4/5/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, IXN, LEX, JD, TWA, VDP, HHC, and VKZ.  AF6C will send LDC a check to secure the FD site.  And LDC likes the Home Buffet restaurant as a site fer the Sat. Club Bfast.  IXN gets the ham license error ironed out wid Harrison, and reads OPs info. frm the Radio Shack catalogue abt a possible source for repeater interference on 146.550 MHz. JD approves the FD site in Garden Grove, and LEX plans to test for General Class soon.  TWA comments on the simplex repeater on 146.55 last week…IXN says we hope to remedy the problem soon.  VDP thinks abt antennas fer FD, and Larry affirms no ID fer the repeater on 146.55.  HHC gets the Club Roster up on the webpage, and Ken tells IXN that he received Mar. Netnews.  VKZ gets the ham shack completed and working, attends Baker-to-Vegas meetings, and tells OPs abt a 4.2 KW (continuous) generator at Costco.


4/5/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in AF6C, TRA, LDC, KFW, VDP, HHC, OUE, YRH, WIU, UCH, TWA, and BWH.  IXN instructs all OPs not to wait for the simplex repeater to repeat their messages…just pretend it isn’t there!  KFW cud not convert the Webpage roster to Wordperfect…HHC will help Chris iron out the problem.  HHC hears all OPs FB, and gives the offending repeater a 5/9 sig rpt in Orange.  And HHC enjoyed food & location of Club bfast.  VDP copies all OPs FB, and Larry begins planning ant. designs fer FD. OUE, at Main & LaVeta, also copies the repeater 5/9.  TWA copies all OPs FB, and the repeater, too. N6YRH, Ron, `flies in and flies out’. WIU & UCH also give strong sig rpts. fer the repeater, and discuss moving 2m Net to 147.555 MHz. BWH airs Newsline #1181…OPs can E-mail violation rpts directly to    Newsline also alerts hams to interference frm a Russian radio station on 29.525 MHz…We thank BWH for airing Newsline for us!!


4/12/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, ZH, VDP, IXN, HHC, JD, and LEX.  The saga of the bogus repeater on 146.55 MHz. continues!…OPs have decided to begin the 2m Net on 146.550 and then move to 147.555 MHz if the interference continues. LDC says the Gareden Grove Park site for FD is almost secure, and Larry says he is now on vacation until after Easter.  Then HHC, LDC, JD, and ZH all discuss the reasons fer the OPD cancellation of runners in the Baker-to-Vegas Run.  IXN tells OPs that Carl Pagel and Joe Brown are aware of the 146.550 problem, and that they will be investigating it.  VDP plans to visit the Pomona Swap Meet this weekend, and Larry says the bogus repeater is on 146.550 tonite!  IXN’s root canal has been completed, and Bob detects slight audio distortion on ZH’s sigs.   ZH, vy busy at work, will pursue other adventures this weekend nw that the Baker-to-Vegas activities have been cancelled.  HHC reports the 146.550 bogus repeater is vy strong in the Azusa/San Dimas area…Ken was up that way to pick up a new 5x Palm HT computer in Woodland Hills.  AF6C ia a ’lil under the WX…(after finishing taxes!)…Cud there be any connection, Bob?!  HHC passes along discount info. on Club raffle prizes at HRO, to JD.   And LEX concentrates on the ticket upgrade.


4/12/2000 2m Net – W6ZE/IXN opens the 2m Net on 146.550 simplex…Discovering the bogus repeater interference, the Net is recalled on 147.555 MHz.  W6ZE/IXN checks in LDC, AF6C, LEX, WIU, UCH, HHC, TWA, BWH, ZH, and VDP.  LDC tells AF6C that NOT can bring his CSCE to a future VE session fer upgrading purposes.  Is AF6C the only OP on the Net wid an S-meter in the rig?  And HHC’s 741 Kenwood talks to Ken in CW!…IXN heard Ken’s rig send a letter D when HHC keyed the mike!  LEX works a new grid square on 6m in New Zealand! WIU, checking in on 147.555, attacks the code wid vigor!…Cory will put up a j-pole ant. tomorrow.  UCH attends Spring Concerts at the schools, and Jim is off to Milwaukee, WI, fer a band instrument technician’s conference.  HHC suggests 146.565 simplex as a new Net freq., but some OPs say that freq. is quite busy at times. TWA says his brother-in-law and fam. left the QTH fer Fla. this morning. Charles says it’s nice to get bk to normal, but that he & the XYL miss them!  BWH airs a vy newsy #1182 Newsline, and Bob and OPs discuss reasons fer the dropout of OPD frm the Baker-to-Vegas Run.  ZH says LDC has weak sigs at the QTH, and VDP prepares to discuss FD band planning at next Club meeting.


4/19/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, VDP, LEX, IXN, WOX, HHC, ZH, and JD. LDC gets a slight return frm Uncle Sam on his income tax, and Larry said there was over 68 OPs upgrading at last Sat.’s paper session, including Lowell, JD,to Extra!  Now LDC is off to El Mirage fer sum dirt biking over the Easter weekend.  VDP does not recommend using foam coax fer ant. feedline, tells OPs that the 2m repeater on 146.55 MHz is gone, and the two Larrys discuss various coax leadlines fer use in LDC’s new trailer home.  ZH scores big on a state income tax refund, wid only chicken feed frm the Feds. IXN repairs feedline connections on JSV’s beam ant.  Now JSV must replace a capacitor in the rotator control box.   And, it appears that IXN’s tooth canal was a success! AF6C orders & receives a Motorola 12 satellite system…Gonna give us a Club presentation on it, Bob?! LEX discusses feedline cables wid LDC & VDP, and Chris tells HHC his Vegas money would hve been better spend at AES! HHC agrees, but Ken had a gud time anyway, getting a gud rate at the Venetian, where he watched the Treasure Island program frm a gud vantage point. WOX discusses RG-58 leadline wid OPs, saying that a short run would not be too lossy.


4/19/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, LDC, VDP, WIU, HHC, KFW, JBL, LEX, AF6C, TWA, and NOT.  ZH adjusts his tax deductions to get more in the paycheck. LDC can’t hear ZH or IXN too well, and Larry is off to watch sum TV wid the XYL.  VDP downloads extra point items fer FD frm ARRL…Larry will announce these items at Meeting. VDP, IXN, and AF6C discuss antenna rotator problems, and AF6C tells OPs that he’s upgraded the commercial suppliers page on the Website.   WIU applauds no repeater interference on freq. tonite, and Cory gets an ant. up at work, chatting wid BWH and UCH. And WIU is still attacking the code fer a future upgrade.   IXN informs HHC, who just got bk frm Vegas this evening, that Jeannie, KB6EZS did not upgrade.  And AF6C tells us a bit more abt his new Motorola 12 sattelite GPS Engine.  LEX tells LDC that RG8X coax works well in his mobile home…Chris has a 10 ft. run! KFW stays indoors during the rain, transferring data frm one computer to another.  And Chris tells HHC that he received the roster electronically FB! Jerry, JBL, `flies in and flies out’.  TWA, wid a scratchy throat this evening, tells OPs they’ll be in Costa Mesa fer a family get-to-gether fer Easter. Charles says he measured 1 in. of rain in the rain guage frm the last storm.  And TWA needs sum Club QSL cards.


4/26/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, N6HVS, IXN, HHC, TWA, and JD.  LDC’s mom is vy ill and in intensive care!…And Larry is looking forward to the `Not-so-DXpedition’ on May 6.   Larry also alerts us abt the new hollywood hamradio movie titled, "Frequency"! HVS, Rod, checks in fer the 1st time frm Costa Mesa, where he operates a repair shop…He’s been a Tech since ’82, but recently upgraded to General. Rod enjoys 10m FM, and is looking fer an EICOM 502. AF6C congrats.   Rod on the upgrade, and Bob installs the proper software fer his 12 satellite GPS system.  IXN tells HHC that he successfully copied the Club Roster off the webpage, and Bob tells OPs abt a series of Eqs continuing in the Yucca Valley-Hector mines area. AF6C & HHC discuss an Airbus demonstration flight where the computer over-rode a pilot trying to pull up, the computer landing the plane instead!  TWA, wid too many Easter duties, misses last Friday’s Club meeting, wid all OPs thoroughly enjoying Art Goddard’s program on a trip to Sri Lanka.  JD just arrived home, got his QST in the mail, and will check out his new base ant. on 2m tonite.  LDC tells AF6C that he has Kei’s Kenwood 7730 if Bob needs another 2m rig fer use wid the GPS system.


4/26/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in LDC, WOX, JD, HHC, TWA, LEX, and BWH. IXN & LDC both receive each other weak tonite, and Larry has all the landlines working agn.  Larry’s mom is in a hosp. up in the Valley, and Larry said it was vy hot there today!  IXN reminds all OPs that the Board meeting & Club Bfast of May 6 has been moved to Sat., May 13…The ‘Not-so-DXpedition’ is on May 6! WOX works the East Coast late afternoons, and Art’s XYL enjoys a couple of weeks vacation, wid the harmonic frm San Francisco in fer a visit.  JD’s new 2m ant. is doing a gud job, getting 5/9 rpts frm Net OPs tonite. HHC enjoys the warm WX, putting the top dwn in the auto driving home thru the country this eve! TWA gets a QSL card frm Croatia, and Charles & IXN discuss those pesky snails that ate the new leaves off IXN’s new dahlia plant!  BWH plans to pick up family in Yucca Valley tomorrow eve., and Bob was staking up bean plants in the garden a bit earlier.  Bob airs ‘Newsline’ tape, and we discover that Dave Bell, a Hollywood producer, has made a new movie titled, "Frequency", involving Hamradio, that will hit the theatres on Apr. 28. Also, General class licensees must stay in the General band limits…They have NO privileges in the Advanced Class segments of the Amateur Bands!…Tnx agn, Bob, fer ur dedication to Newsline broadcasts!  LEX `flies in & flies out’.


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