6/7/2000 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, IXN, JD, LEX, TWA, and PFA. Some OPs are off watching the Lakers playoff game. WOX helps an OP get a Smart-tuner on line, and Art 73s to go pick up the Harmonic.  IXN plans to check out the coax feedline to the ant. fer a pinched section.  JD’s XYL plans to take Lowell out walking fer exercise & to lose weight!   And JD tells OPs that the ARRL website says OCARC has ham radio licensing classes!    LEX, wid a touch of the flu, plans to work the VHF/UHF Contest this weekend.    TWA keeps OPs informed on latest ballgame scores, and AF6C asks PFA fer the name of a painter…Tom will give Bob a landline after Net. And PFA checks out the new R-8 ant., hearing Italy, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Holland, Spain, etc.!…(Nw, to contact them all, Tom!) IXN sends Harrison Spain’s E-mail adr. off to JSV.


6/7/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in UCH, LEX, TWA, KFW, WIU, BWH, VDP, and ZH. UCH is busy collecting school musical instruments for repairs over the summer, and Jim will soon hve a small skin cancer removed from his face.   UCH, TWA, VDP, IXN, and BWH all discuss 1926 vintage Model T Fords, with the Model A thrown in fer good measure!  TWA had his 1st Model T when he was 15 yrs old!   LEX is ready on 6m, 2m, and 70 cm. fer the VHF/UHF Contest this weekend.   WIU joins UCH in instrument repairs at the store and at her work, too.   KFW joins us after `Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ on TV.    And KFW will contact VDP after Net to make arrangements to pick up the new Club generator tomorrow.   BWH has a hot, but gud time, working the Mojave 250 over last weekend, and Bob had beautful viewing of the desert night sky wid its myriad of stars!   VDP plays wid his laptop computer, getting the logging program ready fer FD. ZH, bk frm grocery shopping, tells us that former Club member, Herb Rosenberg, KG6OK, went to the `hitching post’ and is nw away on his honeymoon!   VDP re-records and airs Newsline #1190…So if you need the questions fer the new ham exams fer upgrading, try: .


6/14/2000 10m Phone net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, IXN, NOT, HHC, ZH, and LEX. AF6C reminds all OPs to remember the OCARC Meeting this Friday, and Bob says he will bring new Club badge sample to the Meeting.   LDC was greeted wid an arc when he switched on the power supply tonite!   And Larry says he thinks VKZ is the tower man fer FD. LDC and the XYL had a great time in Hawaii, staying at the Four Seasons Resort on the Big Island.   NOT checks in and is monitoring, and JD will be bringing FD maps to Meeting, and Lowell tells OPs that the Club Pizza Bash will be at `Me n Eds’, 12731 Garden Grove Blvd., just East of Harbor.    ZH says re-filling his Epson cartridges wid Cannon ink seems to work FB.    And IXN mentions as a gud website fer city street maps.   And Bob says if you want to go outside to watch satellites passing across the sky, try for dates and times.   HHC believes power cables fer FD are at BWH’s QTH. And Ken says he hasn’t tried AF6C’s new topographical map website at yet.   (IXN did try it and its GRRReat!) ZH suddenly has high SWR and Chris touches up the ant. tuner…He’ll take a look at the ant. later.   LEX had fun working the VHF/UHF Contest over last weekend, and Chris plans to work all mode 2m/70cm at the FD site.


6/14/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, LDC, LEX, WOX, VDP, BWH, WIU, and KFW. ZH enjoys his new Kenwood TS-50 and MFJ 901-B Ant.    Tuner…Chris can fit them all in a suitcase!   LDC has solid copy on all 10m OPs, but can’t copy WOX on 2m. BWH tells LDC he’ll throw the power cables in his truck and bring them to Meeting Fri. eve. And LDC and VDP will meet wid GG park officials to finalize FD site arrangements fer FD. IXN tells OPs abt a swarm of Eqs in the Brawley/El Centro area that’s been going on since noon!   VDP and LEX confirmed Chris’ operations on the 2m/70cm bands on FD, and WOX cools himself wid a fan in the warm shack tonite.   BWH says his Yucca Valley relatives are moving to Stockton…an 8 hour drive away!   And Bob airs Newsline #1191…We hear that Tex Benecke of Glen Miller band fame, dies here in Santa Ana at age 86!…And Kevin Mitnik’s amateur license filing is up fer review by FCC in light of his probation conditions.   BWH says 4 sections of tower are located in his backyard.   VDP relays WOX’s comments to LDC.   WIU continues study fer the 5 wpm code test, and Cory plans to attend FD work permitting.    KFW gives a FB report on the Club’s new generator…It’s up and running and ready fer FD! And KFW’s harmonic is getting soon, and Chris says he picked up `new wheels’!


6/21/200 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in XO, VDP, PFA, JD, IXN, N9UGU, HHC, LEX, and ZH.   Looks like 10m is finally opening wid Mike’s (N9UGU) check-in frm Chicago!   AF6C says there shud be plenty of soft drinks & low-fat sausages arnd fer lunch at the FD site on Saturday.    And Bob says power cables hve been assembled. And XO has ants., feedlines, and motorhome already to go, but will attend the San Diego County Fair on Friday.    AF6C will try individual sign-up sheets at each FD site this year to expedite keeping track of FD OPs.   VDP checks in wid choppy sigs and quickly changes microphones to improve his audio…IXN still notes slight audio distortion.    PFA noted more activity on 10m than 15m this afternoon…Gud sign fer 10m operation on FD, Tom!   And VPP & PFA visit the FD site to check out ATV location fer FD. N9UGU put up a new ant. and checks into Net wid his 10m Radioshack HTX, wid gud reports frm all Net OPs!   HHC gets home, checks into Net, tells OPs the computer is ready fer FD logging, and will go over the FD supply list wid AF6C tomorrow.    IXN’s brother, Lee, will hve a `nose job’ at St. Joseph Outpatient Pavilion come Friday.   LEX must remain in the parking lot wid his self-contained mobile FD station, featuring solar power!   ZH has great audio tonite, as he tells OPs the FD shopping is all done, gear is ready fer the satellite contact and receiving the FD Message.


6/21/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, LEX, VDP, AIL, KFW, WOX, AF6C, TWA, BWH, and WIU.   ZH says OSCAR 10’s transponder is still working, and he will try to make the Club satellite contact thru OSCAR 10.   LEX plans to rotate the ant. frm his truck by hand on FD.    And Chris says 6m was open tonite!   VDP tells IXN he had the speech processor on fer 10m tonite…He’ll try it in the off position next Net. And Larry says LDC fixed neutral/ground connections in the cables.   AIL checks in but must leave quickly.   And KFW will be at the FD site at 2 pm on Fri., and bring the generator out Sat. morning.   Also, Chris picked up all the badge materials ordered by LDC and will bring them to FD.   And KFW can relax now…The harmonic went to the `hitching post’ last Sat! BWH has the Club Trailer at his QTH fer ZH’s pick-up anytime Fri. WOX will take off work a couple of hours to help wid FD setup.   BWH is off to Yucca Valley over the weekend to help family move to Stockton…a 10 hr. drive…We don’t envy you, Bob!   And Bob airs Newsline #1192, where we hear, of all things, about a ‘mouse census’ in Australia!…And, if you want to check out Newsline on the web, try: . AF6C will arrive at the FD site early Sat. morning, and TWA says he cudn’t hear WOX at all tonite.   And Charles tells IXN he has ripe tomatoes now.   WIU will try to get to the FD site Fri. afternoon, but Sat. morning fer sure!


6/28/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, XO, IXN, JD, and TWA.   WOX asks XO abt the San Diego County Fair at Del Mar.    XO says it is more like the old fashioned Fairs used to be…WOX thinks he might go dwn and check it out!   And Art says he enjoyed VKZ’s food layout at FD.   AF6C and OPs said the restroom facilities at the Park on FD left something to be desired!   And AF6C said there was no N6UC awards to be given…Everybody was right on the ball wid FD electronics!   IXN says brother Lee’s nose job went well, wid vy ’lil bleeding, but, we hope to get to FD next year.   JD enjoyed the trip to Vegas wid the XYL, didn’t win a lot, but had fun!   And JD said the News Media frm Garden Grove Channel 3 interviewed OPs and took pix to air in the future…Great publicity, OPs! And AF6C tnx OPI & WIU fer there help on 15m on FD…Those gals got 90 to 100 contacts in 1 hr!    Like IXN, TWA was bsuy wid medical business over FD, and TWA will search fer brass letter outlets fer IXN.


6/28/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in TWA, LEX, BWH, VDP, and WIU.   TWA is looking fer an outlet fer 120 color film…IXN suggested Adrays…But OPs say Adrays has closed.   Now IXN has to find another place to have his Olympus OM-1 camera body serviced!   LEX enjoyed FD, wid gud food, great location, only disappointment, not much band activity, abt 70-80 contacts, plus a solar contact worth 100 pts.   And Chris enjoyed a 2m contact in Fresno!   BWH tends to housework FD morning and arrives at the Site abt 4 pm., works 20m frm midnight til dawn, goes home to eat Bfast and record Newsline, then bk to the FD site to help OPs tear down.   Bob says next time FD is at a public location, he’ll take his headphones…Too much noise frm observers! And BWH picks up the Orange County Fair tickets fer OPs who will be attending the Ham Radio Booth, and Bob airs a vy interesting #1193 Newsline tape.   VDP, hving visited wid Cory fer a few minutes, says FD logostics were FB!   And Larry said antennas went up & dwn very easily this year…80m was pretty dead, 40m was good, and the new Club generator worked flawlessly!   WIU worked 10m wid VPP, UCH, and PFA, and Cory enjoyed being close to home. 


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