2/2/2000 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in ZH, IXN, HHC, VDP, WOX, LEX, and JD. ZH says it's time to change jobs…So Chris is working on his resume'.   And ZH enjoyed the Superbowl game, having won $50 in a pool!…And Chris says it's OK to move the Swapmeet, but the junk always follows!  IXN marvels over `media experts' causes of the recent plane crash.   HHC enjoys a FB CA. spring evening while pondering the icy, snowy WX back East.   And Ken is busy learning the `ins-and-outs' of a new publishing program.   And Ken says `RF' has two editors…VPP handles general news and PA will manage the electronic version of the Newsletter.   AF6C gets bk frm a tower base repair job on Monument Peak, and Bob asks VDP if he has the '89 issues of QST.    VDP responds affirmatively.  VDP enjoys the nice WX, has an audio filter fer WOX, and says the TRW Swapmeet is still a bit disorganized after their recent move. WOX says if the Media doesn't have any news, they'll create it! (Amen!)  IXN says the Media, at the time of high SA winds, warns people abt the fire danger, while innately telling `sparky' it's time to go out and burn down the State!  LEX says the VHF channels hve been `wiped out' lately, and Chris will not be at the Club Bfast Sat…He has a business meeting at work.   WOX says that Art, K7ZE, is working at AES in Las Vegas.   And JD and IXN have been tackling their income tax.  And Lowell says his stepmother has the big C!


2/2/200 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, HHC, WIU, VDP, LEX, AF6C, KFW, VPP, LDC, YOL, and BWH.  ZH thinks abt moving the 2m/440 rig to the auto…Running the coax shud be easy, but mounting the control head will be a problem!  HHC reminds all that the Sat. Club Bfast will be at the Azteca Grill.   And Ken reminds all that K7ZE's old call was AD6B.   Then HHC asks KFW if he cud read the file Ken sent wid Wordperfect.  KFW got the file but has not read his E-mail yet…And KFW & IXN are glad they are not bk in cold, cold Pittsburgh now!  WIU has work meetings this Sat., and Cory gets the splints taken off the hand last Mon!  LDC has a normal week, and will attend the Club Bfast Sat. morning. VDP has a fairly high QRN level…might be the car dealerships on Harbor! Larry hopes the TRW Swapmeet improves.  HHC inquires abt LEX's ant…Chris says he is using a 5/8 wave Hustler mobile ant…Gud sigs, Chris!   KFW spends much money in preparation for marrying off the harmonic in June!    YOL, mobile, and LDC and BWH just finished a RC communications meeting.  BWH airs Newsline #1172 frm the RC Parking Lot.   VPP, hearing all OPs well tonite, tells us that PFA has had 37 radiation treatments.   Bud says that `RF' has been revamped fer the year 2000.


2/9/2000 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in ZH, PEQ, LDC, WOX, IXN, LEX, HHC, KB6QLC, VDP, TWA, N6KPU, and KP4DX…Great check-in, OPs!  ZH invites OPs to join him fer a fun time providing communications for the LA Marathon on 5 March.  Check wid Chris fer further details!   PEQ tells OPs that HRO is planning a re-opening date of Feb. 14, thus relieving sum pressure on the Burbank store.  And AF6C will be in Yuma, AZ, on the 14th.  And LDC hopes that Club activities will increase attendance at meetings…And Larry completed registration, on-line, with the FCC. WOX picks up an audio filter frm VDP, and IXN announces the OCA CHANDRA x-ray satellite program this Fri. eve. at Chapman University. LEX wanted to know when the question pool fer the General license was changed…PEQ said 3 or 4 yrs ago…HHc said 1999 revisions were postponed due to FCC licensing restructure.  And HHC & LDC discuss VE schedule for license exams at EDS Unigraphics, 10824 Hope St., in Cypress. Don, QLC, checks in frm his QTH near the traffic circle in Long Beach…He is NC for a number of Nets, hving been written up in a 1988 article in World Radio Mag.  AF6C & QLC discuss past history in Long Beach. Glen, N6KPU, `flies in and flies out'.   Luis, KP4DX, checks in frm Corona (originally frm Puerto Rico),and says he will try to join us on Net Wed. eves.   TWA, wid high QRN, hears LDC say that he will bring Charles to Club meeting. VDP works the 10-10 Contest over the weekend, garnering 20 to 25 calls wid sum new 10-10 numbers!…AF6C then repeats the Club 10-10 number to Net members.


2/9/2000 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in PEQ, AF6C, LDC, ZH, VDP, WIU, HHC, KFW, BWH, and VPP…another gud check-in! PEQ says HRO will be located at 947 N. Euclid in Anaheim…And Dan says he was in Palm Springs last Sun. hving din-din wid WB2KJK, a teacher frm New York. (think KJK has been featured in a QST article).   LDC said new Club bfast location is great, and el Presidente praised the gud turnout!…Another Not-so-Dxpedition is being planned fer May. ZH invites OPs to join him working the LA Marathon…Call Chris fer details.  VDP, working on taxes, finds time to hear Ecuador & S. America on 6m (50.110), even wid a QRN birdie! And Larry also chats wid a New Mexico OP abt antennas on 17m.  HHC 'flies in and flies out', and we hear WIU later as Cory experiences another pause frm an intermittent xmitter! WIU spent last weekend at the Music Int. Trade Show, at a clinic on clarinet repairs. KFW will pick up the `RF' from VPP, as Bud continues chasing parts for repair of the wrecked Volvo. BWH airs Newsline frm the parking lot at work…And Newsline told us that the new question pools will be in the hands of VE examiners by Mar. 13!…(as Bob dodges business neighbors who almost back into him)!


2/16/2000 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, LDC, IXN, TWA, VDP, HHC, ZH, LEX, and NOT. WOX and LDC check out the Aguanga site fer the 5/1 `Not-so-DXpedition'.  And LDC, noise-free tonite, tells OPs he sold the old motor home and is awaiting the arrival of the new one from Indiana.  IXN tells OPs to check out the APOD website fer a picture of the asteroid EROS, taken by the NEAR Eros-orbiting satellite…LDC promptly checks it out!   AF6C gets bk frm Yuma, only getting rained on in San Onofre!…And Bob says construction on tower base on Monument Peak has not yet been completed.  And Bob tells TWA to check wid HHC abt Club badges at meeting Fri. night…Then AF6C looks forward to 2 vacation days tomorrow & Fri.!  TWA gets his damaged `RF' yesterday wid apologies frm the Postal service…And Charles wud like to order sum new OCARC QSL cards.  AF6C says the OP who previously made the cards is nw out of business. VDP gets the income taxes under control, gets his `RF', hears 6m openings on Sat. and Sun., hears NOT sigs OK, and will eyeball wid us all at Meeting Fri. HHC discusses Club badges, the COJ shack fire, and tells OPs to listen on 448.5 MHz fer Space Shuttle communications. ZH, sorry to hear abt Dave's shack fire, says his load at work will lighten next week wid return of the boss…And Chris plans to check out a couple of sites fer FD!  LEX plans to spend a 'lil time monitoring 6m, and IXN cudn't hear NOT at the QTH tonite!


2/16/2000 2m Phone Net - W6ZE,IXN checks in WIU, ABJ, LDC, VDP, HHC, BWH, AF6C, YOL, LEX, KFW, TRA, TWA, and EZP…Nice check-in, OPs!  WIU, not trusting her base rig, uses the HT tonite, and picks up a book to prepare fer the General exam.  ABJ checks in fer a 2nd time, frm Lake Forrest, using a Kenwood TMV-7 wid an old Mirage amp. EZP, Ron Toering, checks in frm Riverside wid gud sigs at ZE's QTH. But LDC hears EZP weakly, and gud sigs frm ABJ. WOX & LDC check out an Aguanga site fer the 5/1 weekend `Not-so-DXpedition'.  VDP and WIU discuss a needed capacitor, and BWH tells OPs abt the T-Hunting program by Joe Moell at Fri. Club meeting, says HRO may be open by Mar. 1, tells OPs nor runners allowed at nite in Nevada fer the `Baker-to-Vegas' run, and airs Newsline #1174…We hear that Magpies can learn code…And, a telephone company vs County lawsuit concerning RF interference might go to the Supreme we hams shud watch! HCC `flies in & flies out', and AF6C tells WIU her E-mail changes hve been recorded. Bob also inquires abt COJ's shack fire. YOL's new amplifier is doing a FB job, as Charmaine prepares fer the General exam. LEX, `flies in & flies out'. KFW, YOL, and IXN all get their `RFs', but the rain temporarily interrupts KFW's ant. project. TRA eliminates a weak sig/noise problem by changing his feedline to one solid piece…And Gene says the XYL is nw doing fine after the last skin graft. TWA and IXN get hit by the same WX cell, pouring dwn rain fer abt 5 min.!…And TWA says Charmaine has nice sigs at the QTH tonite.


2/23/2000 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, ZH, VDP, RND, JD, IXN, HHC, TWA, and YOL. LDC pulls thru the rain storms safe, but soggy, picks up a HTX400 fer $108 that works FB, says his group will not be on Mirage lakebed proper this weekend, saying that a nice campfire will keep participants warm!  ZH suspects a clogged rain gutter being responsible fer the water that leaked thru his bedroom ceiling on of his bed! After OPs tell Chris that he has audio distortion, all is well on ZH's next xmission after Chris adjusts the mike gain.   AF6C says he contacted HCC many moons ago, fer the 1st time, on CW!  IXN says JSV will contact VDP abt next VE session.  VDP hears sum gud DX on 6m, and Larry's QTH springs sum leaks in the rain! RND reads in the rain and works on a computer problem…an overloaded memory.  JD, trying to stay dry, tells OPs that HRO shud be open by Mar. 1.  IXN introduces Rigo Lopez, a teenager neighbor visiting the shack, to the OPs.  Rigo brought over what he thought was a scanner…It turned out to be a CB rig!  HHC & family plan a skiing vacation at Mammoth this weekend. TWA has sum info fer LDC concerning the old Environmental Management's abandoned yard as a possible FD site…And Charles measures 3 " of rain from recent rain storms, in the rain guage. Charmaine checks in wid gud sigs at most QTHs', but IXN has flutter on her sigs.


2/23/2000 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, WOX, UCH, LDC, VDP, LEX, TWA, WIU, HHC, BWH, and YOL…Nice check-in fer both nets tonite! ZH says his comforter got soaked frm the leak, and if need be, Chris can sleep on the sofa in the Living Room. Replacing a couple of capacitors and a power regulator gets ZH's Kantronics all-mode TNC bk in operation!  High winds last Fall removed the roof of LDC's shack & the potting shed.  Wid re-roofing, all is comfy now wid the electric heater warming the shack. And WOX follows LDC's path, wid the heater on in the ham shack out in the garage…Art spent a wet day in Newport Beach out on the Island.  UCH is ready fer sum sunshine, and a weekend in Anza wid VKZ's group and the Near Vertical Incident Radiation experiment…Jim has ants. ready and batteries charged!  LDC announces another VE session on 3/11 at EDS Unigraphics off Katella on Hope St. VDP performs minor surgery on his neighbor's tree which had grown into the 2m Ringo ant…And Larry hasn't looked up in the attic to see if any new leaks developed during the last series of storms. And Larry hears 10m DX frm Europe, S. America, and JA land! On his Sunday flight home, LEX' plane run into turbulence twice while trying to land at John Wayne, so the plane lands safely in Ontario, and Chris comes bk to John Wayne on the bus. TWA tells OPs abt playing golf on the old SA River bed long before a golf course was place there. BWH, high & dry in the QTH tonite, airs Newsline #1175, wid Israel announcing that their hams must still pass a morse code test to become licensed! HHC `flies in and flies out'. AF6C confirms Charle's rain guage level, and Bob says there has been plenty of rain at work in Long Beach. Wid the rain coming dwn `in sheets' in Lakewood, YOL tells OPs she has no rain damage at the QTH.


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