5/3/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, VDP, IXN, JD, HHC, and LEX. LDC gathers up gear for the `Not-so-DXpedition’ this weekend, and LDC picks up a new HRO catalogue, citing a page describing all kinds of coax available.  And Larry hears all OPs FB tonite!  AF6C gets put thru his `physical’ paces as he travels up & dwn the mountains to Blue Ridge the past week…(You’ll love retirement, Bob!) VDP, in Vegas checking out property last week, says K7ZE, Art, will be leaving AES soon. JD hears all well but VDP tonite…Then, it’s early to bed & early to rise fer Lowell! HHC says interference heard by sum OPs sounds more like splatter than a carrier, and Ken tells OPs abt a website of K3IWK, Dover, PA, that features enclosures, antennas & antenna parts. Then IXN, AF6C, and HHC discuss the meaning of volt-amperes vs watts.  LEX, working on the truck, gets most the antennas mounted on the camper shell…Nw fer a bigger ant. this weekend!


5/3/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, LDC, WIU, KFW, BWH, and AF6C. AF6C & KFW discuss an address change fer Regi Thatcher.   VDP makes sure all gear going to the weekend DXpedition works, and Larry says 6m is trying to open wid sigs a bit better on the vertical ant.  LDC will soon be collecting Social Security…(Be sure you get part A & B medicare!)…He’ll collect retroactive to 1999! LDC tells OPs abt a new film deal.  The company processes the film and sends you the pictures electronically…(Sounds like a gud idea fer the Club webpage!) WIU & UCH get bk frm the musical instrument repair conference in Milwaukee, both kinda bushed. Cory has gud sigs tonite.  KFW gets a 3-element beam up, not checked out yet, and Chris is shopping fer a new auto!  AF6C finds climbing at 8500 Ft. Blue Ridge a bit tiring these days, and Bob says the Dept. of Defense has turned off the GPS Selective Availability, a vy welcome event! BWH checks in mobile near the QTH…Bob airs Newsline #1185 frm the QTH…The ARRL promises to prosecute the hacker that messed wid the ARRL website, placing a pirate radio message on it!


5/10/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, VDP, NOT, IXN, JD, WOX, HHC, and TWA. LDC, VDP & WOX all enjoy the weekend DXpedition to the Aguanga area, and LDC tnx TWA fer clue to Northern Tool concerning generators.   AF6C tries to order our round Club badges…But alas!…The stock is gone, the dies are gone, etc…So Bob will investigate a new type of badge!…And wid AF6C now `cooking out’ at Blue Ridge, maybe Bob will commune wid Nature after retirement!! VDP discusses contacts made at the DXpedition wid OPs, and Larry says he thinks 3A might be the best operating mode for FD, especially considering how band condx are overnight.   JD has a high noise level at the QTH tonite, picks up some freebies at the hamstore, and will procure raffle prizes fer Club meeting next week. IXN cannot hear NOT tonite, but we learn that Mark is being transferred to Huntington Beach, much to AF6C’s chagrin!  And WOX has audio distortion at IXN’s QTH tonite…vy loud and weak alternate syllable distortion.  HHC checks in wid low noise tonite…BUT, Ken spoke too soon!…The `carrier’ just returned! TWA falls asleep at the rig last week and misses Net!…(sounds like IXN). And LDC tells Charles he has the Honda catalogue fer generators. AF6C congrats.  Charles on his upcoming BD.  All OPs offer condolences to LDC on the recent death of his mother!


5/10/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in WIU, LEX, VDP, TWA, HHC, BWH, UCH, and ZH. IXN announces the upcoming Board meeting fer this Sat.  The purchase of a new generator will be discussed.  WIU gives a gud report on last Sat.’s DXpedition, which VDP says was located abt 20 mi. S.W. of the previous Anza DXpedition site.  WIU, along wid UCH, VDP, VPP, LDC, WOX, and PFA, all had a gud time at the DXpedition!  The Italians were having a contest on 15 & 20m, and UCH made a contact in Croatia. Such places as Germany, New South Wales, Manchester, and many other DX countries were heard! VDP heard New Hebrides on 6m, too! LEX makes a `roof sandwich’, using a metal sheet, to re-inforce the camper shell roof to support antennas. VDP gets his ailing 220 bk frm Kenwood $220 bucks later, and TWA tells OPs he has lots of volunteer tomatoes that hve to make room fer the XYL’s flowers. And Charles tells us abt magnetic dust cloths he bought at Harbor Freight…IXN is interested!  HHC `flies in and flies out’, and UCH tnx LDC & WOX fer radio gear at the DXpedition…Jim enjoyed the beautiful site! ZH, nw busy wid a new social life, is off to San Diego fer a customer visit tomorrow, wid Chris hoping to shop fer a new all-band rig this weekend!  BWH checks in frm the Red Cross Parking Lot, where he and UCH attended a RC meeting.  BWH airs Newsline #1186…We learn that the European Community will nw push for a CW reduction in code speed frm 12 wpm to 5 wpm…Newsline is once agn in financial troubles!  Contributions can be sent to:

Newsline Support Fund, PO Box 660937, Arcadia, CA. 91066-0937.


5/17/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, VDP, LEX, JD, TWA, IXN, PFA, NOT, and HHC. LDC buys a utility trailer to lock up his gear when travelling, tells OPs that he will be in Vegas fer a family event on Fri., and that OPs at meeting will hve to decide on the purchase of a generator fer FD. LEX works two OPs in Santiago, Chile on 6m, and Chris says he will attend a company picnic before he arrives at FD.  AF6C has surgery fer a cyst on his back, so Bob works at home today.   LDC poses a question on Black Holes…AF6C, IXN, JD, and LDC all agree not to venture near one! JD says to keep Aug. 12 open if you are going to work XO’s Carriage event.  TWA listens to the expose’ on Black holes wid interest, and OPs congratulate Charles and TAM on their upgrade to Extra Class! VDP upgrades the computer, and Larry says KM5UI, Dennis, will be attending the Dayton Hamvention.  And VDP says ‘Not So DXpedition’ pix will soon be up on the Webpage.  PFA puts up a new vertical ant., and OPs give Tom Gud sig reports…Tom says he doesn’t hve any Tennessee Valley Indians on only 17m! NOT tells OPs abt his new job after transferring to HB. HHC has been working 12 to 13 hours/da. at the ‘Cryptography Factory’, but Ken gets home earlier tonite and eats supper at a normal time!  And Ken tells AF6C to go ahead and load the DXpedition pix on the website.


5/17/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in KFW, LEX, AF6C, UCH, AIL, VDP, and BWH.  KFW and XYL makes plans fer the harmonic’s wedding on June 17…(Hm!…A June bride in the family!) LEX finds 6m a challenge…It is a gud band to operate if one has plenty of patience, and Chris enjoys the challenge!  AF6C has fun playing wid his new GPS system. AIL, Dick, will eyeball wid VDP at Meeting abt antennas.  And VDP says the vert. ant. is quieter…Might be those horizontal high power lines along the back causing a `lil noise problem! And Larry says Dennis, KM5UI will FD wid the Hot Springs Village ham club. And we all hope 6m opens fer FD! BWH says The Club is scheduled to work the Orange County Fair on Wed., July 19…Passes & free parking will be available…Bob then airs Newsline #1187…3.939 MHz has been activated fer emergency use during the Los Alamos Fire…No Internet taxes fer at least 5 years, and Congress may repeal the 3% landline excise tax!…Tnx, Bob


5/24/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, LEX, IXN, VDP, KFW, and ZH. OPs enjoyed the talk on PAN, CAN, and EAN operations at last Meeting. AF6C lost his `stiches’ today, and LDC takes over Net temporarily while AF6C checks out a loud crash! LDC has pix of `Not-so-DXpedition’ ready to go on the website, and Larry says that on 6/5, he’ll be on `the Big Bird’ headed fer Aloha land! JD gets catalogues off to AF6C, and VDP gets congrats frm OPs on working Delaware on 6m…his last state fer 6m WAS!  OPs tell LEX that they got his E-mail on the new Kenwood, black box version, to be used wid a head or programmed directly frm the computer! LDC tells Northern Tool to send the new Club generator to KFW’s QTH. KFW attempts to get volunteers who can come when called, to help unload the generator frm the truck.   VDP says WOX will check his QSL cards fer 6m WAS once the QSL frm Deleware arrives.   Using a multi-band dipole and a small tuner, ZH puts gud sigs on the band wid the new Kenwood rig.


5/24/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in WOX, LEX, KFW, BWH, PFA, TWA, VDP, AF6C, ZH, and WIU. WIU was a check-in only, and AF6C & ZH `flew in and flew out’. WOX attends a family picnic last Sunday at Yorba Park in Anaheim.  And LEX gives a `hats off’ to VDP fer completing enuf contacts fer a 6m WAS! BWH suggests that KFW or LDC call Northern Tool and have the new generator delivered at work, where Bob has a high-lift wid all the trimmings! BWH airs Newsline…TASMA may be the first recognized legal repeater coordinator by the FCC!…And Newsline says to check out fer late British news.  VDP suggests that PFA set up ATV at FD, and also solar, to garner more FD points, and Tom says his down-converter fer ATV was full of water…Hm!, Tom…Did that cause wavy reception on ATV?! PFA asked abt a mysterious confirmation frm Harrison Spain on his upgrade…VDP removes the mystery, telling Tom that H. Spain was the VEC at his test session.  TWA enjoys the spaater of rain we’ve been getting, and Charles is glad the Club has a new generator.


5/31/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, IXN, VDP, JD, XO, WOX, and LEX.  LDC gives a run-down on the excellent all-day Red Cross Emergency Preparedness event.  And Larry will bring pocket samples fer the new Club badges to the Board meeting Sat. VDP says 6m has been open all day!  And Larry, wid advice frm LDC, picked up a monochrome laptop fer $40 at the TRW Swapmeet last Sat…Nw fer that FD logging!  IXN thinks that the Elsinore Fault is the largest major fault nearest Monument Peak, and AF6C says the pix of the `Not-so-DXpedition’ are now up on the Club webpage. JD says VDP is dwn in the QRN tonite, and AF6C and Lowell talk briefly abt work. XO asks location and time of the Board meeting Sat…(Time to think abt the Carriage event agn!) LEX vacations at the San Diego Zoo over the holiday…Chris enjoyed watching the attendant clean up elephant dung! And LEX and AF6C discuss attaching N-connectors to coax, while both OPs are tidying up their shacks.


5/31/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, LDC, LEX, VDP, TWA, UCH, BWH, and NOA. ZH holidays wid friends, and Chris picks up a computer at the swapmeet, spending part of the weekend loading software and thinking abt future upgrade wid a new motherboard.  LDC says ZH in dwn in the QRN, and Larry says no Net next week…He’ll be in Hawaii! LEX likens 6m to a sine wave or a revolving door…up and down or in and out! And between Nets, VDP hears Mississippi on 6m!…But Larry misses the new grid square! IXN and TWA discuss dahlias, tomatoes and other things green, and Charles cudn’t hear any OPs on the 10m Net tonite!  BWH, preparing fer the `Mojave 250’ event, makes a number of quick connections to air Newsline fer listening OPs…And Newsline says that new hams ARE learning CW!…(Why not, OPs!…It’s one of the best ways to garner that rare DX call when the phone bands are loaded!) NOA, Gordo, checks in to re-affirm LDC’s account of a great Red Cross Emergency Preparedness all-day event.


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