3/1/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in ZXI, LDC, VDP, WOX, RND, IXN, TWA, JD, LEX, and NOT.   Long time Club member W6ZXI checks into the 10m Net fer the 1st time!…Welcome aboard, Reg!    All OPs hear Reg’s sigs well.   LDC alerts OPs to the Club Bfast this Sat. morning, and El Presidente, and participating OPs, tell the Net that the NVIR Club experiment carried out at three different locations last Sat., was a gr-r-r-eat success! At Lake Mirage, at TEZ’s QTH in Anza, and in Santa Ana QTHs, Club members enjoyed participation in the 80/40m Near Vertical Incident Radiation experiment.    WOX, in Santa Ana, reported 80m sigs weak, and a ’lil stronger fer 40m. OPs discussed the results wid other Net members. Reg has 5/7 sigs at VDP’s QTH, and Larry hears FO0AAA on Clipperton on 17m, & 10m, too. VDP reports that Amidon Corp. nw has a Costa Mesa location.   And Larry copies NVIR OPs, wid QRN, on 80m. VDP & AF6C discuss buying ant. wire in bulk…Larry says to check out MARVAC as one possible source.   IXN alerts OPs to increased seismic activity near Mammoth at Coso Junction on 395. And AF6C is on his way to Palomar Mt. and sum snow!  TWA tells LDC that he is still trying to make contact wid County officials on use of the old Environmental Management Agencies’ abandoned maintenance yard. LEX, the only `Chris’ check-in tonite, studies fer the General exam, and, offers a BASIC program to OPs to determine safe distances of ants. frm your body to protect against excessive RF radiation.   JD hears all well tonite, and Lowell enjoyed hearing the NVIR report.    Mark, NOT, checks in after IXN goes over to 2m.


3/1/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in TRA, LEX, LDC, ZXI, VDP, WIU, AF6C, UCH, BWH, and KD6NKZ.   TRA participates in NVIR wid VKZ in Anza, and Gene and VKZ attend a Baker-to-Vegas Run meeting at OPD.    LEX further explains his BASIC program fer RF radiation protection and offers it to Club members…He’ll E-mail you a copy upon request! LDC discusses the NVIR experiment wid interested OPs, and Larry reminds all abt the Club Bfast this Sat. morning at the Azteca Restaurant…Then, it’s off to jury duty tomorrow!   ZXI checks in on an HT wid varying sigs, frm 2 to 6 bars, on ZE’s rig.   VDP gives further info. to OPs abt Amidon’s new location in Costa Mesa, and Larry tells OPs they can buy Amidon cores, etc., at the new location. BWH airs Newsline #1176 frm the QTH…Italy has a problem wid Italian hams broadcasting on commercial airline freqs…And the City of Placentia nw allows 75 Ft. ham antennas!   WIU enjoys the NVIR experiment wid the group in Anza, and AF6C tells OPs he nw has a WX station at the QTH!   UCH said WX at Anza was chilly, he enjoyed himself, loved successful contacts the group made wid Lake Mirage & Tustin, and enjoyed the gud food!    KD6NKZ, Eric, checks in while baby sitting. IXN invites Eric to a Club meeting, and to check into Net whenever he can.   VDP tells IXN he talked wid Jim, JSV, abt upgrading.


3/8/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in IXN, VDP, JD, and HHC. ZE and IXN think maybe `Baker-to-Vegas’ meetings took OPs away frm the Net tonite! IXN has been logging a few events along the Whittier/Elsinore Fault zones, and VDP only felt one bump frm the 4.0 event 7 mi. SE of Yorba Linda…Larry works Pitcairn on 10m, and Clipperton Is. on 15. VDP makes a mis-connection and blows up a microprocessor in the Kenwood, so nw it’s off to the `radio doctor’!    AF6C misses JD at the Club Bfast last Sat…Lowell had to go bk to work.    And JD says the Orange PD needs operators fer the Baker-to-Vegas Run. HHC asks Lowell if `he can see the light at the end of the tunnel’ regarding last Sat.’s problem at work…Lowell explained that tests were run to clean things up. IXN, AF6C, and IXN discuss a magnetic gravimeter that IXN has perched atop a dresser in the shack, and HHCd tells OPs abt the woes and successes of operating a CDROM burner!


3/8/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in TRA, VDP, UCH, LEX/m, WIU, and AF6C.   TRA & XYL were in the kitchen when the loud bang of the 4.0 event in the Anaheim Hills passed thru the QTH!   VDP uses a different rig tonite, lighting up all but three bars on ZE’s rig. UCH thinks a Red Cross function, or Baker-to-Vegas Run has OPs occupied tonite.   LEX was `working too hard’ to feel any earthquake, as Chris, mobile, merges onto the 57 Freeway.   Chris will test Sat. to upgrade.   WIU & UCH were at the music store when the 4.0 Temblor struck, and they were glad not to see any guitars fall down frm the walls!   WIU will also attempt to upgrade at the VE session in Cypress this weekend.


3/15/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, WOX, VDP, JD, IXN, RND, HHC and TWA.   Over 50 OPs attempted upgrades at the VE session in Cypress.   Among them were UCH, WIU, NOT, VPP, and IXN.    And OCARC was well represented wid examiners…WOX, VDP, LDC, and RT, all helping KF6TI ,along wid other examiners, to run a vy professional VE test session!    LDC will transport TWA to Meeting Fri. eve., and Larry asks OPs to monitor 146.55 MHz Fri eve. fer any OPs, who attended the VE session, who need guidance to the Red Cross.   LDC also received his long-awaited new motorhome! WOX, happy wid turnout at the VE session, will nw help an OP put up a wire ant. at the QTH. VDP will monitor 146.55 before Meeting Fri. eve. to aid lost OPs, and IXN tnx Larry fer prodding him into taking the 20 wpm code test! IXN reads a small article on WX condx on Jupiter.    LDC needs a 440 rig fer the Baker-to-Vegas event…Can you help?…Contact LDC soon!   JD is looking forward to a FD site in Orange County this year, will attend Meeting Fri. eve., and attended a Baker-to-Vegas meeting at the OPD last Mon. eve. RND congrats all OPs who upgraded, and John can’t help LDC wid a 440 rig. HHC just finished din-din, upgraded IXN on the webpage, picked up goody prizes fer the Club raffle, and wonders if VPP has tickets fer the raffle.   Then Ken hopes to get a write-up fer the webpage frm BWH on upcoming speakers at meetings.    TWA joins IXN, HHC, AF6C, and others, who occasionally pick up the wrong mike!…Charles has gud copy on all OPs tonite!


3/15/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in UCH, KFW, WIU, TWA, VDP, LDC, TRA, LEX, HHC, and BWH.   UCH & WIU studied hard fer the General written element, both passing it!…Nw fer the 5 wpm code element! KFW gets bk frm visiting the harmonic and a skiing trip in Colorado, then sends out `RF’ to Club OPs…Chris also stopped in Nevada to talk wid Art, W7ZE, at the ham radio store in Las Vegas.   TWA looks forward to a new crop of tomatoes, gets his `RF’, and expects a letter frm the County concerning a FD site! IXN passes along OP cudos on a vy professional `RF’!   VDP says FD rules shud be abt the same as last year (probably no novice/tech this year).   And Larry says he hears JA land on 10m nw, wid Europeans in the morning!   ZE has a ’lil white noise on LDC tonite, and Larry needs a 440 rig fer the Baker-to-Vegas Run. LDC says a FD site in Orange County is now more probable. TRA attends a meeting wid Baker-to-Vegas OPs at the OPD, wid lots of questions still unanswered. And LEX gets a 5/9 rpt frm a DX contact, UA9MA (using a KW), in Siberia. HHC has the 2m rig bk in the QTH frm the auto, and Ken wonders if VPP will bring tickets & raffle cage to Meeting Fri. eve…And HHC also picks up raffle prizes at HRO fer Fri. meeting. BWH airs Newsline #1178, and we hear that Riley Hollingsworth, FCC, will soon begin prosecution of 11m Citizen Band violators!


3/22/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, LDC, LEX, JD, YHL, IXN, TWA, and NOT.   WOX spots oil in the driveway, traces it to the harmonic’s car, goes to her worksite, and they tighten a loose nut on the oil pan before all is lost!   And WOX says his son is practicing golf at a Driving Range in Orange.   LDC replaces a dead battery in the auto wid a `Pep Boys special’, picked up a 2700-H 30W 440 rig wid all kinds of bells & whistles…If Larry unplugs the mike, it becomes a wireless mike…And LDC is off to Lake Skinner in `Murphy, the Lepricon’ tomorrow! AF6C and LDC remind all OPs abt the new Club Bfast site at Hometown Buffet on 17th St. at Lincoln in Santa Ana. AF6C says NOT went in early to work, and, using an old rig frm work that they resurrected, a 17 element log-periodic ant up 100 ft., Mark had a QSO wid the Sultan of Oman! And ZE gives NOT, in Lakewood, an S6 sig rpt tonite. LEX will miss Net next week…He’ll be working! MacArthur’s return to the Phillipines during the 2nd World War sparks IXN’s memory…He tells OPs abt his brother’s tin can, the USS Abner Reed, that was sunk in Leyte Gulf! JD & TWA both give Home Town Buffet address to inquiring OPs, and JD says Nets next week will probably be sparse…Baker-to-Vegas meeting at Orange PD on Wed. eve. YHL’s TS-50 rig has gud audio sigs, as David tells OPs he brought home a pile of work to be finished. TWA describes a `clear speech’ speaker that he purchased that filters out noise, etc.   It is advertised in Apr. QST, selling fer 100+ dollars.


3/22/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in LDC, HHC/m, TRA, KFW, AF6C, VDP, WIU, BWH/m, and TWA.   IXN will hve a root canal this Fri., and El Presidente, LDC, reminds all that more OPs are needed fer the Baker-to-Vegas Run! HHC checks in mobile on his way home frm work…a rush project needs to be completed by month’s end! Wid the XYL coming along FB, TRA is off to Palm Desert, then San Francisco. Then, after Easter, Gene & XYL will be off to Mich., Wis., N. Dak., & Canada…They’ll be gone until Sept.! KFW says the Club nw has 46 dues-paid members, wid 6 still outstanding.   AF6C will be renewing the Club 10-10 number soon, and OPs tell IXN that Brandywine is a creek in SE PA, not a river.    VDP enjoys the warm WX, yard work, new projects, and sorting thru old ham magazines. Wed. and Fri., WIU does not work at the store, and we hope that Cory’s friends, Stan, and son, John visit us again at future Club meetings!    TWA `flies in and flies out’, and BWH airs Newslin #1179…There is a 10m invader in the ham bands…a Russian broadcast station that appears on 29.16 MHz…If you hear this station, contact ARRL wid station call, content of program, or any other info. you can gather!


3/29/2000 10m Phone Net – As predicted last Net, many OPs were involved in the Baker-to-Vegas meeting at the Orange PD.    W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, VDP, NOT, and HHC. AF6C picks up a couple of tickets fer the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, and Bob entertains his sister, in frm the East Coast, this week.   IXN tells Bob that his sister enjoyed a seismically quiet week, most action taking place inland near Coso Junction.    NOT, AF6C, and IXN discuss old movies, AF6C having taped `High Noon’ wid Gary Cooper. IXN tells AF6C that brother Lee has `Rear Window’ wid Jimmy Stewart. VDP experiences a slight power outage this afternoon, and Larry spends sum time looking fer DX on 20m. NOT is dwn in the QRN at IXN’s and HHC’s QTHs tonite. HHC puts his nose to the grindstone trying to keep up wid product demands at work, and Ken enjoys the new DVD player fer the TV.   AF6C has mail to discuss wid HHC on landline, and IXN introduces two vy young visitors in the shack, Noe, and his sister, Yesenia, on the Net.


3/29/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN experiences immediate repeater interference at Net opening.   Shortly after Net terminated, so did the interference!! W6ZE checks in WOX, KFW, UCH, WIU, and TWA.   All OPs notice the interference! KFW worked on the HF ant. today, and has 5/9 sigs at IXN’s QTH using the J-pole ant.   UCH has been out to schools wid music business, does sum computer work, and goes out fer walks to get sum exercise. IXN has to go to a neighbor’s home after Net to try to load a computer disc loaded wid games.    WIU suggests we use a tone to eliminate the repeater interference, and TWA is involved wid business transactions using the landline, that Charles wishes to complete by April.


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