8/2/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, XO, JD, WOX, and IXN.    LDC missed the Club Pizza Bash…He was giving a final exam to his class!    And Larry plans to have a double coronary bypass come Aug. 10 at Kaiser Hosp.    All OPs wish LDC well!! The beer was cold, the pizza warm, and AF6C & OPs enjoyed the Club Pizza Bash.     And AF6C finds a bad solder joint in the computer monitor and all is fine now!   JD will attempt to give a haelping hand at the upcoming CA. Classic event…Lowell asks XO to send him a location map.    XO missed the Pizza Bash…Bob had to go to work at 3:30 am next morning!   WOX brings ice water to the shack this vy hot eve, so he can `cool dwn’.    IXN talks abt he & Lee’s trip to the San Jacinto Mts, IXN’s upcoming physical, the OM-1 camera repair, and the FCC letter converting the FCC databases, etc., to CORES (COmmission REgistration System).   WOX got his FCC letter, too, and Art said there was a gud turnout at the Pizza Bash!


8/2/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, TWA, BWH, LDC, VDP, and LEX. We believe sum OPs are watching the Republican Convention in `Philly’ tonite! ZH tries to stay cool as he tells OPs that his resume is finished, and that he already has a couple of `feelers’ on another job!   And Chris says he saw past Club Pres. Robin Hoff, HNY, today…And Robin is vy busy wid the law practice these days.   TWA listens to political speeches and checks into Net later. BWH airs Newsline…We hear that the Nat. Assoc. of Broadcasters and the FCC are vy tired of interference frm pirate stations, and the FCC will be removing the pirates!    LDC has sum traffic fer BWH, and Larry says the Club Bfast Sat. will be at IHOP just across 17th St. frm the Hometown Buffet.   And LDC tells BWH that he won’t be attending the Aug. Club meeting due to his heart surgery. IXN checks into the new FCC CORES website…no sweat…no strain!! VDP enjoys the political speeches, but Larry says the hot WX slows dwn projects!   LEX likes the warm WX…He took a 15 mi. bike ride at lunch!…And the job will Chris bk on the road travelling once agn soon!


8/9/2000 10m Phone Net – AF6C has a late meeting at work and asks IXN to assume Net Control until he can take over.   IXN checks in JD, XO, LEX/m, HHC, TWA, and ZH. W6ZE/AF6C assumes NC duties during Net.   JD enjoys the last couple of week’s WX, and Lowell, wid a recent death in the family, cannot attend the Classic event this weekend. XO confirms JD’s cancellation and tells OPs he has abt 20 volunteers fer the CA. Classic event so far.   XO turns the beam to pick up LEX/m, and LEX, trying out a new patch cord, checks in wid high audio distortion.   Bob then tells CA. Classic volunteers to report to the site by 8:00 am, wid the Event starting at 9:00 am.   LEX reports bk in wid fb sigs frm the mobile.   XO tells HHC abt his `fatal error’ problem wid E-mail messages, and HHC tells OPs abt his `XYL planned’ vacation to Northern Europe, trying out some of his new-learned Russian on OPs!…The vacation was a great success, enjoyed by all!!   TWA & IXN discuss Russian tomatoes and dinner plate dahlias, as Charles basks in the cool breeze frm the Santa Ana River bed on this hot evening!   IXN comments on LDC’s upcoming double by-pass tomorrow, and ZH, after a dinner of sushi wid friends, tells OPs he’ll see them at the CA Classic come the weekend!


8/9/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in JD, HHC, TWA, ZH, UCH, VDP, KFW, and BWH. JD hopes that UCH’s surgery was a success, and UCH joins us to say his surgery was a 2-day ordeal, wid lip and nose repair.    Jim is doing fb now, and is busy repairing musical instruments fer the OUSD.    HHC hasn’t begun to read all of his 600 E-mails since his return frm a European vacation!   And Ken & IXN remind OPs to look at the FD pix on the webpage!   TWA tells OPs that the sprinklers on the golf course in the SA River bed keep the air nice and cool. ZH, like IXN, uses a fan to keep cool in the shack…Chris discovered that running the air conditioner is a mite expensive!!    And Chris repeats XO’s freqs. fer the CA. Classic event: 146.895 MHz talk-in; 144.330 MHz fer Event communications. VDP batches it this week wid the XYL and harmonic visiting in eastern AZ. KFW likes the heat, but not the humidity…IXN agrees!    And Chris, helping his daughter move after her recent marriage, is off to visit his other daughter in Highland Ranch, south of Denver, CO.   BWH, at the QTH tonite, airs Newsline tape, and we all hear that OM Lew McCoy, W1ICP, 84 yrs old, prolific writer fer Ham publications, passed away on July 31. Lew `the Real’ McCoy gave us the antenna tuner among many things, and `Mac’ will be sorely missed by the Ham community.


8/16/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in XO, JD, HHC, and IXN.   XO and OPs discussed the CA. Classic event held last weekend, and XO passed along cudos to OPs who participated: ZH, PFA, VPP, AF6C, HHC, DLA, and WLO, and, some Riverside hams.   One carriage accident occurred, but no one seriously hurt! HHC says LDC is progressing nicely after his double bypass surgery, and Ken said it was 97 deg. this afternoon in the backyard!   JD, wid a high noise level between 5 & 6, says he’ll see us all at Meeting Fri. eve.   IXN gets a favorable medical report frm his Doc, and AF6C enjoyed meeting new hams at the CA. Classic event.   Also, Bob says there are a few minor changes to be made on the webpage…He’ll discuss those wid HHC.


8/16/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in WOX, WIU, VDP, ZH, BWH, HHC, TWA, and KF6YIJ. WOX, in his shorts, enjoys the warm WX.    And Art tells OPs he & the XYL went to La Jolla over last weekend.    WIU says UCH is healing well, wid some tenderness, after recent face surgery.    And Cory and Jim have been vy busy repairing musical instruments! Congrats to VDP on receiving his 6m WAS. And ZH & OPs discuss the great time they had at the CA. Classic equestrian event last weekend…Now Chris is off to the East fer a week to help his parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniv. BWH, getting home late frm work Fri. eve., forgot all about the CA. Classic event… "Oh well", says Bob, "There’s always next year!" BWH then airs Newsline #1200…The IARU recommends to the ITU a no-code license exam fer the HF bands! HHC reminds all OPs abt Club meeting Fri. eve., and though it was awfully hot at the CA Classic event, Ken enjoyed himself, and especially that cool dip in the pool after arriving home!   TWA & IXN discuss tomatoes, wid Charles harvesting his first yellow tomatoes.    And IXN still has vy beautiful dinner plate dahlias blooming. KF6YIJ, James, from Mission Viejo, joins us and we invite James to a Club meeting.   James was feeding 40W to a home made vertical up abt 25 ft.


8/23/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, JD, IXN, WOX, LEX, HHC, and BWH.   AF6C asks OPs if we will hve a Club Bfast now that Board Meetings may be held on different eves. during the week.    And OPs thought the new Meeting Agenda went well at last club meeting.    AF6C re-introduced the idea of "Mr. RF" at Meetings…OPs were all in favor!   And Bob said that LDC’s laminator worked superbly on the new Club Badges. Next Board Meeting will be held on Sept. 5, at LDC’s QTH…And LDC will finish recuperating frm the double by-pass just in time to go bk to work!…Oh, well…You know what they say, Larry, "No rest for the wicked"…Hi! JD welcomes LDC bk on the Net, and IXN gives a short summary on late Black Hole physics.   WOX has his oldest harmonic visitng frm San Francisco, likes the new Meeting agenda, works at painting the house, and then some beach time.    LEX, on vacation this week, says 10m has been gud and 6m not so gud. And Chris will soon be off fer a couple of business days in Europe. In the absence of VKZ, HHC has been appointed the ARRL Club Liaison.   In his recent trip to Europe, HHC noticed Ham antennas in every country he visited except Russia! HHC came home frm work last Fri. eve. wid a cold, plopped into bed, and said he’ll see us fer eyeballs at next Club Meeting.   IXN and OPs say the CA. Classic pix on the webpage are G R E A T! BWH, will be loading the vehicle fer vacation, will be unable to attend the Board Meeting on Sept. 5.


8/23 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in LDC, LEX, JD, VDP, TWA, WIU, HHC, BWH, and KQ6YY/HD6LG/m, Barry. All OPs welcome LDC bk to the Net after recent surgery. And VSP tells LDC that he can make the Board Meeting on Sept. 5. LEX, on a week’s vacation, and having finished work on the house plumbing, is off to Sea World tomorrow. JD reminds all abt the Sept. 5 Board Meeting, then Lowell is off to bed. HHC will attempt to arrange the Club Bfast at IHOP on 17th St. in SA…Ken will E-mail us when arrangements hve been made. VDP, working part time and doing house chores hasn’t had much time fer hamming lately. And TWA joins IXN and HHC in the ‘wrong-mike club’ as Charles ‘silently’ checks in! HHC gets the CA. Classic pix on the webpage, but IXN can’t enlarge the last pix! BWH wid ‘no new gud news’, airs Newsline #1201…Australian hams lose 9 cm freqs. to the auctioneer, and, the Saudis will launch two ham satellites from Russia!…Tnx Bob! WIU checks in only, and then kicks bk to listen to the Net. And IXN tells Cory that UCH looks FB after recent face surgery!


8/30/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in JD, IXN, HHC, TWA, and XO. HHC informs us that the word Palomar means `pigeon haven’!    And IXN retorts, "What an appropriate name for Palomar Observatory!"   It’s pretty quiet arnd JD’s QTH…The 2 grandaughters left last Sun! AF6C tells TWA that his Club badge is ready, and HHC reminds us abt the Club Bfast this Sat., and, abt the upcoming Board Meeting at LDC’s QTH on Sept. 5.   HHC then says that we will hve an interesting presentation on PSK-31 at next Meeting, and Ken tells us that the Webmaster increased our webpage frm 25 to 100 MBs at no extra charge!!   TWA will try to be at next meeting, but Charles tells AF6C he can send him his badge if AF6C wishes.   HHC will mail TWA the Russian words that sparked Charle’s interest.   XO asks AF6C if his Club badge is ready…AF6C says yes.   We then discuss things astronomical, and JD says he may check out this astronomy thing after the 1st of the year!


8/30/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in JD, AD6NK, VDP, HHC, TWA, BWH, LDC, and UCH.   LDC has an important visitor during 10m Net, but Larry joins us here.    JD gets a call frm a young man who wants to become a Ham, and may join us at next Club meeting!   Club member Ed, NK, joins us mobile near Main & Harbor. NK nw lives in Irvine and has been a Ham since 1964.   VDP ahs been working a ’lil, but not on the bands…And Larry tells OPs to watch robots battle on Comedy Central on both Cable and Satellite.    HHC repeats the Club info. frm 10m Net, and Ken reminds us not to forget the Club Auction coming up at Oct. Meeting!   BWH airs Newsline #1202, and we hear that amateur radio cannot be used by a police dept. for communications!   And TWA doesn’t need a wheelbarrow to move his Caspian sea tomato…only when he moves three at a time!!   One of Charles tomatoes weighed 1 lbs.!   LDC is `bored to tears’ sitting around not being able to drive…BUT…just one more week…!   UCH has QRN at the QTH tonite, making it difficult to hear OPs.   UCH and WIU are vy busy repairing musical instruments for the beginning of school, and Jim says he won’t make the Club Bfast.

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