2/07/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, OGO, CCD, IXN, WIU, and JD.    AF6C had to work late, so Bob’s having din-din before the rig!   Bob will pick up the laminator frm LDC to complete the Club badges, and AF6C watches another bright pass of the International Space Station!   LDC, soon to leave on vacation thru the southern U.S., will not be with us agn until April, and Larry needs parts fer the attachment apparatus for a Hustler ant.   LDC switched mikes…and both mikes are doing a FB job.     OGO has a problem wid his Hustler vertical…It doesn’t tune on all bands!   And Doc is getting ready fer the DX Contest this weekend.    AF6C asks IXN to relay a request to El Presidente BWH, on 2m, fer ‘The Prez sez’ article, and CCD, wid much travelling in the past two days, enjoys working 10m DX wid only 10 W of power.   IXN sent an article to AF6C on passes of the International Space Station, and IXN asks HHC abt the Powerpoint computer program.    WIU continues to familiarize herself wid the new rig, trying to get used to USB.   Cory says Portola Park, in Santa Ana, is a possible FD site discussed by the Board.   JD, in frm doing chores fer the XYL, says all OPs are coming in FB at the QTH tonite, and Lowell said that the 12 to 13 people at the Club Bfast was a gud turnout!   And phone numbers fer Nutronics (re. the Hustler ant.) are 940-325-1386, FAX: 940-328-1409.

2/07/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LDC, CCD, VDP, KFW, FUZ, BWH, and AF6C.   LDC bought a new mount fer the Hustler ant., and IXN passes along AF6C’s request fer ‘Prez Says’ article to BWH.    BWH tells AF6C, listening in the woodwork, that he has been vy busy wid the merging of two companies & their computer programs.   CCD downloaded HHC’s article on the PK 48 Torpedo, and LDC loans his 440 to VDP in preparation for the Baker-to-Vegas Run.   VDP says the Board took a look at Portola Park in Santa Ana as a possible FD site after the Feb. Club Bfast.   KFW continues to hve fun wid PSK-31, working the East Coast yesterday, a Czech station, and South America on 20m (14.070 MHz).   FUZ, Robb, announces the Great America Train Show at the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend.   And BWH airs Newsline #1225, and OPs hear that Bill Orr, W6SAI, a ham frm ‘spark to space’, became a Silent Key!

2/14/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, HHC, and JD.   AF6C must soon leave fer John Wayne to pick up his sister before the airport closes, and Bob and HHC discuss successful business operations of Rainbow Technologies.   AF6C had his ‘food tube’ stretched once agn on Monday, and OPs congrats Bob on another FB edition of ‘RF’!   LDC and XYL plan to leave on their journey across the southern U.S. at 5:00 am tomorrow, and Larry tells OPs he sold his old boat and bought a new 12 ft. Fold-a-boat which he can carry on the motorhome.   IXN says he will present a talk on OCARC to the Santa Ana EOC on Mar. 9, and HHC comments on the beauty of the snow-capped San Gabriel Mts. this morning.   HHC will also meet wid Santa Ana officials regarding Field Day operations on Mar. 20.   JD got bk frm running an errand, and Lowell tells OPs he’s already read ‘RF’ electronically.   JD hopes to eyeball wid all of us at Fri. Club meeting.

2/14/200` 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, LEX, VDP, UCH, KFW, CCD, and BWH.   IXN announces his upcoming EOC meeting in Santa Ana, and WOX experiences hail during the recent rain storm!   And Art treats his Valentine to din-din & flowers, plus, buying her a new Toyota!    UCH plans to pass the code requirement fer General on Mar. 10, and Jim tells OPs the recent storm relegated him to mopping up water in the Store, and pumping dwn the pool twice!   Now, if Jim can just get that block wall finished!    KFW, wid a flooded yard, tries to keep dry. Sun. nite, Chris was awakened by a big bang…No!…It wasn’t the antenna!   BWH measured 4 in. of rain, and Bob noticed he only had abt 60% of his usual 85% signal frm the TV Dish.    The Sunset AO-35 space probe has probably been hit by space debris, and, its operating temp. is too high, said Newsline, aired by BWH…And a new antenna, called a Cross Field Ant. will be tested in Feb.   CCD experienced a water leak in the garage, wid the remainder of the QTH coming thru the storm unscathed.   LEX said the 160m vertical became a horizontal ant., taking a 90 deg. bend in the high wind!    And VDP says all his ants. came thru the winds intact.   Larry says LDC’s EICOM 2700 is a complicated rig to operate!   And WOX asks VDP to meet him on the landline.

2/21,2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, HHC, IXN, CCD, & WIU.       JD, fighting a cold, hears all OPs FB tonite.   And Lowell says the Long Beach ARC wants to co-host a Pizza Bust wid us!   HHC, wanting to rid himself of the old minivan, advertises it on the Web.   And Ken’s harmonics present him wid a 10 DVD birthday gift of the Jazz program recently aired on Channel 28.   Now HHC looks forward to a ski trip to Mammoth the 1st week in March!   Ixn talked wid Al, TEZ, this morning about the upcoming OCARC presentation to the Santa Ana EOC in April.    And Bob now powers the 220 MHz HT with the 12V power supply he was given at last Club meeting.   AF6C & HHC discuss reading the Harry Potter books, to which IXN quips, "Harry Potter goes better with Coke"!    AF6C quizzes Net members to ascertain whether the Net shud remain on 10m, or maybe, move to 15m once more, now that most Techs have become Generals.    CCD worked Czechoslovakia yesterday, and Ireland today on 10m DX.   WIU may experiment wid 10m antennas in the future. Cory can’t hear most OPs at present.

2/21/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in UCH, CCD, KFW, VDP, HHC, OPI, LEX, and BWH.   UCH is abt ready fer his code test, and last Sunday, Jim raised a dust cloud in the shed and had an allergy attack!    CCD tells IXN he worked 10m DX abt 9:30 am.   Now Tom plans a new antenna on the sidemount described in last ‘RF’.   KFW looks forward to sum Colorado skiing when he visits his daughter during the next 3 weeks. VDP/m , along wid BWH & OPI, just attended a Baker-to-Vegas meeting in Cypress.   HHC & IXN discussed the 1971 pix of Club Board Members, two of which neither Bob nor Ken can identify!   LEX, just home frm a late day at work, spent last weekend in Minnesota.   And Chris tells HHC he downloaded ‘RF’ on the computer.    BWH airs Newsline #1227 frm Cypress, wid a ’lil white noise on his sigs.    HHC was unable to copy Newsline at the QTH.

2/28/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, IXN, NK, HHC, LEX, and WIU.   IXN gave a report on the 6.8 Olympia Earthquake in Washington, a subduction event as the Juan de Fuca plate moves under the North American Plate.   And IXN is looking for old RFs in the 1957-1979 time frame.    And JD expects to meet a young man at the Sat. Bfast, a possible new Club member!   NK just got bk frm Sacramento, and Ed tells JD he picked up the ant. that Lowell recommended, and has already had a DX QSO in France!   Then Ed went QRT to get sum din-din.   HHC & AF6C briefly discuss Harry Potter book #4, which Ken is now reading.   And Ken reports 9 in. of rain frm the Orange school WX station.   And LEX has a ’lil QRN on OPs tonite, as Chris says he’s off to the East Coast soon.   WIU is ‘dwn in the mud’ at IXN’s QTH until Cory switches frm the 6m ant. to the loop, and then her sigs improve dramatically!

2/28/2001 2m Phone Net W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX, UCH, VDP, WIU, HHC, BWH/m, CCD, and OPI.   LEX says he has ‘shaken customers’ in Kent, WA., just south of Seattle. UCH discovered the source of the water leak in the store, and he & WIU are doing sum re-arranging in the store and shop.   VDP says he has a ’lil intermittent audio wid the rig tonite.   And VDP, mobile after last week’s Baker-to-Vegas meeting, didn’t hear Newsline too well.   VDP will Bfast wid the Club come Saturday.    WIU, still learning the ‘frills and fancies’ of the new HF rig, is armchair copy at IXN’s QTH.   HHC gives IXN sum pointers on optical scanners & their operation, and HHC and CCD are both planning ski trips to Mammoth soon.  IXN tells them to get WX & road condx on the Edison System on 224.760 MHz.    BWH, suffering thru a company change, works on office equipment & files changes, making long work days inevitable!   Bob airs Newsline #1228, wid continuing FCC enforcement action on Part 97 Rules violators! OPI checked in near Net’s end.   Cindy tells OPs that she hasn’t been called to the Seattle area for RC relief work as yet.   So Cindy will probably help out handling health & welfare traffic to & from the 6.8 EQ affected areas.

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