10/4/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, IXN, and HHC.  LDC reminds OPs to think abt the upcoming Club Auction, the Good of the Club Award, and the upcoming Club Bfast at IHOP.  We then discuss politics, wid AF6C & IXN in favor of eliminating the National Debt.  IXN proposes we nominate LDC fer President and AF6C fer V. Pres. LDC quips, "I’d rather be King!"  IXN & LDC agree that the Candidates sounded like a broken record…repeating themselves over and over. After AF6C recommends payment of the National Debt, HHC quips, "I see that there will be no dues cut fer the OCARC next year!"  HHC tells us that the Webpage has 5 new FD 2000 pictures!


10/4/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in LDC, HHC, KFW, AF6C, VDP, BWH, and TWA.   LDC says the Christmas dinner will be a Mimis agn, and Larry works on cabinets to be used fer a small darkroom…But LDC has a problem wid all the items he’s `pack-ratted’ over the years!  HHC flies arnd the room on his `magic broomstick’ only talking as he passes the mike!  The `Ken & Bob’ show discusses the Harry Potter books they’re reading, and KFW tells OPs he’s hving a gud time wid PSK-31, hving downloaded Digipan 1.2 software, and nw looking fer other PSK-31 software…Nw fer that VP Debate tomorrow nite!    AF6C is taking orders fer Club Badges, and BWH inquires abt a lithium battery fer his ailing Kwd 741. And Bob will be working the MS-150 bicycle event on Club Bfast Sat. Then BWH airs Newsline…The FCC identifies Captain Truth as John Yount, K4QIJ, as a source of unidentified, malicious interference & jamming.    And Newsline announces a freq. of 144.170 MHz as a Hawaii Beacon on 2m! VDP ignores the Demo-Repub debate and opts fer the 3rd Party Candidates instead!    Windows 98 crashes on Larry’s computer, and VDP passes Rolf Franzke’s E-mail adr. to IXN.   KFW will bring a computer to VDP at the Club Bfast.   TWA thought Mr. Bush did better than the Media thought he wud do in the Debate!


10/11/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in JD, IXN, LEX, LDC, NT, HHC, and ZH. JD won’t attend the Club Auction…Family business.   But Lowell tells AF6C that PFA was heard on 2m lately.    And JD says he needs someone to handle refreshments fer the Club Auction meeting.   IXN doesn’t listen to the candidates fer Pres. debate this eve., and Bob tells OPs abt Martian meteorites that hve been found on Earth.   LEX erects a new log-periodic ant. at the QTH…6m thru 1.3 GHz. LDC says priorities fer this election are education & a tax break! And Larry says he’ll NC the 10m Net if AF6C doesn’t get bk frm AZ in time. NT has items fer the Auction that he’ll donate if someone comes & picks them up. (see 2m notes below) HHC gets the Sept. RF up on the website and updates events, too. And Ken is just completeing a 3-day class on Successful People. ZH is all interviewd out…He just got bk frm interviews wid 5 managers. And ZH has downloaded PSK-31 software and built an interface fer the computer and is nw enjoying the new mode. And, ZH will be auctioneer fer the upcoming Club Auction!


10/11/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in LEX, ZH, VDP, AF6C, HHC, BWH, and FUZ. IXN announces JD & NT requests (see above).    And LEX describes the 25 element log periodic Creative Design ant. fer IXN & OPs.   ZH gives more details on today’s interviews wid a pool & spa company at Moorpark in Ventura County.   Nw Chris is off to Silicone Valley fer more interviews on Fri.   HHC & IXN tnx VDP fer offering to pick up items fer the Club Auction frm NT. And VDP bought an auto fer the harmonic and put $800 in repairs on it. His son will use it to go bk & forth to work. And, VDP does sum upholstery work in the truck. AF6C is off to Yuma next week to retire an instrument landing system, and Bob said Tuesday’s rain was a bummer on the commute. HHC is on #2 Harry Potter book, and IXN says there is all kinds of info. on Harry Potter on the Web.    HHC gives a rundown on web page updates to OPs, and BWH & FUZ greet each other…wid FUZ, Robb, at work in the Anaheim Emergency Comm. Center tonite, and BWH telling OPs abt the successful MS-150 bikeathon wid over 1100 bike riders!  Then BWH airs Newsline tape #1208…We hear that Gov. Davis has vetoed California’s ‘PRB’ Antenna Bill!


10/18/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in XO, LDC, WOX, VDP, NT, IXN, and LEX. XO tells OPs that the California Classic Equestrian Event will move Ramona, CA., located SE of Escondido.   And Bob mentioned that the organization is considering a donation to the Club for past communication services.    AF6C arrived home frm Yuma in time for the Net, but Bob asks fer a volunteer NC fer the next wo nets…Bob will be vacationing on the East Coast!   LDC attended the air show at Miramar, enjoying the Red Barons, and, the Blue Angels. VDP gathers his last items fer the Club Auction Fri. eve.   And VDP says LDC is dwn in the QRN tonite.   NT can’t hear LDC or WOX, and RAY gives ZE a 5/7 report.   VDP picked up NT’s items fer the Auction, and IXN reports 3 Eqs in our area. IXN says he can’t find any flu vaccine available as yet!   LEX reported a gud opening on 20m while operating mobile, and Chris gave a summary report on the new Yaesu FT-817 rig.


10/18/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in UCH, VDP, LEX, HHC, FUZ, and BWH.  UCH goes home early, takes a nap, doesn’t cut the grass, says the music instrument rental season is winding dwn, and has lots of instruments to repair!   VDP ventures over to NT’s QTH, picks up Ray’s auction items, and plans to help Ray put up another ant. in the near future.   And VDP says NT needs an Astron power supply.   LEX gives IXN and OPs a gud report on the QRP, HF, VHF, UHF Yaesu FT-817, vy tiny, wid no fans, etc.   HHC gets home frm a BD party and hayride in Orange, in time to check into the Net.  IXN tells HHC that the 10m crew passed along cudos on the Oct. ‘RF’ edition up on the Webpage.    FUZ & BWH discuss the use of the Disneyland Repeater fer distribution of OCARO news, etc., and Robb will discuss it wid the Disneyland hams. BWH checked in mobile, and airs Newsline #1209 after arriving at the QTH. Newsline tells us that use of electronics devices on commercial flights is still prohibited!


10/25/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/LDC checked in HHC, JD, IXN, WOX, and LEX. AF6C is away on vacation, so LDC & HHC agreed to share NC duties in Bob’s absence. HHC reported a $137.00 profit frm the Club Auction… Right on, OPs!).   And HHC confirms XO’s news that the Club will be receiving a $500.00 check as a donation fer past participation in communications fer the Ca. Carriage Event!   LDC suggests we send Red Cross Liaison, Lisa, candy or flowers fer services rendered in obtaining a meeting room fer the Club Auction…All OPs heartily approved! And LDC will leave in early Feb. fer an extended trip over the southern part of the U.S. JD ops fer flowers fer Lisa, and IXN alerts contest OPs that if they choose to submit computer generated logs to ARRL, they must be in the CABRILLO format!   IXN tells OPs to read all about it in the Nov. issue of QST, page 45.    And HHC and OPs get a Yankees/Mets update frm IXN. WOX tnx HHC fer E-mail info. on upcoming OCARC candidates fer Club offices.   And LEX picks up a GAP ant. fer the HF bands, 10-80m, fer a gud price!


10/25/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in WOX, VDP, BWH/m, LEX, KFW, KD5AIA, and HHC.   WOX lowers the ants during the recent high winds, and Art asks IXN abt places and times to get flu shots.   VDP cannot hear WOX on 2m tonite, and Larry puts a new water pump on the truck today…Next, VDP will dismantle NT’s old Beckman vacuum-tube frequency counter.   Frm the Catalina Repeater Swap Net, LEX picks up a GAP Titan 80-10m vertical ant. Ixn finds the specs on the ant. on page 143 in Nov. QST. KFW talks to Alaska using PSK-31…It’s 30 deg. and snowing there!   HHC passes along Club monetary gains frm the Club Auction.   And Ken, KD5AIA, checks in frm the 5th floor of the Radison Hotel near John Wayne Airport.   Ken has been a Ham fer 4 or 5 yrs, and a volunteer fireman fer 29 yrs.   He is vy much interested in emergency communications. Ken tells us that his group will be operating a Special Events station frm the Ennis Train Museum in Ellis County, TX, on Dec. 2nd, in the 10-20m bands.    BWH checks in mobile after just reporting an accident to 911 at Harbor & GG Blvd.   Bob airs Newsline #1210 later frm the QTH…We hear that G3 (higher speed video & audio communications devices) will require re-allocation of UHF spectrum, probably affecting the ham bands!


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