11/01/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in WOX, LEX, IXN, and ZH.   WOX had less than 10 ghosts & goblins at his QTH on Halloween, and Art enjoyed himself working 27 contacts on the Ten-Ten CW Contest over last weekend.  And tnx to HHC, IXN finds an excellent link to the Space Station website on the Club webpage!  LEX has a great time working 12 and 17m mobile, and experimenting wid Hamstick ants, mobile, on 75 thru 6m.   And congrats to LEX, having completed his WAS on 10m.   HHC announces the Club Bfast this Sat. at IHOP, and Ken says Space Station audio can be heard on 448.500 MHz. And congrats to ZH on being gainfully employed at Fry’s Electronics in Anaheim!   And IXN gets an E-mail frm N1ND at ARRL Hdqtrs, saying that CABRILLO format for Field Day logs is NOT required!


11/01/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in ZH, LEX, TRA, VDP, BWH, and HHC. ZH says he will enjoy meeting the public in his new job.    And LEX tells IXN there are Amidon cores ‘floating arnd’ at the TRW Swapmeet.   TRA & XYL are bk frm a week at Pismo Beach, and Gene will be at the Club Bfast Sat.   VDP puts a new water pump on the truck and gets the seats re-upholstered, and Larry picks up a needed VE2 and a new zone in the 10m Contest.    And VDP says he or WOX can check LEX’s QSLs fer the 10m WAS award. BWH checks in mobile, and Bob tells OPs that the FD OCARO award has not yet been claimed fer 2000!…Bob asks OCARC to submit their FD scores.   HHC repeats the Club Bfast & Space Station audio announcements.  And we all listen to Newsline #1211 aired by BWH, hearing that broadband digital TV sigs cud interfere wid the 440 MHz ham bands!


11/08/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C, back frm vacation, checked in HHC, ZH, LDC, IXN, and JD.   HHC, wid a cold, prepares the 3-day Budget Cycle coming at work. And Ken attended the Board meeting last Sat. morning.    All OPs are glad they can’t hear the blowing horn outside AF6C’s QTH!   And Bob and Ken explain PDF, JPEG, etc., files to LDC.   And LDC and OPs discuss the vy close election results…And IXN thinks we ought to put both Gore & Bush in the White House, wid Hillary thrown in on the side, quips LDC!    And AF6C told OPs abt a ‘Duck’ tour of Boston, both on land & water, wid history thrown in, that he took while on vacation.   JD picked up some info. on ants., towers, etc., that he’ll bring to next Meeting.   And IXN sends a copy of LEX’s E-mail concerning an MFJ advertisement on a battery operated repeater fer 2m/440, to Joe Brown.   ZH, wid a cold, is off work today and resting up…Chris was still listening to election returns at 2:30 am! And AF6C asks ZH to send him a copy of his resume.


11/08/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, ZH, BWH/m, and HHC.   IXN says ULU and TEZ often attend OCA meetings.    IXN also mentions the excellent link to the International Space Station on the Club webpage!   VDP gives an up-to-the-minute report on the close presidential race, and Larry tells OPs abt the FB conversation he had wid LEX on mobile setups at the Club Bfast last Sat.   HHC explains various file formats fer text and pix downloads, and ZH `flies in and flies out’.   BWH will miss next Club meeting…He’s off to Minneapolis, MN., to deliver a Helipod prototype, wid manuals, to an airport north of the Twin cities.   On Newsline #1212, aired by BWH, we were told that the ham station aboard the ISS (International Space Station) will not be operational until after Nov. 14. ZH returns to the Net and IXN tells Chris abt support socks to wear when he works on cement floors.


11/15/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, LEX, WOX, RND, IXN, and JD.   LDC asks IXN to check wid BWH abt the Security Code fer the Red Cross EOC. And Larry & HHC discuss lithium batteries used in computers, HHC describing the ‘three flavors’ of said batteries.  HHC announces that an application fer the Los Alamitos Air Station/Joint Forces Reserve Training Center, will be submitted fer FD tomorrow. And Ken announces that Nov. ‘RF’ is up on the Webpage.   AF6C receives info. fer licensing the Club Trailer and the generator trailer.   LEX thinks the Garden Grove Park site is best fer public interaction wid hams on FD., and Chris works the Anarctica on 20m mobile. WOX worked Russia on 10m CW, and the Russian OP wants to QSL by mail! Now WOX & YL are of to Palm Springs over the weekend fer some R&R.   All OPs welcome RND bk to the Net after a long respite, and John tells us that HHC persuaded him to say HI to us after a chance meeting in Stater Bros.   And Ken tells RND he can hear the AMSAT people on 147.150 MHz.   IXN will submit an article to ‘RF’ on the SETI-at-home project, and Bob tells OPs that the FD 2000 scores are in Dec. QST.   JD says he’ll be at Club meeting Fri. night, and Lowell has info. on the Baker-to-Vegas Run.


11/15/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, LEX, HHC, ZH, UCH, and BWH/m.   VDP felt two sharp jolts during the EQ on Monday afternnon, and roof repairs on Larry’s QTH were completed Tuesday.   LEX enjoys working mobile…His mobile ants are fairly wide band and Chris has no engine noise!   HHC tries an ailing rig wid bad results on the Net tonite, so Ken is off to the ‘radio doc’ fer repairs.   VDP says HHC’s problem might be located in the 2m module only.   And Ken announces that the AMSAT Phase III satellite was successfully launced by a French Arian rocket! ZH is interviewed fer another position wid Pall Medical, who make the bags fer blood collection. UCH is painting a back bedroom at the QTH, and Jim contemplates attending a trade session on instrument repair back East, outside Philadelphia.   BWH checks in mobile frm Pasadena, so OPs decide not to stick arnd fer Newsline tape tonite.


11/22/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, HHC, JD, and TWA. AF6C has the new badges printed out and needs to laminate them at LDC’s QTH.   And AF6C gets a toothache last Sun., wid a painful experience following wid the dentist!   LDC is off to the desert on TG fer sum dirt bike riding and turkey wid family and friends.   OPs and IXN discuss the upcoming ‘Good-of-the-Club’ award.   And IXN & OPs discuss ‘live porta-pottys’!  HHC sent a letter off for a possible FD site, and Ken coordinates wid Cindy, OPI, the sending of flowers & candy to ‘Red Cross Lisa’.   HHC gets a new driveway installed, and a new water line, too, when an uprooted tree takes an old section of water line wid it! JD, assigned TG kitchen duties wid the XYL, arrives later on the Net, as Lowell & XYL prepare fer the onslaught of family tomorrow at the QTH!   TWA talks wid OPs after IXN leaves 10m fer 2m.


11/22/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in TRA, WIU, KFW, AF6C, JD, TWA, VDP, HHC, LEX/m, BWH/m, ZH, and AD6HR/m.   TRA and XYL prepare fer 30 family + 2 turkeys + a ’lil libation to wash it all down, on TG day!    WIU prepares turkey & fixins’ fer a cousin she’s never met frm Boise, ID.   And Cory’s pwr supply she bought at auction vy successfully powers the 2m rig, doing a FB job tonite!   KFW & XYL is off to the daughter’s QTH fer turkey & trimmings, and AF6C, IXN, KFW, and HHC all discuss bad winter WX condx in Buffalo, NY.   JD & XYL hve the harmonics & grand-harmonics in fer a TG feast tomorrow afternoon, and TWA & XYL prepare a 25 Lb. bird fer the whole family at the QTH. TRA, TWA, and IXN discuss the ‘ins-and-outs’ of cataract surgery, and IXN is surprised to hear that waiting fer a cataract to ‘ripen’ before removal is unnecessary!   AF6C asks ZH to send him a resume at work…Seems that Bob got a tip on a gud job that might be right up ZH’s alley! BWH & XYL will smoke a turkey tomorrow.   LEX and BWH discuss the Club Vice-presidency on landline, and BWH airs Newsline…the first hamradio message coming frm the International Space Station on Nov. 13, on 145.800 MHz. Also Newsline tells us that the new law allowing local authorities to prosecute high power CB stations will be signed soon by Pres. Clinton!   VDP & family will go to the mother-in-laws fer TG, and then a repeat dinner wid his mom on Friday.    HHC, his mom, & Diane are off to the daughter’s QTH fer TG, and LEX will spend a busy TG getting ready fer a business trip to Japan!


11/29/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, JD, NOT, LEX, HHC, and TWA.   NOT’s sigs are dwn in the QRN, and LDC prepares fer the holidays, hving just completed TG, 4 days in the desert wid friends and family.   Larry was the ‘slicer’ at the TG feast. AF6C quips, "That wudn’t be golf, would it!?"   Three more weeks of work, then LDC is off on leave fer 9 months!   AF6C is off to a Doc appointment tomorrow, and Bob can’t hear NOT on the 2nd go-around.   And AF6C will pick up a frame fer the `Gud of the Club’ award this weekend, and Bob says WIU is nw on 6m.   IXN & Lee hve a gud time over TG in Garner Valley, and Bob gets FD pix in the Club History updated.   JD passes his Mon. morning physical wid flying colors, and Lowell will attend the Club bfast Sat. morning. LEX is bk after 2 days in Japan, and Chris says 6m is open right now, wid S. America & Japan heard yesterday! LEX will be travelling the East Coast on business trips in 2001.    HHC and family TG in Placentia wid the daughter.   Now Ken begins remodeling in the master bathroom, hving finished the driveway and sidewalk.    TWA, wid gud cpy on all, says he & the family ‘polished off’ a huge bird on TG. Then Charles relates info. to us on E50CM…Seems there’s no ham license in Ireland, only an ‘experimental’ license!


11/29/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in TRA, LDC, BWH, VDP, LEX/m, ZGR, TWA, KFW, HHC, and AF6C…Nice check-in, OPs!  TRA gets his fill of turkey on TG, and Gene congrats LDC on his upcoming sabbatical.  Nw it’s off to the eye doc fer new glasses after recent cataract surgery.    LDC, HHC, and BWH discuss positions of the International Space Station fer viewing in our area, and BWH laments that there is no smoked turkey left fer sandwiches after TG.   Bob airs Newsline #1215…The FCC will not extend PRB-1 protection to include CC&Rs, and, scientists may hve seen the shadow of the Higgs Boson, a basic ‘particle’ of matter!   VDP and family hve turkey on TG, and ham on Friday, at the in-laws, and Larry says traffic was terrible in the Canyon on TG.   TWA has 8 family & relatives in fer TG, wid skeletal remains of the turkey going to the dog.   And Charles tells IXN that one of his Caspian tomato plants is surviving the cold WX!   ZGR, Dale, checks into Net fer a 2nd time frm Silverado, and KFW TGs at the daughter’s QTH…And Chris is enjoying the election fiasco.   HHC will attend the Club bfast at IHOP on Sat. morning, and LDC says that there won’t be a Board meeting at the bfast.

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