1/3/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, WA6OGO, HHC, JD, and LEX.  LDC announces the Club Bfast this Sat. at IHOP on 17th Street in Santa Ana.   And Larry can’t hear OPs too well wid the QRN at his QTH.   AF6C tells IXN that 10m check-in fer last Net was RND, and NOT wid Bryan.   And Bob says that he cannot bring up the Space Station site at work…seems the ‘firewall’ at work limits the loading of NASA Applets! OGO, Doc, tries out his new YAESU 920 on the Net, and OPs give him 5/9 sig rpts.    Doc has been a ham since 1948, and he enjoys CW contests…How abt operating CW wid us on FD, DOC?!   AF6C bought a new battery fer his computer, and HHC gets the TM-741 bk frm the ‘radio doc’.   Ixn announces that Lu Hurlbut, K1YZG, is a Silent Key.   HHC believes that Lu was a fighter pilot in WWII based in England. Ixn tells OPs to check Jan. QST for FREE downloads of amateur radio construction and PSK-31 programs.   JD, bk frm shopping, has gud sigs on all OPs, and Lowell says he’ll be at the Club bfast com Sat. morning.


1/3/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, HHC, LEX, WIU, VDP, TWA, AF6C, JD, KFW, and BWH.   WOX and family visit Carlsbad and a casino in Temecula over Christmas vacation, and Art is happy to have a vy dry Christmas tree out of the QTH! HHC & OPs discuss the Alpine fire near San Diego, and Ken announces the Club bfast Sat. morning at IHOP.   LEX didn’t see the Alpine fire in his travels today, and Chris tells us he’s off to the East Coast fer an extended business trip near the end of Feb…We will miss LEX fer a few nets.    WIU enjoyed a couple of 3-day weekends. Cory constructed a copper 6m J-pole ant. which she hasn’t tested yet.   And, WIU got a new TS-570, which she will use after passing her code test before March.   VDP announced an upcoming VE session at the Unigraphics location the 2nd Sat. of January.  And Larry says KN5UI, Dennis, was bk frm Arkansas fer a visit. VDP talked wid Dennis by landline.  TWA and his new computer are at ‘loose ends’…not talking to each other right now!  Charles is busy cleaning up after the holidays.  AF6C congrats WIU on construction of the new J-pole ant., and Bob has a new toy!…a digital camera wid new menus fer him to learn!  JD says HNY to all, and Lowell will see OPs Sat. at the Club bfast.    AF6C asks KFW to contact OPI & ONZ to help wid the Club Audit.  Bob will pick up the bank statement.   KFW says HNY to all, and Chris & XYL celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary on Dec. 29.   BWH & XYL watch the fireworks at Disneyland frm the QTH on New Years Eve, and Bob says OPI is probably on emergency service wid the RC in the Ozarks. BWH airs Newsline #1220…The ARRL asks the FCC to reconsider its stand on ant. limitations in CC&Rs.


1/10/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in ZH, JD, RND, IXN, AF6C, K6CCD, and RWY.   AF6C was ‘under the WX’ wid the flu, so HHC was acting NC tonite.   HHC’s mom returned to a cold, cold Pittsburgh, PA., today.   And ZH is still looking fer employment in the Chem. Engineering field.   HHC bought additional memory fer the digital camera, and Ken tells us WIU got a stealth antenna speaker fer Jan. Club meeting!  JD & OPs got PA’s pix of lights on Earth frm outer space, in their E-mail, and RND’s license renewal is due. RND tells OPs abt an excellent Jazz documentary on Channel 28. AF6C thinks he got the flu frm an ailing co-worker…He’s feeling better nw, and Bob will be ‘RF’ editor fer the Jan. issue. HHC said that the Board has selected the GG Park site once agn fer FD…Seems that the Alamitos military base hasn’t answered our inquiries!   HHC tells OPs to watch fer a new E-mail adr after he is transferred to the new division of Rainbow Technologies.  CCD, in Tustin, tried out his new 430-S rig, wid vy gud sigs tonite…And we may see Tom at next Club meeting!  RWY requests info frm KFW on OPs who need copies of ‘RF’ mailed to them.


1/10/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, ZH, KFW, VDP, WIU, HHC, TWA, and BWH, on a vy wet, stormy night!   Lowell got his ‘feathers’ a ’lil wet running to the car frm work…JD left his umbrella in the car this morning!   ZH defragments the hard drive on the computer whilst working the Nets, and Chris buys himself a Christmas gift…a 3XE Digital Assistant.   HHC tells KFW to contact RWY and give Dick info on OPs who need a paper copy of ‘RF’.   KFW says rainy WX is depressing, and, Chris is planning a ski trip to Colorado. VDP was prepared fer the rain, but, like KFW and IXN, Larry prefers the sunshine. VDP announced a VE session for the 2nd Sat. in Jan.   And Larry tells OPs that VE sessions are held the 2nd Sat. on the odd months!  BWH sends info. to AF6C fer Jan. ‘RF’, and Bob airs Newsline #1221…FCC license grants are now hours instead of days!…fer licensees in batch only.  Individual licensing does not apply.   WIU & IXN listen to the rain pitty-patting on their aluminum awnings, and Cory plans to take the code test Sat. fer General upgrade.   WIU also announces speakers fer future Club meetings.    HHC repeats FD info. frm last Sat. Board meeting at IHOP, and TWA has emptied the rain buckets twice.   And Charles says that he and his computer ‘don’t glare at each other anymore’!


1/17/2001 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, JD, CCD, IXN, and LEX. LDC said that OCARC GG FD site has been booked by another organization!   We must now search for a new FD site.   And Larry is getting ready fer ‘the big trip’ in early Feb. He wants to be in New Orleans before ‘Fat Tues.’ to attend the Mardigra. The trip will also include visits to Phoenix, the Alamo, Corpus Christi, Fla. Keys, Cape Kennedy, Coco Beach, VFC’s QTH in Ark., Branson, MO, White Sands, etc.   HHC hears LDC loud & clear, and Ken says he will send a reminder to the Los Alamitos military base to inquire abt a booking fer FD.   HHC also has Club meetings up on the Website, and Ken congrats. WIU on the General upgrade!   And HHC gets tnx frm AF6C fer assuming NC duties during last week’s Net.   HHC tells OPs to check out a neat WX site: .   JD says Orange County has released plans for the old Tustin Airstation, including commercial development and another golf course.   And Lowell says the temp. was 36 deg. in the parking lot in Long Beach this morning! AF6C, finally over the flu, won’t visit 2m tonite…It’s early to rise fer Bob in the morning.  Jwow!…Another new rig fer CCD tonite…a TS-820, wid gud sigs tonite!   Tom says he’ll see us at Meeting Fri. fer an eyeball.   IXN, AF6C, and LDC discuss land use in CA., and IXN tells AF6C and HHC that he still has an ad for old Instructograph paper tape code machine at the QTH.   LEX tells HHC that he will not need a paper copy of `RF’…Chris will read it on the Club website.


1/17/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX, WOX, LDC, VDP, and HHC. BWH will not be wid us tonite. Bob is attending a Baker-to-Vegas meeting in Garden Grove, says LDC. LDC tells OPs he likes the cold CA WX.   LEX reminds OPs abt the VHF/UHF Contest this weekend, and VDP plans to go on the air to give OPs sum points.   WOX and IXN like the clear, but not cold, WX.   And Art says he’ll take this WX anytime to the WX bk East! WOX prepares fer a rolling blackout, will put a new front door on the QTH, and works Bogota, Colombia, on 20m CW.    LDC can’t hear WOX too well tonite, and VDP congrats WIU on the upgrade to General!   And Larry copies weak sigs frm WOX. IXN has armchair copy on WOX, and HHC congrats AF6C on a FB ‘RF’ fer Jan.


1/24/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, VDP, JD, CCD, IXN, HHC, and WIU.   AF6C tells LDC that he will make the new badges.   LDC will loan Bob his laminator.  LDC, AF6C, and Net OPs all enjoyed the talk on Stealth Antennas at last Club meeting. LDC, on sabbatical leave, begins his So. U.S. trip on Feb. 15.   VDP awaits the arrival of WIU on the Net, to see if Cory finished installation of her Loop Ant.   Larry reminded OPs that stealth ants. radiation sometimes gets into telephones and VCRs.   VDP & WIU communicate by landline as Cory prepares to join us!   JD reports all OPs are loud & clear tonite, and JD tells LDC he’ll enjoy his trip to Australia.    CCD asks OPs fer the 2m Net freq., and Tom tells us that he worked on the International Space Station Accuators. CCD asks the location of the next ARRL SW Division Convention, and JD says it will be in Riverside.   Tom has also been working the Hawaiian Isles in the early evening.   IXN gives times for International Space Station sightings fer Jan. 29 & 30. And Ixn will E-mail sum future Spacestation sightings.   HHC just got home frm the ‘cryptography salt mine’, and HHC congrats new Club members…Now to find a new FD site!   And Diane enjoys HHC’s purchase of a new Dodge minivan.   WIU checks into Net as her 1st contact as a General on 10m!…Congrats, Cory!   VDP aided Cory in the construction of a full wave horizontal loop ant. in the attic.


1/24/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LDC, LEX, CCD, HHC, VDP, WIU, AF6C, TWA, and BWH.   IXN congrats Cory on her 1st contact wid W6ZE on 10m.   LDC doesn’t hear CCD tonite…Larry will check out the ant. tomorrow.   LDC will leave Feb. 15 fer southern U.S. Trip, back fer Baker-to-Vegas Run, and then Larry will be off to Australia fer more R&R.    And LDC tells OPs to check out the new EICOM HT, wid TV, in the latest issue of QST magazine.  LEX says the new HT is a model ICR-3, covering up to 2.450 MHz. Chris also managed to work the latter part of the VHF/UHF Contest last weekend, handling a huge pile-up! CCD works us wid 1 watt on a vert. ant. in the attic wid a trash can lid fer a groundplane.   VDP helps WIU wid the external tuner set up fer the 40m fullwave ant., and Larry will help Cory set up the knob positions fer the various bands.    IXN says it’s too bad we don’t have a CW Net to help Cory & other OPs increase their CW speed.  AF6C congrats Cory on her 10m check-in, and Bob gets to work in the AM rain OK.  IXN inquires abt HHC’s move to a new division of Rainbow Industries, and IXN & HHC discuss Ken’s work in cryptography. IXN looks up ‘Cortez Bank’ on the Internet on Yahoo fer WIU, and finds gud references fer this seamount. TWA turned over the soil, fertilized, and enjoyed the rain.   BWH checked in mobile, and Bob aired Newsline #1223 after arriving at the QTH…We hear abt Citizen Band instrusion into the 15 & 20m bands, and, that FCC will accept Club callsign renewals from CSCSA Administrators.


1/31/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, JD, RND, IXN, WIU, CCD, HHC, and NOT (at Net’s end). AF6C & NOT chatted fer awhile after Net. Wid the Santa Ana Winds howling, the noise level was high. LDC copied all OPs OK in the QRN, and Larry will help an OP put up a vert. ant. on Friday.  JD had a hard time pulling IXN & WIU out of the QRN, and Lowell will be celebrating family BDs this weekend.  JD also said that AES, in Vegas, has moved closer to the Strip, and HRO is back in its old location, and will have an Open House on Mar. 17!    AF6C left the Net temporarily to talk, by landline, wid his sister who just got in frm Jamaica.   RND is setting up a new modem, and John can’t copy IXN or WIU tonite.   And RND is taping the JAZZ series on Ch. 28. IXN & AF6C discussed the 1971 Board pix, and IXN gives the URL: to get ‘deals on meals’ in Orange County restaurants.  WIU continues to familiarize herself wid the new rig, and Cory says IXN & JD are a ’lil weak at the QTH. VDP helped WIU wid knob settings to load the ant. on various bands.  CCD worked Korea & Argentina this week, and HHC copies WIU abt S4, telling Cory that her 1st xmission was stronger than her 2nd!   HHC will soon be off on a business trip to IBM in Vermont, where he has been promised warm, sunny WX!?


1/31/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, BWH/m, CCD, KFW, HHC, LEX/m, WIU, TWA, and AF6C.   VDP says SA Winds are not bad in Costa Mesa…Now if the plumbing just wasn’t all clogged up agn!    KFW enjoys PSK-31, telling OPs that 20m was noisy, but 15m wasn’t too bad today.   And Chris continues to save on the water bill after the last rain! HHC sends OPs a "Mark 48 Torpedo’ item, which IXN can’t open!…No powerpoint!  CCD worked on the Mark 46 Torpedo.   And, LEX watching his 160m vertical dancing in the wind, says he has 3 trips vy soon bk to the East Coast.    WIU said UCH is busy working on the code for his upgrade.   And IXN told Cory her 10m sigs were FB at the QTH. TWA said the SA Winds were not bad on the SA River, but Charles watches the R-7 ‘do a little jig’ now & then!    After arriving at the QTH, BWH airs Newsline #1224…The ARRL will NOT oppose elimination of code proposals by international amateur radio organizations.    However, ARRL will support the 5 wpm code requirement for U.S. hams.    BWH says that 3 landline trunk cables were cut in Tustin while installing a fiber optics cable, and hams have been providing emergency communications where necessary.

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