9/6/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, JD, LDC, RWY, IXN, LEX, HHC, TWA, and NOT.   WOX & XYL just returned frm sum R&R at Newport Beach, and Art gets a QSL card frm Jamaica.  Then Art comments on the red sky tonite, wid OPs chiming in to tell WOX, `Red at night, sailor’s delight.  Red in the morning, sailors take warning!’ JD and XYL visit the Hemet area and the Inland Empire over the Holiday weekend…And JD & AF6C tell OPs to get ready fer `Mr. RF’ at next Meeting!  IXN reads a short item on polar wandering…Seems that Chandler wobble is caused by changes in water pressure deep in the oceans, and by air pressure.  LDC goes bk to work and has a vy gud day!…(Right on, Larry!) And LDC tells us that his fauna is suffering frm an infestation of white flies. TWA suggests using a weak detergent solution to combat the problem. RWY says that WOX helped him wid his antenna, and Dick says he enjoyed an airplane trip to AZ recently wid his former boss.   And LEX, bk frm a trip to Europe, tells OPs abt new gear frm EICOM & Yaesu…The EICOM model 910 to replace the 821 satellite rig; the Yaesu 817 (VHF/UHF only); the new FT 1000MP having 6m transverter possibilities, and the new VA-5000 all band, all mode, all everything receiver up to 2.6 Gigs! HHC & AF6C tnx LEX fer rundown on new equipment, and Ken gives a freq. of 448.500 MHz fer Shuttle audio.   HHC also reminds OPs to get items ready fer the Oct. 20 Club Auction.   AF6C and NOT will climb Santiago Peak agn next week fer work on communications gear.


9/6/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in AD6LG, KFW, LDC, HHC, TWA, JD, VDP, WIU/m, ZH.   Barry, LG, does sum barbecuing over the Holiday, and LG airs Newsline Tape fer vacationing BWH this evening.   KFW & IXN talk abt the demolition of 3 Rivers Stadium in Pgh, PA., and Chris & XYL just got bk frm breaking in the new car on a trip to visit their daughter in CO. LDC & OPs hve sum QRM in the background tonite, and Larry tells OPs abt plans that Kaiser has for his cardiac rehab in the gym…(pumping iron, no doubt!!)  HHC says the Club Bfast will continue at IHOP on 17th St. And LDC tells Ken that the Shuttle was recently struck by lightning!   TWA has had white flies fer 3 yrs, and Charles says tiny wasps were imported to get rid of the flies.   JD announces the new `Mr. RF’ event beginning next Meeting…BE READY TO SHAKE HANDS!!   VDP & IXN agree that most Holidays `are the same’, and Larry said he was watching the open tennis matches on TV.  And VDP tells TWA that he chopped out his hibiscus bush to get rid of the white flies, and Larry reminds OPs to watch the `robot battles’ on cable or satellite!  WIU checks on mobile, but is home fer 5 min. before NC comes bk to Cory.  WIU had been over to OCC sitting in wid the wind ensemble, and ended up bringing home instruments fer repair! ZH says TAM is home frm recent surgery, and heavily medicated at present.   Chris had a great time bk on the E. Coast at his parent’s wedding anniv., and Chris has job interviews wid three prospective employers!   LG then airs Newsline #1203…We learn that AMSAT Phase D3 could be in orbit by Nov.!…And, Cbers are not permitted to operate DX!


9/13/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, IXN, HHC, and ZH.   AF6C will be out of town on Fri. and will miss Meeting.   Bob tells JD to read ‘Mr RF’ article in Sept. RF, and to choose Mr. RF as he sees fit.   HHC explains to LDC why Larry received 20 identical E-mails frm Ken!  And LDC sent flowers frm the Club to a convalescing TAM.   JD revels in cake and icecream at Bldg 46…one worker was retiring and another worker was being transferred to another dept.  IXN cuts a bouganvilla bush in the hot sun and humidity and gets sick…And Bob tells OPs ham radio gear has been placed on the new Space Station!   HHC and OPs discuss Noah’s possible flood as a sudden increase of fresh water into the Black Sea during early biblical times.   ZH had another job interview today, just got bk frm visiting a friend in El Segundo, works on composing a letter on the computer, and tells OPs that Jane received the Club flowers.   HHC & IXN get new glasses.


9/13/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, ZH, LG, KFW, HHC, TWA, LEX, WIU, and KQ6PK.   VDP wants to talk to KFW abt re-doing a ’lil laptop computer.   And ZH uses a fan to draw air in one window and blow it out another to cool the apartment.   LG, IXN and TWA discuss the upcoming  Route 66 ham radio event.    OPs say to try NADXA.COM fer more info.  TWA works Labrador on 14.262, VO2NS, near Prince Edward Is., and Charles says the white fly 5th army has attacked his tomato plants.  HHC says the downstairs AC doesn’t cool the attic, so Ken opens the windows and turns on the fans. HHC reminds all abt the Oct. Club Auction, and says info. on the auction is on the Website. LEX, out fer a ’lil shopping, just got home wid the family, and WIU checks in mobile on her way home frm an OCC wind ensemble practice for a Nov. concert. Troy, KQ6KP, just north of San Diego, checks in wid great sigs, using a KW 621-A at 218 W to a 12 element yagi. Barry, LG, then airs Newsline tape fer the vacationing BWH. Newsline #1204 tells us that Israel will retain the 5 min. code test, wid 16 wpm fer a Grade A license…Tnx, Barry!


9/20/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, HHC, IXN, and LEX. The Olympics have cut into Net check-ins tonite!   AF6C asks IXN to tell TWA on the 2m Net that he left his badge in the car. And Bob roasted on the mountain top today…They were checking out a defunct switch-over circuit frm a bad to a gud xmitter.   LDC said AF6C probably got caught in the inversion layer!    And Larry visited a gud PSK-31 website over last weekend. JD was to busy to select a ‘Mr. RF.’ at last Club meeting.   IXN talks abt type 1A Supernovas, and HHC checks into remodeling the master bathroom, got a new chair wid a 5th wheel, and enjoyed the PSK-31 talk at Club meeting.  IXN can’t tolerate the ‘Alzheimers Soaps’ (infomercials) on TV, and Bob gets a new pair of glasses.   LEX ‘flew in and flew out’ at Net’s end.


9/20/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in LEX, VDP, KFW, KF6SWL, and TWA. LEX gets groceries fer the past year frm grocer.comm.    So Chris and the XYL once more hve a novel experience shopping fer groceries this eve.   And LEX gets a gud deal on a log periodic 20 element VHF bands ant! VDP, IXN and OPs all hear Brandon, KF6SWL, in Hemet running 130W to an in-line vertical Yagi ant. using a Yaesu 5100 rig.   KFW says SWL is a ’lil scratchy. SWL hangs out on 447.640 MHz. too.  IXN tells TWA abt his errant badge, and KFW doesn’t like working on the auto outside in the heat!  TWA cudn’t cut thru the QRN on 10m tonite, but Charles manages to tell us abt growing `ornamental plants’ (Rose of Sharon…I think!) in the Santa Ana River Bed!  Newsline was not aired tonite.


9/27/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, WOX, NT, JD, IXN, and HHC. LDC goes to a siminar on Mon.  And Larry says he will make phone calls regarding ‘Good of the Club’ award.  WOX is enjoying the cooler WX as he and the family return frm a Chinese food din-din.  WOX & IXN notice flutter on each other’s sigs.   AF6C says Santiago peak facility is `up and running’, and now Bob prepares to visit his sister in Boston in Oct. NT hears NC and IXN 5/7 tonite, but other OPs only weakly.  Ray has a new Pegasus TenTec rig…Then NT has to 73…Din-din is ready!  IXN misses the old CW net wid NT, IXN, VDP, RND, and XQR.  IXN finishes the 2000 FD montage fer the Club History.   AF6C inquires abt gud travel websites, and HHC tells OPs to check out ,, and Microsoft Travels, fer competitive prices on airline tickets. HHC ‘pedals to the rig’ after watching the Olympic Bicycle event just before Net, and AF6C and Ken discuss an injured PennState football player.  Fear not!…JD says Boeing stock will go up agn!


9/27/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in TRA, UCH, AF6C, TEZ, WIU, TWA, HHC, BWH, VDP, and KFW.   AF6C asks OPs if they saw the recent meteor flash across the sky.  KE6IYL gives OPs a rundown on the meteor that may hve landed in Mexico.  TWA said it was the size of a basketball, and TWA’s audio was weak at check-in, but Charles had 5/9 sigs on the next go-around.   TRA and XYL completed their 5 mo. vacation…a gud time had by all!  UCH rents out 4 to 5 hundred music instruments to school students to bolster music programs in their schools.  WIU continues to practice wid the wind ensemble, and help UCH wid the music business…Jim & Cory put CW on the back burner at present. AF6C wants to know if any OPs hve heard frm PFA lately.  And TEZ & IXN missed the meteorite.   IXN enjoys the pix of the solar prominences on the `Astronomy Picture of the Day’ website. BWH leaves OC at 6:50 on Wed., and is in Bismarck, ND, by Wed. at midnight, he & Linda driving alternately.  The wedding was a BLAST, wid a hayride frm the church bk to the farm where all gathered at the barn fer the barndance!  On the way home, Bob & Linda took time to visit Mt. Rushmore.  BWH checks in mobile, but arrives home in time to air Newsline #1206, where interested OPs will get ready fer BSA’s JOTA (Jamboree On The Air), airing Oct. 21-22. HHC and OPs welcome Gene, TRA, bk frm summer vacation, and HHC tnx BWH fer arranging the FB program on PSK-31!    VDP has spent sum time watching the Olympics (along wid other OPs).  And KFW, bitten at last Club meeting by the PSK-31 bug, downloads software, makes and interface, and is nw receiving PSK-31…Nw fer the xmitter!

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