid the new digital TV installation, and he pays only $20/month! HHC, hving worked 15 hrs yesterday & 12 hrs today, is enjoying an evening at home, and AF6C gives Charmaine a gud tip on learning morse code…Say dit & dah, not dot & dash! WIU was relieved that last Friday’s MRI only showed a nasty sprain. And HHC tells KFW that W6RE’s address is on the Website, and Chris says Jan. RF is ready fer the mail. BWH gives speaker names for Jan. & Feb. Club meetings, then Bob, frm the QTH tonite, airs a vy important Newsline #1169, outlining and explaining FCC restructuring of amateur radio licenses.

1/19/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, LDC, VDP, IXN, RND, and JD. OPs wonder how PFA is doing, and AF6C tells el Presidente LDC that he has awards for NGO’s XYL, Ida, and VPP’s harmonic. Then AF6C runs to turn on the VCR to record a favorite program. WOX’s harmonic experiences his first ingrown toenails, and Art will see us all at Club meeting Friday nite. LDC hears sum of us better on the vertical, and others on the beam. IXN and AF6C briefly discuss skin growths, before ZE calls fer further check-ins on the `medical net’! VDP talks wid RND on 10m CW today and reminds RND abt Net tonite. RND finishes din-din before check-in, wants to buy VDP’s rig which Larry won’t sell, tells JD his sigs are FB tonite, and John has 4 gigs this week…AF6C wants to go hear RND’s group play a gig! JD and AF6C discuss Lowell’s work at `the Factory’.

1/19/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, UCH, VDP, LDC, WIU, YOL, KFW, BWH, YY, and TWA. ZH enjoys the new car, but Chris is `working his butt off’ wid his boss in the hospital!…And OPs agree that many employees frm temporary agencies can’t read, spell, etc.! ZH will see us at Friday Meeting. VDP & LDC continue 10m discussion on RG-59 cable vs RG-6 fer satellite TV reception…LDC says RG-6 works fine on his system. LDC, YOL, and WOX attend the swapmeet, wid YOL picking up a 35 amp pwr supply, and LDC buying a 2m power amp. LDC tells OPs we may have Meeting Fri. eve. in old room 206 in the Blood Center. If not, we’ll be bk in the EOC. BWH airs Newsline #1170, and we learn that many OPs are going to upgrade before the April deadline for new FCC licensing structure becomes effective. BWH also tells us that his company has been purchased by another `Blue Dot’ organization. WIU says the hands are much better now, and Cory tells OPs that she thinks her deep cycle power source for the rig needs charging. YOL is enjoying a warm home tonite, and her new Astron power supply. Charmaine is still studying her code, and IXN will give her a 3 " code disc fer her computer. KFW & XYL had baby sitting chores and discovered that they don’t hve the patience they used to!…(IXN knows the feeling, Chris!) YY & TVS take the Red Cross Fast Track course. And PA is checking out a possible FD site in Tustin. TWA plans to pay his Club dues soon, and Charles is also interested in finding a FD site close by.

1/26/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, VDP, HHC, RND, N6PEQ, IXN, TWA, KA6JMM, ZH, and LEX. Nice check-in, OPs! LDC lauds the recent rain wid no damage at the QTH. Then Larry switches the conversation to the hot topic of the evening…the burning of HRO (the Candy Store!) PEQ joins us to give OPs an update. Firemen find an accelerant at the site and they suspect arson! IXN looks up PEQ’s dad, Rodger Dankert (N6EGC), when he was a member of the OCARC in 1981-82. Dan, PEQ, `turned rusty wheels’ as OPs recalled those earlier days! VDP, LDC, and WOX all plan to attend the Swapmeet this weekend, and HHC gets a new computer wid Windows NT at work…Ken will be busy learning sum new tricks! And HHC reminds OPs abt the new Club Bfast site…the Azteca Restaurant, located at the old Wildflower Restaurant site where former Club Bfasts were held. AF6C will pass along a pix of the destroyed Candy Store. RND didn’t correlate pix on TV wid the burning of HRO…John went over to HRO to get a manual, not knowing the destruction that was to meet his eyes when he arrived…Anyway, John will be rooting fer the Rams come Sunday! And IXN looks at the polar aurora on Uranus at the Discovery website. TWA, battling uremia, takes dialysis treatments at St. Joseph Hosp., and Charles did see pix of the fire at HRO on TV. KA6JMM, Richard, `flew in & flew out’. ZH joins us tonite on 10m!…Chris buys a HX-10 10m Transceiver at Radio Shack, erects a dipole on the patio, and says HI to the gang tonite!…Now Chris wants to try his hand at 10m mobile. LEX, in New York yesterday during a full-fledged blizzard, has a wild taxi trip, but manages to get a flight out before most flights are grounded! And Chris says Radio Shack may nw start handling RCA gear.

1/26/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in WOX, UCH, LDC, ZH, WIU, YOL, KFW, VDP, TWA, HHC, AF6C, and BWH…another great check-in, OPs! WOX hears just nw abt the burning of HRO, repairs a flat tire on the XYL’s auto yesterday, enjoys the rain, but not the freeway accidents that came wid it! UCH studies fer his General test, takes Monday off, and goes wid VKZ to check out a radio site in Anza. LDC gets put on standby fer possible communications duty wid the Red Cross at the HRO fire. But BWH says he covered the extra hour needed there, thus eliminating LDC frm being called out fer only 1 hr of duty. LDC will contact former Club Bfast reataurant cancelling our reservations there…And Larry relates an interesting event abt a ham who witnesses a beating by gang members in a van, the ham notifying Fontana PD who promptly arrest the suspects! ZH’s HX-10 transceiver cost arnd $150, has USB/LSB, wid 25W out…Chris says it’s gud to be bk on the HF bands, and ZH plans to attend the Sat. swapmeet. YOL still works on the code, and KFW & IXN are glad they are not bk in Pittsburgh, PA., wid all that snow & ice! And KFW tells HHC that he got last year’s Club roster FB. VDP says one meets sum neat people at the Swap meets, and Larry says it is still possible to work sum gud DX wid low power, a gud ant., and gud operator skills! BWH and OPI work the HRO fire wid the Red Cross, wid LDC on standby. In Newsline tape #1171, aired by BWH, we are told that question pools for the three amateur licenses will be ready by the April deadline. HHC `flies in & flies out’…And AF6C, working in the shack, tells IXN abt changing a file in WORD to one in WORD PERFECT. TWA `scratches the ground a ’lil’ in preparation fer sum future tomato plants, and IXN says his stock are all in bloom…Spring is springing! WIU is also studying the code fer the General exam…We wish Cory & Charmaine success!


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