12/6/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/LDC checked in IXN.  All Ops must hve been out Christmas shopping!  IXN tells Larry abt AC Log 1.6, an updated version of the Davis logging program wid ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Support), better QSL strip label printing, date format options, and ability to copy main display to a clipboard, which pastes nicely into spreadsheets! Download it FREE at:

LDC looks forward to a trip he and the XYL will take ‘down under’ after Easter!  Larry will be on sabbatical, relating a lil ‘gen. business & real estate’ wid travels in ZL and VK land!


12/6/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, LDC, LEX, VDP, KFW, RWY, JBL, ZH, and BWH.   HHC gets the Kenwood 741A in fer repairs, so, no International Space Station reports fer now, and he & Dianne watch the Martha Stewart Christmas Special.   And Ken says Rainbow Technologies plans a new Division!   LDC asks OPs to get their suggestions to him fer the ‘Gud of the Club’ award. Bob, AF6C, will procure the Certificate.  LEX nw has a homemade hamstick ant. on 160m which is doing a FB job wid skip. VDP downloaded the SNKDavis Logging Program, and Larry says it’s a ‘goody’! And VDP has a new E-mail fer KR6LO.  KFW, HHC, & IXN momentarily think abt the cold, cold WX in Pittsburgh.  RWY won’t attend the Club Christmas Dinner on Dec. 17, and Dick asks abt his duties as Club Membership Chmn.  JBL, Jerry, and IXN, and KFW discuss the New Kensington area in PA.  JBL bought a new car just before he took a 3-week trip bk to the New Kensington area.  BWH checks in frm work. Using a portable tape player, Bob airs Newsline # 1216…Pres. Clinton signs the Bill that allows local law enforcement to crack down on illegal CB operation…127MHz of the 219-220MHz band will be turned over to G3 Technology ( cellular telephones, etc.).


12/13/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in XO, LDC, IXN, and HHC. AF6C hosted company last week and missed the Net.  And Bob had sum more skin repairs…a small mole and growth removed.  (You’re approaching ‘The Golden Years’, Bob!)  XO has a $500 check for OCARC frm the California Classic Carriage Event.  We thank the Equestrians for their thoughtfulness and generosity!  LDC, finishing up wid finals and term papers, looks forward to the Club Christmas Dinner on Sunday.  IXN reads a short article on the probable cause, frm CHANDRA x-ray data, of x-ray bursts on neutron stars. HHC takes the ailing TM-741A to the radio doc, gets the shower stall tiled in the QTH, and delivers flowers and candy to our RC liason who aided us at a Club meeting when OPI was away on emergency RC service.


12/13/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX, ZH, WOX, VDP, TWA, KFW, HHC, and TRA.  LEX feeds 10W to the vertical on the roof, and Chris arrives home frm work late, missing the 10m Net.  Chris also revamps the 160m vertical, taking off the capacity hat and increasing the ant. length.  And LEX makes an ant. tower out of an ornamental lawn windmill.  ZH says they cud use more Christmas shoppers at the store, and Chris interviews fer a job in chemical engineering.   WOX says the Christmas tree is now in the QTH, but he’s out in the cool garage tonite!  And Art has the week off at Christmas fer sum R&R.   VDP & IXN are looking forward to the Club’s Christmas Dinner this Sunday, and Larry bought a satellite TV system that he will install himself. TWA bought himself a new adventure!…a computer.   Now Charles looks forward to Web investigations & E-mail! TWA told HHC that he has already seen the Club webpage. HHC will attend the Christmas Dinner, and Ken tells OPs to check out ham calls on . HHC also tells 2m OPs abt the $500 Calif Classic Event donation to the OCARC.   TRA checks in, but IXN can’t remember whether Gene said he wud attend the Christmas Dinner or not!?


12/20/2000 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checks in RND, JD, HHC, and IXN. RND, now bk frm Idaho, will be off to Utah fer Christmas. RND, JD, and IXN discuss the International Space Station.  IXN gives the URL fer the program `J-pass’ which will list MIR, Space Station, and Shuttle (when up) passes fer your QTH. Interested?…Then load this URL into you computer:

and enjoy!  IXN listens to comments frm AF6C on `airbusses’, since Bob has flown on a few. AF6C & OPs wish all a MC & a HNY, as Bob says it’s hard to get the Christmas spirit wid 80 deg. temps.!  HHC says Boeing shud send AF6C to Minnesota to enjoy Christmas in the –38 deg. temps!


12/20/2000 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checks in UCH, AF6C, HHC, VDP, BWH, EZP, KFW, LEX, and TWA.   ALL OPs enjoyed the Christmas dinner at Mimis’, the food no exception! UCH is busy wrapping packages, and Jim tells IXN he wants to investigate `things seismic’ more thoroughly in the future.    DLA tells HHC that Orange PD will NOT participate in the Baker-to-Vegas Run next year due to lack of runners! BWH says Garden Grove plans to participate and will need OPs fer communications once more! BWH says the helium valves on Oscar 40 failed to operate properly, and the Oscar 40’s orbit must now be corrected! IXN asks JD abt the status of the Concord aircraft. Lowell says the `brits’ will the Concord agn next year, but the French won’t fly the Concord agn!   HHC visits TWA and his new computer, and gives Charles a few pointers on operations. And HHC prepares to put the Christmas dinner photos on the Club webpage. VDP busies himself installing the new TV satellite dish, and running coax thru the attic. Newsline #1218 also covers the ailing Oscar 40 story, and HHC tells OPs to investigate and see their QTH from space!   EZP `flies in and flies out’, as does KFW.   IXN & TWA remember the old `woodpecker’ days on 15m, expertly explained by HHC…That was in TWA’s DX days! LEX hasn’t looked fer MIR or ISS in the sky as yet…(Only a few of us have as yet, Chris!) IXN will cover sightings of MIR, ISS, and Shuttle (when up) sightings on the Nets.


12/27 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in RND, and NOT wid Bryan.  IXN was off to the mountains wid brother, Lee, and no formal 2m Net was called.

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