7/5/2000 10m Phone Net – IXN was up in the mountains, and W6ZE/AF6C checks in HHC, VDP, TWA, and KD6NOT, who is nw an Extra Class OP…Congrats on the upgrade, Mark!

7/5/2000 2m Phone NetW6ZE/VDP checked in KFW, OPI, AF6C, W6MKV, HHC, KG6CJI, KG6CJJ, FZE, TWA, BWH, WIU, and LEX…Nice check-in, OPs!   MKV checked in frm Chula Vista, dwn near San Diego.   CJI and CJJ are OPI’s two harmonics and we congratulate them on getting their ham tickets!…OPI & ONZ nw have and entire Ham Family!!…Congrats, OPs!

7/12/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, JD, IXN, HHC, LEX, and TWA.   AF6C holds Net frm HHC’s shack, and Bob tells OPs that he has a sick Apple monitor…The question now…Fix it or replace it?    OPs tell HHC that he still has drift on his rig.   Ken will let the Yaesu docs try their hand at treating the ailment!   WOX’s harmonic’s car had to hve sum repair work before it passed the smog test, and Art busies himself going to the Doc to check out knee pain, and, painting the trim on the QTH.   JD will be busy working overtime fer the next 2 or 3 weeks, and Lowell reminds OPs to come to the Club Pizza Bust to be held at Me n Eds on July 26, in Garden Grove, beginning at 6:30 pm. WOX asks JD if he has received his O C Fair tickets…JD answers NO!    HHC tells OPs his first computer monitor was a TV set. And Ken says he’ll probably be sailing in the North Sea on July 26!…The XYL and others hve planned a European vacation.   HHC & AF6C work on Club FD pix fer the Club webpage, and Ken tells OPs that he entertained his vacationing brother frm Pittsburgh, showing him how to use the Internet to research the Civil War.   IXN & Lee had a gud time visiting their Neice & husband in Garner Valley, and Bob tells HHC that his rig drifted frm 375.2 to 375.6 MHz at his QTH.   LEX is curious abt the FD pix the `Ken & Bob Show’ are adding to the Club webpage.   TWA tries to eliminate the QRN at the shack, but says he hears WOX FB tonite!


7/12/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/Ixn checks in VDP, BWH/m, HHC, AF6C, TWA, LEX, KFW, and K6RCX, Erwin, in Garden Grove.   All OPs welcome oldtimer and friend of VDP, Erwin, to the Net.   And RCX says he may attend a future Club meeting fer and eyeball wid us!   VDP gets a big surprise on 6m…He works a VE7 on 50.300 Mhz garnering a 5/9 sig report, wid lots of QSB on Larry’s end!   And VDP is busy making patch cords fer his accessories.    And Larry says Leroy Sparks, W6SYC, former NARSman & Club member, just upgraded to General at the last VE test session.   Congrats, Leroy!    BWH has been to the post office, mailed out the O. C. Fair tickets to OPs, and Bob is glad to be back frm the long trip moving relatives to Stockton!   HHC tells IXN he hasn’t spent much time in the Stockton area, but is more familiar wid the Porterville, Visalia, etc. area.   HHC & IXN discuss the Battle of Gettysburg briefly, discussing the charge of Confederate troops in a spearhead on the `Bloody Angle’.   IXN tells HHC abt the gory writeup in the Harvard Reports on the 3-day battle.   Then HHC tells OPs abt his visit to St. Petersburg, the Hermitage, Scandanavia, London, etc., planned by the XYL and others…Sounds like a vy busy vacation, Ken!   VDP picks up his ham license in 1956, while IXN & RCX get theirs in 1957.   TWA `joins the crowd’ by picking up the wrong mike…Happens to us over & over, Charles!   LEX misses the VHF/UHF contest, but works the TRW repeater and the Catalina repeater frm Idylwild!! BWH gets bk to the QTH and airs Newsline #1195…The IARU says there are over 3,000,000 hams world-wide, wid Japan leading, followed by the U.S., Thailand, Korea, and Germany coming in 5th! And the ham radio community is still growing, although membership in ham organizations has declined! IXN and HHC go over student `names’ fer the Cathedral of Learning at the Univ. of Pgh. KFW joins the discussion to tell OPs that he remembers watching ball games in Schenley Park thru the fence…IXN remembers a Pitt professor who watched the Pirates wid binocs frm the Cathedral of Learning! RCX tells OPs that he has already visited the Club website. And KFW tells us that his brother, W3WHG, worked fer sum time as an electrician completing construction at the Cathedral of Learning.


7/19/2000 10m Phone Net – The `Ken & Bob’ Show have moved to the Orange County Fair Booth.   A compressor mike on the OC Fair rig fails to perform properly, sending out an audio oscillation and clipping words.    AF6C turns NC duties over to IXN, who checks in AF6C, HHC, JD, LDC, WOX, KC6RNK, Gary, in Irvine, TWA, and LEX.   JD hears LDC FB, but can’t copy OPs at the Fair.   Lowell says Norms at Katella/Tustin wud be a gud site fer the Club Bfast in case of an emergency.   LDC is wid us tonite after a power failure cancels his class, and Larry is off to Flagstaff on the 27th fer a short 4-day vacation.   HHC & AF6C experiment wid different ideas to solve the audio problem wid ’lil success.   WOX clarifies RNK, Gary’s name, fer IXN.    And Art helped man the Fair Booth this afternoon …Art says the ant. at the Fair is a wire dipole.   LEX, working on projects in the garage, hears all OPs wid varying sigs, and RNK hopes to get to a Club meeting sumtime fer eyeballs.    TWA misses the OC Fair this year, but Charles stops by IXN’s QTH, leaving delicious garden tomatoes, and, 4 prizes fer the Club Raffle Fri. eve.!…Two of Charles’ famous dusters and two alarm clocks!…Thank you, TWA!!

7/19/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in AF6C, HHC, WOX, JD, TWA, ZH, LDC, WIU, VDP, BWH, and LEX.   We thank W6NOA fer the station in the Booth at the OC Fair. And we thank all OCARC members who participated in manning the OC Booth!!   HHC, AF6C, ZH, and BWH all hve 5/9 sigs frm the OC Fair.   ZH got caught in the recent wave of industrial layoffs, so anyone needing a gud engineer/technician, Chris is just a mike away! JD hears all OPs FB tonite, and TWA cudn’t copy WOX. WOX turned the beam toward OPs working frm the OC Fair.    And LDC may take on building the ‘RF Power Detector’ listed in Aug. QST.   WIU/m is on her way home frm the OC Fair, hving worked the 3:30-7:00 shift, where Cory helped kids send their names in morse code…future hams in the making, Cory! BWH airs Newsline #1196 frm the OC Fair Booth, and we learn that the Carnegie Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh, PA., will be awarded a contract to build an automated lunar robot to search for water on the moon!   PFA, VDP, & WIU enjoy playing wid the radios this afternoon in the OC Fair Booth, and VDP gets his ‘RF’ and QST magazine today.   BWH says Mike Oberman, a T-Hunter, will be Fri. eve. speaker at Club meeting…Shud be a gud program! LEX `flies in and flies out’.


7/26/200 10 & 2m Phone Nets – No nets…Club Pizza Bash!!  A good time was had by all!!


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